Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Walter, "New" Dog!

Mr. Walter Brennan, black and tan Coonhound gentleman of advancing years, visited the vet Monday for his
  • neuter
  • heart worm test (positive - dang - but I thought would be)
  • nail trim (all black, oldie thick)
  • teeth clean
I picked him up in the late afternoon, drizzle and cold surrounding us. He was pretty dopey - went right to his house crate to sleep.  Later, I moved him outside to do his business; he did both (yeah!), then back to his crate; gave him a food filled Kong with a bowl of water....he slept all night long!

His breath stunk; I thought he was missing some teeth. Not really - those in front are worn down to the gum-line (hmmm.....long time in a pen, perhaps chewing on the wire? - we once tried to put Cane in a pen at Safe Harbor; as Alice and I watched, when he could not open the pen with his feet/nails, he tried to rip it open with his teeth; he returned to Silverwalk); no teeth removed but you can see for yourselves what he put up with:

before - look at the back teeth especially - eeuuw!

However, NOW he is eating like a champ - I fed him up slowly to be careful with any gum pain as well as anesthesia recovery but here are Walter's sparklers after his dental:

after - what a transformation!

Walter is doing much better in the house, too. Yesterday, I started leaving his crate door open; he cautiously explores the house, then goes back into his crate to sleep; when he eats, he heads for his breezeway crate - smart dog (food driven dog!).  Today, he has full access (the bathroom door is closed) - no knocking down baby gates, no clearing off counters - just coming out for loving, looking and back to sleep. He was coming along well before his surgeries in the house. Oh, I think he is feeling better. We will address his heart worm treatment in January; I give him Heartgard monthly. He will make a hound lover a wonderful companion - has enough bay to satisfy, is loving and friendly to all and would love to lay at his owner's feet. 
Walter Brennan, Coonhound - great dog!


  1. Wow! You couldn't hardly tell there were back teeth in there!

    Sorry about the heartworms. That sucks.

  2. wow. the before and after photos are really something!

    he sounds like a sweet guy!

  3. What a sweetie. Nice job on the teeth!

  4. Walter, we are so happy that you have rid yourself of your "extra baggage"! We can't believe the difference in your teeth; what a change! Pauley is a little jealous of all your chompers. Glad to hear that he is doing better in the house & crate; will most likely spend a lot of time in the crate during heartworm treatment:(