Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cyrano, senior Beagle

Cyrano, adoptable senior house trained Beagle
Cyrano came to me from a rescue friend near St. Louis.  Both he and Stella were in a very poor situation necessitating their removal and rescue.  This friend, Debi of Rainbow Ranch/Recycling Rover, does so much for many of us in rescue, I could not and would not say no to these dogs - plus, they were senior Beagles! 

I call Cyrano my "moth eaten carpetbag" of a Beagle due to the hot spots and hair loss he has.  With better food and supplements, he is improving.  Cyrano is not noisy unless the water bowl is empty or Shiloh shows up.  Shiloh has a habit of sleeping in Cyrano's crate - "Mon Dieu!"  I then hear this foghorn of a bay, very directed, very specific.  Too funny - for me :).

Cyrano is partially blind.  He is my best house trained dog bar none!  This senior blind dog finds the stairs, goes down, if the door is closed I hear the foghorn, then out the dog door to do his business.  During the day, Cyrano will show up at my leg or next to my chair, wanting to be petted and loved on.  On nice days, it can be hard to get him back in the house: he is just out sniffing around, doing fine.  Here is something really cool - though his sight is impaired, his nose is not; when I have gone out to fetch him, I will call, I then see his nose go up and sniff around for where I am, then come straight to me, happily wagging his tail!

Cyrano - look at that face
Cyrano will make a wonderful, quiet (keep the water bowl full) family companion.  When he first was here, he was easily upset by the pack around him.  Lately, I have noticed this seems to no longer be a problem :).  You go, Cyrano!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Herman Miller, Beagle

Herman Miller, adoptable senior Beagle
Herman Miller has shown the gratitude one reads about in rescue - how dogs know they have been given a chance at life; at belonging, no longer abandoned; of being part of a family, not a statistic.  Some dogs take their time to feel at home here.  Not Herman.  From the day I brought him home, he has made it clear he is happy to be here.  He would also be happy to find a home of his own, too.  One where he, even as a Beagle, can take his time to eat.  Herman eats slowly - he snacks.  Most Beagles don't - they scarf down food and will eat till they burst.  Herman needs to put on weight.   I know he will but it will take time.  He may need a dental - and I know just the place. 

Dr. Ann Seabaugh has been my primary vet since I moved to Cape in 1994.  I then had cats and horses - she took care of my cats.  When she moved to La Croix Pet Hospital, I tracked her down and followed her with my growing dog population.  In February, as part of Animal Dental Month, La Croix held a drawing for a free dental.  Mike and Lauren Alford won - YES!  There is more - none of their pets needed a dental this year; they donated their dental to Silverwalk - and I do believe, after being seen by one of the fine vets there, Herman Miller may need to put that gift to use.  I think, knowing a little about Beagles, it is the state of Herman's teeth which may be causing him to eat slowly.

Thank you, Mike and Lauren as well as the vets and staff at La Croix.  After the holiday, I will make an appt. for Herman to be seen.  In the meantime, he will enjoy a mash of moist and dry food for his meals.

“Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he’s owned a dog. A dog can show you more honest affection with a flick of his tail than a man can gather through a lifetime of handshakes.”
 Gene Hill


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The "Village" Found Monk

Monk is safe.  Using Facebook and cross-posting, he was spotted 3 days in a row by Foeste Nursery.  Today,  a girl kept him in sight as they called me.  By the time I got there, he had gone to the back.  She had to leave but showed me where he had been behind the Senior Center.  I left an open crate with food (he likes crates), then started walking and calling his name.  Came to a muddy track - looked down and saw paw prints going the opposite way.  Noticed a diversion channel.  Walked down there - saw deer prints - looked up and there was Monk, at the bridge over the channel at Lombardo.  I kept calling his name, he started walking through the channel away from me under the bridge.  I walked above him, slowly, kept calling, got to the other side of the road and saw him at the edge of the grass and field.  He was ready to run; I called again; he stopped and looked.  I turned sideways, slowly bent down in a squat, opened my arms, called, and this feral scared dog came running to me, putting his head right in my hands as I slipped the leash over his head.  He was done running - he didn't want to walk - I had to carry him back to the crate and let me rest before I took him to the car. 

Monk is no longer up for adoption.  Monk is a Silverwalk mascot.   I will still work with him per a rescue friend's suggestions but no one else.  He has earned his home and he has made it clear where his home is.  I am not adopting him - Silverwalk Hounds is his home.  

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tail of Two Dogs


I am very sad.  Monk escaped his foster yard Sunday night or early Monday morning.  He has no chip and his foster mom found his collar.  I truly fear for him due to his shy, timid, feral nature.  We both have been looking and calling for him, have him on Facebook at Roberta R. Beach - please, post him to your Facebook pages; who knows who will see him.  I did FindToto.com as well as soon as I knew.  Even if he had a chip, he will be hard to catch.  Please keep him in your prayers.

I went to our local Humane Society  yesterday to let them know about Monk and put up his poster.  Dang it - they had a senior Beagle whose hold was up.  After talking to R., Herman Miller came home with me to Silverwalk.  What a little gem with the most gorgeous long ears, awesome rabbit nose and wonderful sad eyes.   Herman has just made himself right at home, sleeping and eating in his crate, playing and sniffing in the field.  He was one of those dogs who walked in like he had been here all along.   Yep, jumped right up on my lap this morning for a snuggle :).

Herman Miller, Beagle looking for a home!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Nothing stays the same except change!

Today, See Sally went to  her new home with a former Silverwalk beagle, a blast from the past, Darby and his parents.  YESH, Sally and Darby.

Darby Beagle(back) w/brother Jasper

See Sally with friend

Sally's foster mom asked about Monk, my beautiful, handsome feral Beagle mix who needs lots of slow, gentle socialization - more than I have been giving him at Silverwalk.  Monk has a foster home!  From the shadow of losing his spot in the Boothealers' program at Charleston has come the light of an experienced, kind foster home.


The home exchange of See Sally and Monk demonstrates a truth in rescue - when you adopt one dog, you save two: the one you adopted and the one who can now take her place.

Thanks to all - and by the way, Sadie Black & Tan Coonhound is hoping to join her "brother" Hoss next week in Monk's spot at Charleston.  Change happens!

                                               Sadie, Black & Tan Coonhound

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dog Play

My computer and desk sit next to a window which looks out on my front "lawn."  It is really a dirt, hole filled dog park, the front area of the acre which extends to the back of the house.  There is plenty of grass in the acre, just not in front.  I did leave some true lawn for visitors so they could enter without being mauled by the hounds.  Their ears sometimes take enough of a drubbing as it is.

One reason I like this placement is I can sit and watch surreptitiously as the dogs play.  I listen, too, for that too sharp bark or squeal signaling someone is getting too rough.  Mostly, though, they play well together, small and large.  They dance around the front two dog houses, using them as hiding spots from which to spring at an unsuspecting friend.  Margie goes beneath the lawn swing when she needs a break.  Justus can't quite get to her there, giving her a breather.  Farrah whirls and dips with Monk, Justus and Dock.  Cyrano keeps to himself, finding Cyrano sniffing things to do.  Lady Bug has a ball in her mouth at almost any given time.  Seymour, the earth dog dachshund, has made many holes along the fence.  I need fill dirt and chicken wire :).

The following photos are about a year old or so.  They are of Margie, the Mutt Puppy and Toffee, a foster Bloodhound.  I am impressed at how often larger, taller dogs "get down" to the levels of smaller dogs to play. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Weekend

The mice are active again.  I think by now they are part of the house with their own city within the walls and the duct system.  I put one outside alive last night and then accidentally killed a second.  OK, I know I should be killing them but they are cute and very, very resourceful.  I respect resourcefulness.  If anyone has a good idea for ridding a house of mice, please let me know.  The dogs are doing their best - LOL but....  Their visible resurgence has energized my cleaning and un-cluttering efforts.  I have heard them for quite a while....sigh.  Any ideas?  I will get some bait tomorrow - maybe a wheelbarrow or so.  HA.

Stella - good with children and cats
Silverwalk had a great experience at Petco both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend.  Per normal, as I was thinking of wrapping up, a woman stopped by looking for an OLDER dog to be a companion to her current older dog.  She also has cats who have been at home for a long time and they come first.  She had a great attitude - she was not willing to compromise the pack she already had but did want to add an appropriate dog.  WELL, I had Stella, an older dog, with me.  Stella lived up to her name - a star.  She can be shy and dodgy at home but at Petco,  she walked out into groups of children, looking for and enjoying petting of any sort.  I just stared at her - she was so comfortable - I was happily amazed!  After we left, we headed for Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary.  Stella continued to surprise as she walked among the free roam cats without batting an eye or baring a tooth; she even went through the cat door to the outside roam area, then came back on her own.  Stella has officially been "cat-scanned" and passed with flying colors :).   Good girl!.

Queenie - very adoptable, lap dog
Sunday, I was back with Queenie, the petite Beagle who tried out for "Petco greeter of the year."  She went up to everyone, standing up, quietly demanding pets and getting them from almost everyone who came in  - quite irresistible.   Lots of good conversation which makes these adoption events so sweet.  I had a new video running on my laptop which people enjoyed - it is 16 minutes long so I won't share it here - I can see you wiping your brows in relief now :).   And it happened again!  A young man stopped by, new to the area, looking for a largish, OLDER dog to live an indoor life with multiple walks during the day.  I was ecstatic!  Two days, two people specifically asking for older dogs without encouragement from me - wowza! 

Both dogs interacted very well with everyone each day, good discussions, sharing - and then, staff trying to help me find the keys I thought I had put in my pocket but which ended up on the floor, turned into a cashier.  Whew.  Happy to meet everyone we did, thanks again to Janis, Rollin and Jennifer for helping to set us up and find my keys, and to all who expressed interest in or petted both Stella and Queenie - they loved their time out.   

Friday, May 13, 2011

Adopting and Adaptation

There are always new dogs needing help.  I have had multiple calls/emails this week re: several Beagles and Coonhounds.  I have no strict criteria for who to bring in.  Mostly, it depends on room and the pack.  I am becoming quite cognizant of pack behavior, needs and just how much stress they can handle.  I need to carefully bring in dogs who will support the balance of the pack, not add strain.  It is a fine line, a tight-rope because I cannot really tell till the dog is here and interacting.

It is likely the same when you adopt.  You make plans, you anticipate what you need for your new pet and then, they turn things upside down by not liking that lovely soft quilted bed you have for them, etc. etc.  All pets need boundaries but we need to listen to the boundaries they are telling us as well.  My older dogs mostly sleep on the hard floor.  Cane drove me nuts this way.  Only in his last month did he start to be sure to sleep on something soft.  Cyrano does sleep in his crate on a very nice pad.  I think, though, for him it is more a safety issue keeping him away from the pack whom he doesn't see well rather than a soft bed.

I encourage you to do your research, prepare well, talk to your local professionals,  pet proof your house and be ready to be flexible, to go with the flow - because your life is going to change to the good!  What, you need a dog??  Well, here is my email - we need to talk: silverwalkhounds@yahoo.com. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011


We had a thunderstorm this morning.  After two nights of work, I had gone to my favorite coffee and bakery for breakfast.  I was offered half and half for my hot chocolate and gladly accepted.   When I work, I don't eat as well so am quite hungry by the time the stretch is done.  The staff here know me and really want to make people happy.  Mmmm....the rich smell of hot chocolate with half and half - decadent.  The T-storm came while I was napping in one of their window chairs.  I am not a good example for caffeine.  In the morning, removed from the needed concentration of patient care, my body relaxes big time.  I have fallen asleep in a small office meeting with my boss under this circumstance!   By the time I mustered the energy to drive home, the sun was peaking out and has been ever since.

These may truly be wolves, not coyotes
The very spoiled dogs at Silverwalk are always glad for me to be home  - at least then, they have the choice of being inside or outside.  Night shifts,  I leave the smaller dogs in the house (the tweenie Dachshunds, the Border Terrier/Beagle mix, Sheila Sheltie and a couple oldies).  We have neighborhood coyotes and very active great horn owls.  I don't think they could carry off one of my littles but I don't want to find out.   The "outside" dogs normally have the run of the back yard and now, with the gate completely broken up, the entire yards and field.  They also have very good, comfy dog houses and the breezeway itself so they are not "left out in the cold" as sometimes they try to make me think - HA.  YESH - the field is back, no longer a lake though it still has some low watery spots.  

The Marina is also gone, replaced with our road, muddy, still impassable at the very southern end.  I thought today, since all is OK relatively speaking, the tough part of this flood starts now with the clean-up.  It comes home to me every time I pass the steps to the basement.  Yep, fishy smell, even from seep water plus some of the dog bedding which is soaked as well as the appliances. 

Small things -
  • when I stopped at the bank on the way home yesterday morning, a mockingbird was singing on a wire.  I took time to stop, listen and marvel at his repertoire.   
  • That evening, I left the house with enough time to drive the flood route - without needing to anymore...for now :).   
  • I showed a visitor how to get to a different part of the hospital.  He looked at me, asked if I knew my priest, to which I answered, "yes," then said, "he got his dog from you."  Jedi - the gorgeous, very puppyish Walker Coonhound.  I again said "yes."  The young man says "I love that dog!"  My heart wanted to burst as I replied "isn't he great?" to which there was immediate agreement.  Wow.   
  • Justus
  • As I napped (yes, again) after getting home, my ever growing hound/dobie/GSP mix, Justus, pulled the front half of his body up on me for a cuddle and nap.  He no longer climbs all the way up unlike Hoss; he leaves his hind feet on the floor.  So funny and such a wonderful dog.  I so hope I can do well by him in the long run.  
Have a great weekend.  Enjoy the small things - which one treasures all the more when they are denied or delayed for a time.  

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Silver Lining

 There are stars out tonight.  The air is crisp with a forecast of frost for the morning.  I sat outside this afternoon in the dry sunshine and again this evening under the stars with no rain.  The Corps of Engineers are making a controlled breach in a levee at Birds Point.  This is south of us above Cairo, IL (pronounced Cá-ro with a long A).  The Mississippi is joined there by the Ohio River, both swollen with rain and Cairo threatened with complete flooding.  The initial breach dramatically dropped the level of water at Silverwalk and my neighbors but flooded farmland in MO vs homes and businesses in IL.  As a friend observed, it was a Solomon type of decision. 

See Sally - I love this photo of her winking
This friend, S., came to foster one dog and take Shiloh to another friend to foster while we are in Waterland.  I sent See Sally with S. and Shiloh to D., whose family had already taken him through training and earning his Canine Good Citizenship title.  It seems strange to "only" have 15 dogs at home since the Coonhounds are still at Busch's Kennel till Sunday.  We are expecting thunderstorms Saturday and I don't trust the mighty Mississippi which I can see just over the hill where I walked Justus the other day.   With the limited though improving exercise space, having dogs fostered and kenneled is definitely relieving the tension felt by those still here.

I find it wearying to daily adjust to a new normal and not be able to have a routine for a couple weeks (or more).  The constant change helps me realize how much I appreciate my "regular" life and gives me a chance to see how I can improve the use of my time with the dogs.   The changes are tough on the dogs, though.  At least today we had more land on which to play and gambol!

I am also overwhelmed and thankful for the support and some donations received for mending what has been broken - fence, basement, major appliances....People really do pull together when the chips are down.   Let's enjoy the sun, heck, let's even enjoy the frost in the morning!  At least, for moment, it is not rain.

Monday, May 2, 2011

And Still it Rains

Back yard looking across creek into pasture
Here is the situation at Silverwalk.  Water keeps rising outside.  The basement now has at least two feet of seep water; I have most likely lost my furnace, washer and dryer.   My furnace guy, when I talked to him Saturday morning, thought I would be OK till today.  He was wrong.

Here is the other side of the coin: currently, I still have power (pun not intended); I have some lawn on which the dogs can do their business; we all, like everyone else in this area and beyond, have cabin fever.  We have a roof, we have food.  We are alive.  We will be broke due to needed repairs after all goes down but this is a situation where one says, indeed, it is only money: the furnace can wait till fall to be replaced while I save up; I truly don't mind laundromats - I have Zen time while I wait. 
Note how walkway has lifted up gate

Front across "road"  now marina
 I did freak out See Sally yesterday.  I was listening to "A Prairie Home Companion" on KRCU when they played a Chuck Berry tune.  I couldn't stay still, I had to dance.  Poor Sally thought I had lost my rocker!  HA.

If anyone is able, the Humane Society of Southeast MO has an emergency animal shelter set up at the 4H building in Arena Park.  They really need volunteers as this rain keeps coming and both people and pets lose their homes - hopefully, temporarily.   I am sorry - I cannot bring in anyone else at this time due to the situation as you see here at Silverwalk.  Please remember us in your prayers.  Donations can be made to Silverwalk Hounds at our website.  They will strictly be used to ensure good dog care, though at this time, some of that assurance will be repairing and replacing appliances and fencing. 
Hoss's Field Lake - way too deep now

Yard swing.Water south is about to top of fence

Back yard to field.