Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Darling Clementine

Those of you who know the song don't fret - this Clementine doesn't live in a mine, so far she has nothing to do with ducklings but she is "light like a fairy," loving and very, very sweet.   She has lost her home through no fault of her own - she is now at Silverwalk thanks to my friends at HSSEMO - we are all thrilled she will have a chance for a new home.

Clementine, Basset/Beagle extraordinaire
I picked up Clementine yesterday afternoon after sternly telling myself I could only bring home ONE dog to Silverwalk because there were two others I had seen online who interested me and several others in my walk-through.  As soon as I came through the door, "Go look at Clementine!"  WOW.  The hard decision was indeed only walking away with one dog, but what a dog.  Clementine is up to date on shots, rabies, spayed, uses the dog door, has put Justus in his place when he got too close for comfort (good girl - he needs to learn boundaries),  jumped up on my lap when I motioned for her (but not before), found a soft spot to rest, ate her evening meal out of a crate and did not bother Shiloh, Monk nor Allie Mae who also eat "on the outside."  Clementine watches me to go outside to do her business.  I am shocked no one adopted her at HSSEMO and will be even more shocked if it takes her long to find a home from Silverwalk.  Her information says she is good with children and I believe it.  I am sending her information to an adoption inquiry who is looking for a female Beagle. 

Clementine, "leader" of the pack - another song!
Clementine has obviously been loved to be such a loving dog.  She is in good weight - just right.  Her fur is soft, her ears are clear - "Rave On!"  I crated the existing pack before putting her in the yard.  I then ate and let her "be."  She was looking for someone.  As I watched her, I thought of the family who surely is missing her.  I carefully let dogs out, smalls first, then Dock 'cause he was having a conniption being crated with no access to his couch.  I need to put a couch in his crate!  Darling Clementine was a bit overwhelmed even though I was careful with the introductions and numbers but she did very well handling it all.  She followed us finally as I went with my "ducklings" into the house - and noted she used the dog door - YESH.

Clementine in shadow and sun

And if Darling Clementine wasn't enough for one day, I found a very cool new book at the library called The Art of iPhoneography.  The professional photographer author, Stephanie Roberts, shows and tells how to best use your iPhone and apps to make those photos sparkle, shine and be down right awesome.   Today was a perfect day - even with bright sun, the shadows were crisp enough to add just the right depth.  I took a lot of photos this afternoon!  Icing on the cake - when searching for a link to Ms. Roberts's book, I found a whole blog on iPhoneography - who knew?   I have a lot to learn but with the subjects I have?  Piece of cake :).

Monday, June 27, 2011

Back At It

With all the adoptions last week, I took a breather this weekend.  I worked with a couple people on dogs but tried not to promise much.  I was "on call" day shift - which meant I needed to be very flexible - the weekend was dedicated to cleaning and I finished two books.

It is now Monday - and the dogs are in line waiting.  I am looking forward to meeting and sharing Phoebe with you.  Phoebe is an adult Redbone Coonhound who is having trouble tolerating her crawling new baby.  Since she had done great with toddlers in the past, I am wondering if a baby staring at her while crawling puts her on the defensive.  She has been loved by her mom for at least 6 years, so it will be tearful to say good-bye.  Phoebe will be given time to adjust to a pack environment away from her home first before I wonder about anything else for her.  House-trained, up to date on shots, spayed; older children I think for her safety and theirs.   We are planning her arrival for Saturday.

Phoebe, Redbone Coonhound - snoozing

I have been invited back to our local Humane Society - they just happen to have both a Beagle and a Foxhound.   Thanks, R. - you really know how to work my heart strings :). 

A friend has a German Short-haired Pointer who needs a place to learn to be himself and not so shy.  I am also thinking of a 4 month old Redbone Coonhound puppy who showed up at a couple's house.   He would be a great playmate for Justus.

I have finally found out that I am listed not only as a Beagle rescue on Rescue Me! but as a Redbone Coonhound rescue.  I have had multiple Coonies - blue-ticks, red-ticks or English, black and tan, even Bloodhounds but the only Redbone I had was Hoss.  How I was tagged is beyond me - but there is no one else in MO doing hound rescue except Kansas City - and they prefer Beagles, too.  Interestingly enough, I am not listed for any other hounds but Beagles and Redbones.  This explains why when people call they assume I am the Redbone Coonhound Rescue.

I am glad in this case to be able to bring in Phoebe and have space to consider for the puppy.    I can do this because I have some options and YOU have adopted dogs!  Every time a dog is adopted from I don't care who, two lives are saved - the dog you adopted and the dog who can now take her place.  GOD BLESS ADOPTERS AND FOSTERS.   THANK YOU.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Homeward Bound!

No, it is not the Fourth of July but five, 5, FIVE dogs have been adopted or confirmed to be adopted from Silverwalk this week.  This is incredible for my very small sanctuary, even being a small division of Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary. 

Two dogs, if you've been following, Hoss and Sadie, were adopted through their participation in the Charleston Puppies on Parole Prison program.  In addition, one of my all time favorite dogs, Todd, Silverwalk's third dog at Charleston, now has an adoption application pending reference checks.  WOW.


Thanks to a young friend's enthusiasm for lovely, petite Queenie, she now has a home in IL with humans, fish, cats, chickens, and goats - oh, my.  This high school student shared the photo he took of Queenie with his family.  His grandmother said, oh, she is perfect.  At last report, she was turning out to be just that - a queen, indeed. 

Queenie curled up with Dino, adopted earlier this year

I have several inquiries on Hickory Dock, and then one about Lady Bug.  This family had lost their long time companion Beagle and were ready for another Beagle in their home.  When they came out today, G. looked at little Taffy.  I saw her take a quick breath as she asked me about "the little one."  We talked about her.  Taffy is very like their small Beagle now entertaining God.  They took both Lady Bug and Taffy for a walk.  They could not take one - they adopted both!  Potato chips - you can't have just one!  I know you are having a wonderful time in your new home tonight, Taffy and Lady Bug.  

Lady Bug
My heartfelt gratitude to God for bringing these people and dogs together.  One thing I am learning is the people who adopt my dogs want the best for them just as I want the best for them.  For me, this means stretching outside my comfortable box.    Three of these dogs were originally from the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri.  My humble thanks for trusting me with them.  Two came from a family in such distress, they had to find a new place for their beloved Coonhounds.  I pray and am certain we have done you and them proud.  One came from a friend near Springfield, MO when it was obvious no one was going to adopt her - thank you, Ruth.   Godspeed to all.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Margie!

 Margie about 10 weeks old

 Checking out the front yard

Alert at rest on my lap

In 15 minutes by my clock, on June 21, it is Margie's 2nd birthday - yes, another one she was not supposed to have.  You see, Margie was found in a closed dumpster behind a St. Louis area Wal-Mart almost two years ago.  She protested her undeserved lot loudly enough an employee heard her, looked all over and then opened the dumpster.  There was my Margie, named after her rescuer, Margie, who, sad to say, passed on from a heart attack two months later :(. 

Little Margie was about 8-9 weeks old when someone put her in that dumpster.  It was "all" they did but it could have been enough.  Her human Margie was a volunteer for my good friend Debi, who contacted me about Margie.  I was supposed to adopt her out to another home.   Margie learned to sit within a day or two, house-trained easily and is whip-smart.  After one month, I said she was home - and she is.

Happy Birthday, Margie!  Thank you so much for brightening my life. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Petties Nominations

Sadie is adopted - well, I am still waiting for the paperwork but she is being loved on and ready to go home - YESH.  I encouraged her new owner, who says she is "awesome," to bring her to Saturday classes in Cape which are tailored specifically for new adopters.  

Hoss's potential adopter will have a home visit on Monday.  He had another applicant which fell through :(.   We need to be sure Hoss will be safe and comfy in their situation; all references have been very good which makes me feel good for the dogs.

I haven't heard from anyone interested in little Todd.  Fine by me :).  Todd can come back to Silverwalk, pass his CGC and be ready for a home.  He has become such a sparkling little dog.

Hickory Dock has joined Taffy in the coughing venue.  Taffy''s X-rays the other day indicated some bronchitis so another med plus some freebies from my awesome vet.  She will get better and I will watch Dock - I think it is the slippery sliding changing weather and the house fans.

For those of you who enjoy this blog, who think what is written here is helpful and/or educational or just plain funny, please nominate us for the Petties, DogTime's blog award.  Here is the link.  You can nominate blogs for multiple awards, multiple blogs for each award but then...well, better read the directions - I am getting confused.

I am hoping to be be nominated for the Best Dog Blog and the Best Cause Blog.  Now, I don't think I will win but I have never asked for nominations before either!  There are so many good blogs out there doing what we do - just look at my blog-roll to see them!  Thanks for considering Silverwalk!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Going Home Soon

The Silverwalk dogs in the Charleston prison Boothealers Puppies on Parole program are almost ready to move.  I have adoption applications for at least two of SW's three.  I can't believe the time has gone by so fast!  I went down once to see how they were doing - goodness:  Hoss is speaking on command and consistently working well off leash; Sadie, with less time than others, has flowered due to the consistent one on one attention and Todd?  Well, he climbed into the lap of the program trainer - my shy guy!

Sadie & Hoss
I contacted Hoss and Sadie's family, letting them know adoption options were available.  They are unable to take them back due to their home situation but are happy to know they will go to good homes.   We have a green light as I had told them I would check with them before sending their Coonies on - and now is the time.   BTW,  because Silverwalk is part of Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary, the SW dogs are all listed under Safe Harbor on the Puppies for Parole site - they are toward the bottom of the page - take a look!

Masterpieces - Margie and Hickory Dock (still needs a home)

I want you to know what a great program this is for dogs and men, and what wonderful house pets Coonhounds can be.  I ask you to check out not only Hickory Dock but also Coonhound   Hounds are not just for hunting - in fact, the hounds at Silverwalk have failed hunting which is why they are here - or they are aged and were no longer wanted :(.

Thank you all for the hard work you have done to train these dogs.  A trainer colleague estimated the training cost "on the outside" at about $500!  We are really blessed - and so will be the next dogs, trainers and adopters.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Kennel Up!

The dogs here are spoiled.  They like to be with Mom even when she is trying to teach them patience.  Like kenneling - almost everyone but Shiloh and Allie Mae are fed in either a wire or plastic crate.

  • It is good for the prevention of food fights, 
  • it helps me see who is eating how much or not and 
  • it gives them practice being contained so when they go to their new homes, they will be ready to be left in a crate so their owners can go off without worry. 

That is the plan.  The execution is a bit different - when I say "kennel up!" everyone knows they are going to eat.  Some are very good about heading for their crates.

  • Seymour is stellar! 
  • Miss Stella is back to trying to get into every one's crate; 
  • on occasion, like this morning, I need to remove Shiloh and/or Farrah from a Beagle crate to make room for the appropriate Beagle.  
  • Hickory Dock is very good about getting into his crate but rather noisy once he is done eating.  
  • Herman is OK, needing help into his crate and then letting me know of his impatience for the pending meal; same with Sweet Taffy.   Etc., etc.  

I have been asked why I crate/kennel my dogs.  The main reasons?  Patience and to remind them of respect.

  • Crates are good for relaxation throughout the day - they all know the doors are open should they need a respite from the madding crowd.   
  • They are also very good for training - don't have that "no jump" down pat yet before your visitors arrive?  Use a crate, fill a Kong with sticky food and voila!  happy dog, happy visitors, happy you.   
  • I also use one when introducing a new dog.  The crate is more central in the house.  The new dog can be inside with the pack milling about outside which they do for a short time and then move on, coming back on occasion to say "hi."  I get to control the "hi" and reactions of multiple dogs to a newbie.  

I use the term "kennel" for crating up; most people may use "crating."   I do not "cage" my dogs; I don't like the term or the old implications - just me :).  I don't have outside kennels per se.  I have one for when needed especially for unexpected visitors or behavior issues when real separation is needed.    Silverwalk does have multiple outside dog houses with straw or shavings for day/night use, too.  I don't depend on these but they are wonderful hidey-holes for the dogs.  Margie has made her own hidey-hole from a previous tree stump site. 

Margie in her hidey-hole


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekend Update - it's Saturday Night!

Wishing I had that ticker tape news sound for y'all:
  • Miss Stella is much better!  She is doing the stairs just fine; praying it "sticks."
  • Little Sweet Taffy is coughing a lot and hard.   I am wondering if it is a combination of the heat and the fans - she is so tiny without much reserve.

    Farrah (foreground) and Lady Bug
  • Farrah was supposed to go to Petco Adoption this afternoon.  Instead, she slipped her collar and is off with Shiloh.  If both don't come back, I will see my friends at HSSEMO tomorrow afternoon.   I think she had it with leaving home as she went to class on Tuesday, to vet on Friday, and then I was going to take her to Petco.  Enough!  
  • I went to the Adoption event by myself.  Janis asked if I was up for adoption; I said yes, I didn't eat much but was otherwise expensive. 
  • Found two lawn benches at ACE Hardware for a better price than what I was looking at elsewhere.  They will replace the two love seats which reek from pee, are constant chew toys and also can house mice.  Yes, I am putting lawn furniture in the house - it is metal (no chew), I can protect the innards of the cushions with plastic making them much more washable and can clean/wash better underneath where dog floor cushions can also go.  
  • Speaking of, ACE again came to the rescue with mouse bait, some of which I have already distributed in dog inaccessible areas.  Take that, you varmints!
  • Missed the Furry 5K - dang.  Had a nice sleep-in, though :). 

Late breaking - Both Shiloh and Farrah are now home - both wet, Shiloh stinky.  YESH. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What's Up

There was a lot of Silverwalk at dog class tonight.  Farrah was there with Susan who had handled Hoss; I brought Justus, and See Sally! came with her new mom from Kennett.  We had a very good time; Farrah needs the exposure to other dogs and people; she very much likes being at home, yet made her most improvement walking with the SEMO volunteers.  Now she has a chance for more exposure again and hopefully, a new home.

Sweet Taffy, adult Beagle
Taffy and Herman
Silverwalk has a new arrival - Sweet Taffy.  Taffy is not as old as she looks.   She arrived at HSSEMO full of ticks (which R. treated before I picked her up), an abandoned dog who had had puppies in her lifetime.  She has old head, ear and eye wounds which may or may not be the reason she is so tiny.  How tiny?  Sweet Taffy is 11#!  She weighs less than Danny Quinn or Seymour, my tweenie Dachshunds.  She is the size of Margie and approx. 5-6 years old.  What is very good about Taffy is she seems comfortable in her own skin - she seeks out petting (so easy to do!), gets herself in and out of the dog door, showed some splendid hackles when everyone was trying to sniff her on arrival but not one growl, has made herself at home in the pack hanging out mostly with Herman Miller.   What is very sad, though she tested negative for heartworms at HSSEMO, when Dr. Monica put her blood under the scope "just to look see," it was swarming with baby heartworms plus positive for erlichea.   This sweet Beagle is in for a long haul.  She is on antibiotics to start along with liver pills to boost her immune system.  We plan the newer recommended dosing for her treatment as we fear she may not tolerate it well - we will watch her very carefully.  In the meantime,  she is eating everything she can and demanding more - yep, she be a Beagle.

Miss Stella Beagle
Now, I ask your prayers, please.  Miss Stella, a senior Beagle who came to Silverwalk with Cyrano, is having difficulty going up and down stairs using her front legs.  This is a very sudden onset as just on Monday (yesterday!), I had thought she may be a candidate for the Charleston Boothealers dog training program.  Tonight, I need to carry her in and out of the house to do her business.  My heart is very heavy.   Please pray for Stella - that we find out what is wrong, that she not be in pain and I make the right decisions by her. 

To top it all off, as I was typing here earlier, a very cheeky mouse poked her head out from behind my computer!  AAUGH.  Seymour, Margie and yes, even Miss Stella, attempted to track her down but to no avail.  I so need that bait and/or I need to borrow a mouser from Safe Harbor for a day, keep the dogs outside and let her rip.  Oh, the mouse-anity!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hickory Dock, Couch Hound

Hickory Dock so impressed his ACO in IL that he kept him way overtime as his rescue coordinator sought sanctuary for him.  One fell through, Silverwalk was contacted again and I am so glad - this is a wonderful ol' hound who loves to wander the yard, then park on the couch.  Dock comes running to me for loving and petting when I call, knows to go to his crate at meal time and is pretty house trained when the door is open :).

Hickory Dock, adoptable senior Treeing Walker Coonhound

Hickory Dock is a Treeing Walker Coonhound, though I have yet to see him tree anything.  He will bay at visitors, support the pack in their endeavors, play with Justus and the smalls and is just a well rounded good old boy.

Taking his ease in his favorite spot

When first he came, he was pretty thin.  No longer - I am starting to back off on his meals a bit.  While he is active within the pack, he is not that active on his own, making himself an excellent house dog.   If you are interested in a good ol' dog for your home and yard, who won't be on your heels all the time but show delight and happiness when you call him,  consider Hickory Dock!  He is AWESOME.

As you have noticed, I am featuring the senior dogs here at Silverwalk.  Like all of us as we age, they are as deserving of a home and hearth as any younger dog.   Many have outlived their owners, some are strays, all are wonderful.   Please carefully consider senior dogs when you think of adding to your household - remember, when you adopt one, you save two: the one you adopted and the one who can now take his place.   Seniors may not give you the years at your side you anticipate with a younger dog but the years and time they are with you will be priceless - to you and to them.  Thank you!