Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Old Dogs and a Home

Is it only Wednesday?  This has been a very busy week of "stay-cation!"  Uff da - will try to remember all:

Sprinkles found her home
Mami at rest

Chloe exploring

Reagan in motion

Molly T. - note tennis ball beneath her ear
  1. Sunday, on my 58th birthday (after surviving a cancer with a 50% mortality rate, I truly celebrate birthdays!), I met Sprinkles aka Millie's new family half-way to Springfield, IL.  I was charmed - they had the back seat all padded with a water bowl ready for her.  A vet appt. is set for Oct. 4 to follow-up on her heart-worm treatment.  You go, Sprinkles!
  2. On my way home, my route went near a good rescue friend of mine.  After taking time for lunch, I drove to Rainbow Ranch/Recycling Rover where Debi had a Coonhound puppy for me.  While I was there, a couple came to adopt a Coonhound puppy.  They took the girl, who was the smallest.  Originally, there were 11 at about 3-4 months old - what a hoot and holler!  With that adoption, Debi had room for the last two so I left "my guy" but loaded up on supplies for Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary, the Boot Healers program in Charleston and Silverwalk.  The BEST part of the visit, though, was sitting down with Debi and Robyn, cats on my lap. and having a long, relaxed conversation: highlight of my day. 
  3. Tuesday, took Chloe and Mami to Skyview Vet for their spays, Darling Clementine to LaCroix Pet Hospital for a look see as she had developed a large mass on her upper neck (turned out to be an abscess from a dog bite; I have a suspicion of the culprit), then took Reagan and Molly T. along with four dogs from Safe Harbor to the Boot Healers prison training program in Charleston.  We had a great visit with the offenders, many of whom had previously trained our dogs.  This program is a win-win for canines and men, each learning a lot from one another.  Phoebe, Stella, Butler came back to sanctuary, trained and ready to test for their Canine Good Citizenship title and for their own homes!
  4. Layla Beagle
  5. Today welcomed Layla Beagle, a senior girl most likely with Cushing's syndrome.  Her rescuer and loving foster mom, Kelly and transport/rescuer extraordinaire, Andrew, brought her and supplies (thank you!) to Silverwalk.  We don't know how long she has to live but she fit right into the pack. What was really fun was seeing Kelly's little dog, Tinker and Andrew's wee dog, Woofie.  LOL. 
Now you know the busy week I've had - plus doing some computer studies for work and reading.  I finished "Love is the Best Medicine," the second book by veterinarian Dr. Nick Trout.  I found it compelling - could hardly put it down.  He uses two stories of dogs and their owners to illustrate the very deep bonds between owner and dog as well as the responsibility, insight and caring felt by this vet for his clients.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.  If you want to borrow a copy, let me know.

Update on Allie Mae - she who now demands her food, is up and at 'em like before (though still a bit weaker).  You rock, Allie!

Allie Mae- gaining weight and healing
Oh, a final thought.  When I left Clementine at LaCroix on Tuesday, I also left my iPhone and didn't pick it up till today when I picked up Clemmy.  What interestingly staged photos I found when I downloaded Layla'a photos.  Laughter is also part of healing!  HA.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Newbies Mami and Chloe UPDATE

Most of the time, I have more dogs than I should - acreage, pack and house-wise.  Certainly the case this week - but there it was, a request from a friend whose shelter had a Beagle - a heart-worm positive Beagle and thus, she most likely would not be adopted.  Hmmmm.  I had NO room, no room,, I went to meet Chloe at HSSEMO.  Anita warned me once I saw her, I would fall in love.  She had been found wandering in her town; a vet kept her for some time with no one looking for her.  She then moved to the shelter with limited days.  But my friends at the shelter know when to call - they know I am almost always full but they also know there are dogs who break your heart, dogs who need the chance to live a very good life.  Chloe is here.  She has teamed up somewhat with Mami - go, Mami, a very shy, JRT/Beagle mix who came in on Monday off death row - thanks, Andrew!

Because Chloe is so tiny, I was careful to slowly introduce her to the smaller dogs first.  Excuuuse me! Toughness knows no size.  Herman Miller thought he could get up close and personal with this mite of a cute Beagle girl.  Chloe's response?  "Back off and away, Beagle Breath!"  Reagan thought he would try his luck - he is larger, younger and more persistent; she ran him off, too, though later in the evening, I watched them play till he became just a bit too much.  Chloe Beagle - one small, tough cookie.  I'm glad she is here - after doing zoomies in the yard and snuffling the grass, she is coughing - sometimes hard.  I need to get her evaluated for her heart-worm treatment as soon as possible.

Chloe and Mami - two small sweet dogs

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Welcome Home from Prison

Phoebe and Stella are back at Silverwalk from their training in the Boot Healers Program at the Charleston Prison.  Both did very well - Stella became a Queen.  When I visited, I watched her greet each and every person or dog coming in the door as well as making her rounds in the room.  Phoebe had a more difficult path as she is very protective of her "stuff" and not overly fond of other dogs.  She was put into an intense NILIF program (nothing in life is free) which helped a lot.  By coming home, they are making room for others next week - pending from Silverwalk are Reagan, Molly T. and Clementine.   Both Phoebe and Stella will now test for their CGC (canine good citizenship) title.  WOOHOO!  Phoebe has at last learned to share - at least here:

Phoebe (top) and Stella Beagle settling back in at Silverwalk

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dog Talk - Basset Mixes Speak

Sprinkles - resting after dog class
Sprinkles, Dalmatian/Basset mix senior girl -

"I observe.  I can't hear but I do feel vibrations (does that sound like a song?).  I love being around my new mom  - and I loved being around a grandpa for a couple days before I got here - so, I like men and wormen and dogs!  I don't go potty in the house (unlike some!) but make sure Mom gets me outside; I've even learned how to use the dog door!  I may be older but am a quiet, loving companion looking for a special home.  Mom is playing with her former iPhone camera; she used ME as a model.  Naturally - my appearance is striking and my demeanor loving. "

Betty Boop checking out the yard smells

Betty Boop, Beagle/Basset senior girl -

"Hi, Betty here!  I am a very good dog.  I make sure the yard is free of varmints - I have THE cutest bay - Mom chuckles when she hears me.  I love to eat and will do zoomies with Mom before our meals to help increase my appetite, then I go right into my crate -mmm, mmm, good.  I don't demand much at all; I just need someone to love, feed and keep me comfortable.   I made a lot of puppies fror someone in IL and then was let loose with two friends; I don't know where they are but I stayed at this loving home where the mom found Silverwalk and my current Mom.  Whew - God cares for us after all!  I know He found a place for my friends, too.  I have been to Petco, making sure everyone petted me, especially the little children."

Clementine, Beagle/Basset adult girl -

Darlin' Clementine
"We are offering you a special today on Basset mixes!  I am caramel colored, house-trained and a very good guard dog.   Nothing gets by me :).  I love to snuggle with the Mom, play with my friends and go for walks.  I do very well meeting other people and other dogs.  Don't know about cats yet - we can always find out with a "cat-scan" at Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary.   My favorite spot is on a table in front of the front windows so I can see what and who is passing by :).  Of course, while I like being here at Silverwalk, I would really, really like my own family!  I need to thank my friends at HSSEMO for caring enough about me to help me find sanctuary while I wait for my forever home."

I think of these Bassset mixes by food: sprinkles, chocolate and caramel; they are each as yummy and nice as they sound!  Come get your Basset mix today!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

This has been a strange week for me working every other night shift, leaving me feeling a bit dopey and un-focused on my nights "off."  I don't usually work this way but picked up an extra shift and then, when I had one off (due to another nurse wanting to work it), the full moon made its presence really known so I worked that shift "on-call" (and was called in as soon as I was available).  I truly appreciate the work but look forward to two weeks of "stay-cation" after tonight's shift.   All said simply to explain my non-posting for the week!

Cisco, Episco-pup needing a home
This past Sunday, Cisco followed two of our church parishioners to church where he was picked up by our priest and handed to me.  He is a charming puppy of mini-Schnauzer background now at Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary.  True to the chutzpah of terriers everywhere, he furiously barked back at some larger dogs in pens as I talked to Alice about him; he was quite comfortable in my arms and will make someone a very good pet - so far, I have resisted.   We called him "Cisco" as a derivation of Christ Episcopal Church, near where he was found.

Fall means re-strawing or re-shaving (pine shavings) the outdoor dog kennels,  finding someone to fix my side gate leading into the field (damaged in the flood) and re-doing the tarp on my one outdoor kennel.  My wonderful vet is donating a dryer; current plan is to bring it out next week.  Oh, and let's not forget the vinyl/linoleum needing to be replaced in the breezeway.  It is being joyfully torn up and is quite the mess to try to sweep or wash.; I hear no complaints from the dogs, only from me!  HA.

The local weather-caster wrote that the rain we received Wednesday was the most since June - and that was the flooding.  We certainly needed it and more; our trees are turning but not as colorfully as last year :(.

I am having fun with photography apps for my former iPhone.  Here is one using Camera 360.  I found with this app you need to save every single photo individually; had a bunch of Reagan but nope, not saved. Here is one of Annie Beagle on the back of my recliner - in an artsy mood.

Annie Beagle and books

UPDATE on Allie Mae: WELL, she wags her tail and moves to go out on her leash to the vet's but doesn't want to stay at all; she is even eating dog food - I am trying to ease her into wetted kibble but she turned her nose up at it for her second breakfast so will go back to Evanger's wet puppy food (it's kosher - maybe she is Jewish; Shiloh is Methodist, after all) and the other wet food I have for her.  Her hematocrit (the number of red blood cells compared to blood volume) is up to 22 today - from 16 on Monday!  WOOHOO!   Allie is much more active; just needs a boost to get up stairs but goes down them just fine.  Day by day :)!  We all thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Allie Mae is home.  She even nibbled my hand for her morning meal!  Goodness.  She has wounds to tend and soft food to buy (she has moved on from cat food) but she looks so much BETTER than a week ago when I feared the end was near.  Yes, one day and then another and then another....enjoy the days and gifts presented by this lovely old dog.

Allie Mae ready to leave the vet's - finally and with gratitude

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remember and Heal

september 11, 2001

Twin Towers, Pentagon, PA, Afghanistan, Iraq

december 7, 1941

Pearl Harbor, WWII

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Allie Mae - The Power of the Paw is Helping!

Ms. Allie Mae
Allie Mae is hanging in there.  Her hematocrit is up though still critical at 13 (went to 10 yesterday - normal low is 37).   The vet's found out she will eat room temp cat food - not a lot but at least she is eating - and oh, it needs to be on a plate (she isn't specifying a pattern nor is china necessary).  I was ready to send her to Heaven today but with the latest small incremental improvement, we are giving her another day at least.  Everyone needs their chance as long as they are not in pain.  Though she is an older dog, she has been a spunky one whose age alone is not a factor in her treatment decisions.  Could we do a lot more?  Sure - if I took her to St. Louis.  We will see how she does here.  Thank you for all your prayers and support!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor of Love and Determination

Allie Mae
Allie Mae is not eating.  She has not wanted to eat for some time - over a week now.  I am force-feeding her.  No one likes this; the other dogs are sequestered away from us somehow because I am giving Allie Mae warm chicken broth, chicken pieces, tripe, etc.  The smells drive everyone but Allie nuts.  She did take 3 laps of broth; she does drink; she pees when I help her outside.  Allie Mae doesn't like my poking a syringe into her gullet or opening her mouth for bits of chicken, which I do 3-5 times a day.  Sigh.  What she needs is a PEG (percutaneous esophageal gastrostomy) tube - stomach tube - not unlike the one I use.

Which is a nice segue to my shopping expedition.  I haven't shopped for real food for ages.  I had no idea there was canned chicken bits (sorry, Angus - I just could not do a fresh whole chicken, though, come to think of it, I know of an organic farm nearby).  I did know there was broth since I used it before I lost my swallow.  Allie and I go back to the vet tomorrow for stitches removal (the tumor on her foot had increased in size and we took off her lipomas; none of which have anything to do with loss of appetite).   A rescue colleague strongly suggested a B-12 shot - this may help but she did not tell me where to get one - so will ask at vet's.

Newbie Millie aka Sprinkles is a love dog - she does not want her human out of sight.  She stayed overnight before she got to me; her transporter noted she was deaf.  No one picked up on this in the shelter but once she was out of a run, they saw it.  She liked Dad - followed him everywhere.  Millie has an adoption application - I will call them this evening to arrange a visit.  She is HW+ and on a substitute regimen of Doxycycline and Heart-gard.   I took her to BPP on our way home; Stacy and I confirmed her deafness; at home, she does not react to noise like the other dogs; she watches and may follow.  She likes to pace - her transport thinks she may have been on a tether.  Indeed, there is a worn area along the top of her neck perhaps from a thin collar - it does not extend all around her neck.
What do you think her breeding is?  I am calling her Basset/Dalmatian.  She is a lot bigger than my two Bagles; I already had a Millie (RIP), which is why I call her Sprinkles.

Hope you all had a lovely holiday.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Justus, Grown Up

Justus, sleeping on my lap, long legs and all
Justus was supposed to be a Black and Tan Coonhound puppy.  When American Black and Tan found out per my speculation he most likely wasn't, they didn't want to keep him; I let them know I am no breed expert, esp. with puppies.  Justus has grown into most likely a hound/Doberman/whatever gorgeous boy.  He is on a weekend overnight with a runner friend of mine.  I miss him terribly - and so does Reagan, who keeps looking for his "big brother."  Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, stay cool, change the water in the outside bowls frequently (telling myself more than anyone else) and love your pets.