Monday, October 31, 2011


Walter Brennan, shape shifter? or simple old Coonhound boy?
If there is a mournful sound to be heard, Walter Brennan, aged Coonhound, can do it.  He is such a love and such a bull in a china shop! He just wants to eat - anything - he has no discrimination; he is always on a mission: FOOD.  The next thing he wants is LOVE.  Poor Walter ends up crated in the house a lot so when it is nice, I make sure to spend time outside with him.  Till I don't see him with the rest of us...uh, oh....yep, the freshly filled water bowl in the kitchen is overturned, he has pushed down the baby gate and is snarfing at the smelly but not nutritious cans waiting to be recycled.  Dear Walter.  So, daylight still, not yet time for work or supper - outside goes Walter and some friends (I don't want him to be alone).  Then, as I am eating before work, I hear a crash - Walter is in the house, now in the bathroom.  How?  I put him in the outside pen and check the back gate. Secure. The fence is up. No obvious digging or sliding under the fence.  It is Halloween, a thin time when what may be may not be what it seems......BOO!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Champs and a Blog Hop

The Redbirds did it.  WOW.  I don't have a TV so I "watched" the reactions of multiple Facebook friends Thursday night as I chatted with another friend in NJ.  I so know the emotions - I grew up watching the Minnesota Vikings, who saved the last two minutes of most of their games for their come back and win.  Sort of like Secretariat but much less elegant.  The seventh game could have gone either way - I "knew" it would not be a repeat of that spectacular sixth game which is already a highlight of history.  The Cards had the momentum; a colleague at work spoke of Texas having to de-frock the Rangers celebratory locker room three times before the end of the sixth game.

St. Louis Cardinals, World Series Champions, 11 in 11
Here's the kicker - I am not really a fan, but I know gutsy, dig deep, never give up play when I see it.  

Not much about dogs today, though they certainly are here in all their furry glory. 

Justus has indeed decided he is a lap dog - my poor back :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday featuring Allie Mae, Elder Dog

Allie Mae is much improved after her almost descent to death (or is that ascent to Heaven?) a few weeks back.  You simply need to put up with my photo app obsession - using different photo apps for pictures on my iPhone.  Debating an iPhone 4S - these are on an upgraded 3G to 3GS iPhone w/o service; a souped up iPod Touch with more photos, almost all of dogs, instead of songs.  These photos are using Hipstamatic, a favorite app now even more so since you need to wait while the film "processes."  So very cool - as is Miss Allie Mae. 

Monday, October 24, 2011


Thanks -

  • for the wonderful autumn weather, even though I need to use my furnace in the night just a tich
  • for the gracious donations to Silverwalk
  • for the dog houses (2!), one huge, one small with two entrances
  • to the family who came over on Sunday to walk and love on the dogs
  • to my friends who are coming over tomorrow for more of the same
  • to my vet, who gave me a dryer!
  • to an adopter who helped put up the outside plastic "insulation" for the dog breezeway
  • to a co-worker who wanted to pick up Wednesday night shift (which works out better for her hours as I pick up her Friday) which allows me to go see Michael J. Fox here in Cape. 
  • to my "new" neighbor's beautiful yellow lab pup who he rescued when she was abandoned at a campground when 6 weeks old
  • for doing a home visit which I knew would be fun cause I know the guy :)

I needed all this to remind me and give me strength to continue rescue.  There is no end - there is always need - but, like the starfish story, I can make a difference for THAT one if not all. 

Justus, my boy - a rescue dog who turned out to be not what was expected but who I needed

Friday, October 21, 2011


I don't know what the deal is about the end of my couch (the only one left after having three! hauled away with the flood debris; all had succumbed to years of dogs chewing and peeing on them) but I often find dogs reclining their bodies and heads on the pillow armrest particularly at the far end.  Farrah is back for a few days while her foster mom is out of town with girlfriends.  I am relearning just how sweet this dog is - and so wishing her new owner would see her, too.  Mami (in the photo with Justus) is now "home" - she let herself over the porch wall today, coming around to the breezeway door looking at me to let her in.  To me, this signals she knows her "home" and feels comfortable here, not looking for anywhere else despite her jumping prowess.  Mami is showing some jealousy (just a tinge) when she seeks out petting and others - Chloe, you know who I am talking about - horn in.
While previewing this post, I noticed the indent in the pillow backing above Justus and Farrah; this is Margie's favorite spot when we nap or go to sleep. She can be quite ferocious in defending it.

Justus on the pillow armrest; Mami watching

Farrah "home" again - what is it about this couch?

Margie in her spot upper left with Hickory Dock, who does not conform to using the armrest

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Coonhounds as LapDogs

I am really sorry I don't have a photo.  Walter, the new quite senior Coonhound guy, has been in the house a lot more these last few chilly, rainy days.  Today, he decides to get up on my lap - and does, to Seymour's wide-eyed amazement.  Seymour, the true lap sized dog, was on my right leg/right arm rest when Walter made his move.  AND THEN, Justus, the Dobie/hound mix, who is not small either decides to join Walter!  He only gets half way up (which is actually normal for him; he will sleep with his front half on me or the couch, his hind legs still on the floor - I kid you not).  I was covered in black and tan - quite seasonal, actually.  I don't have a fur coat but I sure do have living fur blankets!

Walter Brennan lap dog?

Justus on left, Seymour PH on right - both lap dogs - uh, huh

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dock's Day Out

Hickory Dock, geezer Walker Coonhound
Hickory Dock's nail are were LONG; he did not care for my clipping them and growled to let me, his "mom" know. Oh, dear. Busch Pet Products has added an intermittent nail clipping service. Thank you, God.  Dock and I, on this past lovely, perfect Saturday afternoon, drove to BPP to get Dock's nails clipped.

We used a muzzle to be on the safe side since Dock was adamant about not having this done.  I don't know much about nails but his quicks are long, so I don't think it was done often and when done, was perhaps painful (or he just does not like it).  I learned to pat him on the head while the woman (whose name I did not get - mea culpa!) worked on his all white (thank you, God, again) nails with me at his head. This may not be true but the patting (which the staff at Lacroix Pet Hospital did for Danny Quinn once, too) seems to me to be like an acupuncture or attention diversion.  Dock had a couple pull aways but not really bad.  We discussed his long quicks which will necessitate frequent trims to help shorten them up - I think - need to ask more questions but others were waiting.

Dock ate a large candy corn colored cookie afterward as one reward; we then walked along the bike trail which is just down the block from BPP for a real reward.  I had to borrow a poop bag and am glad I did.  I had not walked Dock out in public before.  He did very well - when walkers, runners and cyclists came toward us, I pulled him in to my side, told him to stay by me, which he did; otherwise, his head and nose watched everywhere, sometimes sniffing the ground, other times saying "howdy" to passersby. I thought at one point he was watching children's soccer practice till I saw another dog with a parent on the sideline. Always neighborly.

Hickory Dock is old. His favorite activities are eating, then sleeping, and eating some more.  He has a good, indiscriminate bawl as though he likes to hear himself. Dock is adoptable - up to date on all shots, heart worm negative and neutered. He would be a great dog for a person who wants a hound dog to hang around. I recommend a fence 'cause these guys can travel when they want to follow a trail.  On the other hand, if Dock were a house dog (he crates up very well) and taken on walks like today, then home to eat and sleep, he would consider himself in heaven :).

Bottom line - we had a super afternoon!

Dock checking what's going on in the front yard (pre nail trim!)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Photo Apps and Hounds mostly

Hipstamatic of Mami, who is wondering why I'm calling her
Through the window, Shiloh basking on the stone porch beam
Pensive, recovered Allie Mae
Portrait of a Beagle Face - Chloe
Gracefully aging Sheila Sheltie

Petite, dynamic duo of Mami & Chloe
Hipstamatic of Layla Beagle, who doesn't know I have a camera

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Climber - New Rule #2

Mami was beside herself this morning when I finally got home from work to stay.  Had come home once to pick up Danny Quinn for his dental (he who had been without food and water and poop overnight - oy, vey); Mami danced, play bowed, bounced her paws off Chloe and zoomed through the yard!  Ok, you DO feel at home.  Good girl - stay here!

Monday I ran errands - bank, laundry, church, etc. - getting back just after dark.  Deja vue - it wasn't Shiloh who greeted me but wee Chloe Beagle, clinging to my leg and then shoulder to assure herself I was home. Why are you outside the fence?  and how?  Thank God, Chloe, you stayed home and waited for me.

Chloe Beagle in action, snuffling through the leaves

Too dark to check the fence line that evening, I did so the next morning with the troops in tow.  I could see no holes going to the outside nor any gaps in the fencing and cement blocks proper.  As I retrieved some materials from the car, I talked to the dogs before coming back inside the fence.  Looking down, I noted Chloe Beagle half-way up the chain-link fence.  Oh, good grief!  A climber!

New Rule #2 - Chloe Beagle stays inside with Mami JRT unless under supervision outside.  Doesn't someone want a perfect lap dog?  Chloe is your girl - just watch her at the fence :).

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Rule

Mami is a Jack Russel/Parson Terrier mix.  She came to Silverwalk very shy but since has found her place not only in the pack but in my heart.  She loves to eat.  She sleeps on one of the most comfortable dog beds.  She is recovering with antibiotics and cough medicine from bronchitis.   One would think a "sick" dog would be less adventurous.  Remember, though, Mami is a JRT mix.

Mami w/Andrew on ride to Silverwalk-
see the mischievous glint in her eyes?
Saturday I came back from Petco with Stella Beagle.  Had some nice conversations; most people were aware of the Boot Healers Program at Southeast Correctional Center in Charleston, MO, training dogs and helping men.  Stella is a graduate; she was top Queen of her class.  As I visited with the rest of the dogs in the front yard, I saw a dog on top of my porch and assumed it was Shiloh, the free roam Beagle. I was WRONG.  It was Mami, walking along the porch edge, practicing the beam in gymnastics.   She jumped back into the yard.

Today, she did not.  As I was on the computer (right where I am now), I saw Shiloh come up onto the porch and went to let him in.  He did not come in but I came face to face with Mami walking the beam again, only this time she jumped down onto the front landing as if to go exploring. We have a good enough rapport that when I called her name, she came to my hand and let me put her in the house.

New Rule:  Mami is never in the yard without supervision. Sigh.  Agility, anyone?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Feast Day of St. Francis

St. Francis of Assisi - today is his Feast Day
Shiloh in sepia
Margie the Mutt Puppy 
Today is the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, he who recognized. in western Christianity, the interwoven lives and souls of animals, humans and the earth.  Because I cannot remember my baptismal date (nor can I find my certificate which I have somewhere), I chose in concert with my priest and another clergy for this day to be my baptismal day.

Shiloh and Margie have their own "time."  Perhaps they come in at meal times; perhaps not.  This morning both were late, necessitating their crating (per custom) and the sequestering of the rest of the pack in the front room with me to prevent howls and growls at being denied a second breakfast!

I have a handyman coming to check out my gate this afternoon.  With this many dogs, I need it repaired ASAP (and should have had it done as soon as the flood waters receded in June) so I can better separate big dogs from little dogs.  I also like to keep the dogs who are "outside" when I work confined to the backyard and breezeway.  Don't like the idea 1) of them being seen and wanted by passers-by when I am not home to mediate and 2) unlimited baying during my night shift; at least in the backyard, their bays don't reverberate SO bad - I pray!

P.S.  Since I originally posted this entry, Randy came. looked, fixed the gate and refused to charge me.  Thank you, God, Randy and Alice, who told me to call him :).

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Walter Brennan - Coonhound

Clementine and Chloe in the field with Walter

Walter Brennan, black and tan aged Coonhound - what a lovely boy!

Walter traveled almost 400 miles today to come to Silverwalk for sanctuary.  He had been found wandering around Gurden, AR, which is blessed with an animal control officer who loves animals (not all do).  Ty contacted me about 2 months ago and it has taken this long for us to put together a transport thanks to another mutual friend, Anne.  I met Luann in Osceola, AR about noon, picked up Walter (who slept most of the way home) taking him straight to Busch Pet Products for a BATH.  While we waited for his bath, Walter showed off his very nice bay to the resident cat - Howie was not impressed.  WB did pretty well - only tried to get out of the tub a couple times before he realized what a good thing this was - massaging with warm water and cucumber shampoo, easing off the dry skin and relaxing his muscles.  Walter recommends bathing on a regular basis.  He is doing well in the pack though is the "outside" dog for now.  No quibbles, no fights, no snarls, no hackles; what a nice transition!  

Ty gave him the name "Walter Brennan" after the actor who, in one role, removes his teeth and forgets where they are.  Walter's missing a lot of teeth but he ate all his supper quite well (I soaked the kibble in water before giving it to him); will see how he does and adjust his meals accordingly.

P. S. Chloe and Seymour are playing up a storm right now.  Chloe is the heart-worm positive 16# Beagle girl and Seymour is my long haired Dachshund.  Seymour may give a little in weight  but they are both having a blast!