Thursday, January 5, 2012


Sometimes, rescues and shelters need more help than can be done by volunteers and staff. Sometimes, they do so much good totally on a shoestring for a long time and then the shoestring breaks, so to speak.

No, not talking about Silverwalk...not yet :). The shelter in Dent County, MO needs help - they achieved no-kill status, want to stick to it but have few volunteers and even less money coming in. They are asking people and rescues to adopt or foster 20-30 of their dogs for an unknown amount of time.

For those of us who love dogs, who rescue and foster, it is a chance to step up and stretch - take in one more dog....just one, please.  I KNOW we get pleas to help daily (and more!). Think, pray and act quickly - they have a deadline (and I mean DEADline).

Here is their Facebook page link Dent County Animal Welfare Society. Check Adoptable Dogs (and Cats, too!); see if you or anyone you know can help - donations are welcome!

Howie, a shy, black medium size dog is coming to Silverwalk. I've had experience with shy, beaten or unsocialized dogs, letting them first be a dog, then asking for more - Farrah is my shining example and Monk is close behind. Hoping to do some good as a foster for Howie, too.  We have some other thoughts in mind but too early to say.

Please share with anyone near Salem, MO or Dent County, MO - or anyone at all who may be able to help in any way and thank you, dog bloggers!

P. S. I missed two days of walking but made a true friend of Hickory Dock ever since I walked him - oh, my, it is not only food he wants! and today I walked Layla Beagle - fluffy, happy, nose to the ground the way a Beagle should be. I'm feeling better, too :).


  1. Our fingers & paws are crossed that enough people step up :) YAY for Howie. Thank you for all that you do.

  2. Thank you, Pauley. We are working hard to help this shelter and the animals. Crossed paws and prayers are extremely helpful!

  3. Just tweeted your post in hopes someone in Missouri sees and can help.

    You're so right that it takes a lot of support for no-kill orgs to keep body and soul together.

    Isn't it great you're getting such good feedback from your resolution to walk the dogs? It's not usually the exercise they need; it's all that stinky stimulation.

    Sounds like the dogs are really appreciating your taking the time to walk with them.

  4. Oh dear-its going to be crazy once all the dogs are looking forward to walks! I know just my two go crazy when I rattle a leash. LOL

  5. I'll share your post on my Twitter. Hope locals can help.