Monday, January 9, 2012

Howie is Here!

Howie's arrival yesterday evening was somewhat eventful. He was scared and black, he arrived after dark; as we walked toward my yard, I tripped over him, scaring him all the more and he slipped his collar. Thank goodness, A. was right on him, holding him while I put the slip leash over his head.

*Note to self: always ensure a new dog has a martingale collar with the added security of a slip leash before exiting their vehicle.*

As A. secured the paperwork, I walked/pulled Howie around to the back of the house into the pen. He has a well strawed large Igloo there, fresh water and his own space..... as long as he needs it.

This afternoon, while the other dogs were eating and after Howie had eaten, I put another slip leash on him, asking him to come out of the Igloo and pen to the yard. He wasn't sure but he came with me, bucking a bit. I went where he seem comfortable, then removed the slip leash. Howie went back to his Igloo, his safe place.

Howie's "barn" - as in "running back to the barn" - safe place
Then, as I was letting dogs out and collecting food bowls, I saw Howie leave his Igloo and pen on his own to explore the back yard and even put his nose through the dog door! Good boy!  He is a fluffy Lab mix with those wonderful light brown Labby eyes.

Howie exploring the back yard
There's a lot of yard to explore

My plan for this week and next is not much. Let Howie adjust, let the other dogs adjust; let him be a dog first. I will put the slip leash on him again to walk around the yard so he knows I won't hurt him. He is doing well with everyone else so far, too - when he was not coming out of his pen (though the door was open), other dogs went in to visit :).  OK, they were looking for food BUT Howie and his visitors were fine.  Oh, and he pooped outside his pen - whew, bet that was a relief!

  Hop on!


  1. I'm sure Howie will get more comfortable every day! I love his little igloo! I don't know if it's just my computer or not, but your badges on the left are covering part of yur blog so I couldn't see it all. Just thought I'd let you know.

  2. Hope Howie adjusts quickly. Sounds like he has a start.

  3. Oh, he looks like a sweet boy. Nosing the dog door already! That's pretty amazing.

  4. Howie looks so sweet!!

    So happy he likes his igloo and feels nice and safe in there, but also that he felt like going out to explore a little today,

    Give Howie some hugs from me,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  5. Keep us posted. I bet with every day Howie will growm more and more comfortable with his new surroundings! He does have beautiful eyes.

  6. Yay! You did it! Great to read the rest about Howie today. I bet his big brown eyes really tug at the ole heart strings!!

  7. Sounds like Howie is doing just fine. Looking forward to hearing more about him.