Friday, January 20, 2012

The Last New Dogs

Howie is out of the dog house and in the pack big time - he actually barked at me in the front yard this evening, running to the side of the house and back; apparently, in his mind, it was time to eat. Good boy - just a bit early.

The other morning I fed Walter Brennan in bed. He was sleeping out front in the dirt and sun - didn't want to move so I brought his food to him. While he was eating, Howie (who had finished his food) came round the corner checking us out. I tossed him kibble bits, got him interested and now he is not quite my friend :).

Through the screen door 
Howie checking out me and Walter

For some reason, I call Howie "Dodger." Don't know why this is - he must look like a Dodger to me but he is yet a foster dog for DCAWS so he will stay "Howie" though with the nickname of "Dodger."

Today, Silverwalk Hounds welcomed the last dog for a long time - only because I am so full I have no room for the wonderful Beagles in my inbox :(. This dog needed a place to go: she was boarded in a kennel, cared for by a wonderful small rescue and vet, her dad lost his job and home - he and this rescue found homes for his multiple cats and other dogs but this very senior yellow Lab/Weim mix named Peanut had no takers. I thought long and hard, letting days go by between emails but the mission of this sanctuary is SANCTUARY. By one definition I saw (wish I remember where) a sanctuary is not from where animals are adopted - it is a place of home, of peace, in which to live out their days. 

Peanut is here to live out her days. She has recovered from demodectic mange (not contagious), has skin tags (poor V. thought she had cancer; they mostly handle mommas with puppies so she was in new territory with this old dog!) and entropion. Her lashes have been turned in for so long, she is over 14 y/o, the vet didn't want to do surgery at this stage; she gets eye ointment/drops three times a day.  Peanut seems comfortable and is still able to see.  Welcome, Peanut!

Peanut doesn't like crates though she loves this dog bed (in a crate!)
P. S. Congress dropped PIPA and SOPA after the American people rose up and said NO.  Senator Blunt of MO withdrew his co-sponsorship of SOPA. A friend of mine read "that a friendlier-to-tech-companies bill (without giving media companies or other non-law-enforcement organizations the right to act unilaterally), called OPEN, is being considered." I encourage any and all bloggers and internet users to read the bill proper and know it and any implications it may have on our freedom of speech and discourse. 


  1. Howie seems to be coming around! He is such a cutie! Welcome Peanut! How good of you to give her a nice place to live out her days!

  2. Blessings to you for providing a sanctuary for Peanut. She, Howie, and all the dogs filling the in are lucky to have found there way to Silverwalk.

  3. Thank you all for your support. So many seniors are left in shelters after their owners die or are moved to nursing homes..or lose their homes :(. Silverwalk has become more and more a haven for this age group. Some are adoptable dogs (Walter) and dogs who are not so adoptable (Peanut). Thanks again :).

  4. That's just sooo wonderful that you took in Peanut. You are an inspiration! She deserves a wonderful, comfortable place to be while she is still on this planet and you have provided that. So wonderful.