Saturday, January 14, 2012

Layla's Turn!

Nasty day personally: beautiful weather wise - bug bugging me; Molly T. trying to eat a book about trauma (it is out of date; how did she know?). Howie was out of his Dogloo today when I took him warm water and back in later, so we have progress.

Lost my bloglist when I tried another template :(. Am trying to rebuild. If you were normally there, remind me - a lot of you I followed on my Google reader so that helped. One it is not taking so I am quitting for now.

Just a boo of a day - tomorrow will be better: Layla Beagle is being adopted (if she gets along with George Beagle, current aging resident Beagle); I don't think there will be a problem!


  1. Yay Layla! I hope that it goes without a hitch.

  2. Thank goodness for tomorrows. Howie sounds like he is coming along. :) Cute video, they look like they're having lots of fun!