Tuesday, January 17, 2012

News and a Strike

Layla indeed went to her new home in Nashville, TN on Sunday. Her mom was very careful because Layla is older; Karen bonds very closely and had just put down a senior beloved two weeks prior. However, they came back and took her home. The turning point in picking Layla over all the other Beagles looked at on Petfinder? Her video - the one where she smiles into the iPhone lens :).

Sheila is doing well, has never been symptomatic of her heart-worms, so will cont. on course for now.

Stella Beagle has itches on her butt and tail; fleas? mites? I've done all I can do so she goes to the vet this week.

I don't know what has been going on but I cleaned ears last night forever! Dogs were shaking heads before hand and then afterward to clear out the fluid and wax. Good dogs! Seemed to help everyone.

Work tonight and tomorrow night - hope things are a bit more calm than last week!  Howie still won't come in the house but loves his Dogloo and knows where the warmth is in the breezeway so he be good.

Please join the Internet strike tomorrow. See this link here, contact your congressmen/women and senators; my only light in this is I read yesterday Obama plans to veto these bills - even if he does, they will be back. Let's keep some bastion of freedom in this country, now that people can be held w/o due process (did you miss that bill? allegedly it is for "terrorists" but who will define that in the future? Big Brother is here.).

I am starting to look at bills themselves, not the advertising nor the spins, but getting to the source like in eating - the closer to the source of your food, the healthier. Check out The Information Diet book re: how we take in information, who feeds us - and how we can be more mindful, just as in eating. Here is the discussion I heard on NPR with Scott Simon (he is so cool). 

OK - done with my soap box for today - gotta go feed the dogs and do some errands. Won't see you tomorrow - be well.

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  1. Happy to hear Layla went to her new home. It must be bittersweet. Sheila sounds like she is doing well, too. :) Cleaning ears can be a real chore sometimes. Especially if they're particularly yukky inside like Fred and Glorias have been lately!