Sunday, January 1, 2012

Walking the Dog(s)

Happy New Year's Day One! I'm not doing resolutions but am working on habits - one habit per month.

Could this sweet thing be a poop-aholic? You betcha!
For January, the habit is exercise in the form of walking a dog each day. I can get very lazy with this as the dogs have over an acre fenced in which to run; I walk the fence frequently with them while poop-scooping, always watching Danny Quinn, my "poop-aholic." Should he show interest in a particular piece of ground, I head over there, trying to scoop before he does.

During this time, I throw the tennis ball for Molly T. She continues to improve but I noticed she regresses when I make a demand. If I cue her to off or back or sit. she may do as I ask or she may spin for her now almost non-existent tail. When we are in the yards/field, I plan to start cuing her in between the ball throwing; re-training her while minimizing the perceived trauma.  I'll let you know how this goes.

Molly T. may have lost her tail but not her focus
Today, I walked Justus. We went to a part of our miles long bike trail which I hadn't walked before. It was very good for him - different sounds, wind in the reeds along the creek caught his eye, his nose was so busy I thought it would fall off! He got a "well trained dog" compliment from a woman with a Great Dane and a German Shepherd; I had Justus sit and wait by my side - and he did! Later, he looked at without reacting to a tandem bicycle - which I didn't see till they were next to us.

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  1. Having my hound mix, Shadow (the dog at the top of my blog header) really taught me something about walking a dog. I saw the power of the dog (hound) nose demonstrated so powerfully.

    It was then I realized that a walk is about more than exercise and pooping outside the house. It's about getting all kinds of new stimulation through scent.

    It's a privilege just to watch.

    It sounds like Justus really enjoyed exploring the new trail. I hope you really enjoy taking more walks off your property.

  2. Seems that Justus certainly deserved his 'well trained ' .

  3. Fred's nose never leaves the ground. One thing about walking a's always a long walk! LOL!

  4. Aw, I love your dogs! Happy walking, and Happy New Year!

  5. We have some poop-eaters here too. YUCK! Wayne is always really good about walking the dogs, but I could & should pitch in more.

    Just wanted to let you know that the beagles & hounds at the Morehead shelter (yes, many many at shelter)have a great rescuer (STAR member) on their side & she does a wonderful job of finding placement for them.

    Thank you for the compliment left on our post :)