Friday, January 27, 2012

A Wonderful Story

A work colleague blessed me with the gift of a wonderful story this morning, part of which I knew but I didn't know the whole. I would stop mid-morning and just smile thinking of these now three dogs....

Agnes lived out her life at Silverwalk
A friend of mine tragically lost a young dog last summer. She had a horrible summer and her other dog has been grieving the loss of his buddy all this time (I didn't know he still was). So sad - she brought in an older puppy who seemed to spark up everyone, he is a super guy but didn't quite click until....

Lady Bird went to another shelter, finally adopted even though she has cancer
Another transport/rescue friend needed a home for a black and tan Coonhound. Of course, I thought of my friend (who LOVES B&Ts), forwarded her the email with photo and then waited; immediately, she wanted to help - foster, adopt, whatever; but....

Connor the Blue-Tick, living with a wonderful family
The hound was waiting on a potential adopter that we waited....and waited...and it didn't work out! Thus, my friends worked out transport and got this wonderful, gorgeous, young hound to my friend whose dog was still grieving.....

Scout now in ME; he is an audio/visual-phile! Really!
The new dog, according to the person telling me this, is the older dog's SAVIOR. The new hound needs lots of food and love and training but he has put the spark, love and shine back into the grieving dog's life.  He pulls the other two in his wake of joie de vivre; they are a wonderful little pack.  I haven't even met him yet; all I did was connect two people and God did the rest!

Wouldn't you be smiling all day, too?!


  1. Awwwe! What a beautiful story! That would make you smile all day! Good work!

  2. What a great story! Thanks for sharing it.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. What a fabulous story. And yes, I'd be smiling all week long. :)

    Love what you did with the photos - they're stunning.

  4. What a sweet, sweet story. That totally makes me and my mommy's day. :-D

    -Gracie Lu

  5. Yay!!

    That's such a great story!! I love happy endings :)

    Have a great time Scout,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  6. Isn't it amazing how miraculous things happen when we least expect it?

  7. That's wonderful! We love how it all worked out, hugs and best wishes for the new pals!