Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dogs Just keep on Coming!

It's been a crazy week but I want to introduce the newbies at Silverwalk - Earnhardt Beagle and Tigger, Plott hound mix, puppy. Note I said "puppy" - Tigger is best guess 5 months old, 40#, who believes in play. He plays with big dogs and small dogs - then, he crept onto my lap for a long snooze. So far, he doesn't follow the other dogs to bark - he'll sit. Good boy! and muscular, too, for which Plotts are known (so I read).

Tigger in action, attention and rest (rarely)
 Earnhardt Beagle is an AKC beagle w/o papers. A friend asked if papers were really important; of course not but I rarely have a purebred dog (I now have two) plus my friend Stacy's folks raised Beagles, so she knows bloodlines; would have been fun to check up on him.  Earnhardt's dad is a deployed soldier who gave Earnhardt to a man who then did nothing with him; the jerk's guy's aunt brought him (meeting up with Tigger's friend who saved him from Craigslist) to me up near St. Louis last Sunday. Earnhardt is a done dog: he is up to date on shots, rabies, bordetella; is heart worm negative,neutered and house trained.  He loves to snooze on a lap.
Earnhardt, Esq.
E. in contemplation

Remember Snowman? He is being taken in by Great Pyrenees Rescue (thanks, Carolyn) but I'm fostering him for a bit; he still needs his heart worm treatment and neuter, too. YESH for Snowy!

Snowman meets Earnhardt and Tigger (hidden behind Snowy)

Hop On!


  1. Hoo boy, that's a lot of dogs.

    Have fun with the puppy! He does sound like a good boy.

  2. Yes, a LOT of dogs which is why I say no more till 2013 and people don't want to believe me! LOL. I have 3 more in the queue but at lease two have to wait - for some time :(.

  3. You're such a softie! Tigger is beautiful! I have never heard of a Plott hound until I saw the name on Peggy's Pet Place yesterday. Five months old and 40! Earnhardt sounds like a sweetheart and so well behaved!

  4. Tigger's gorgeous! I have a soft spot for hounds. Earnhardt looks like a lovely gentleman - what an awful situation he's been in.

    Thank you for taking care of these dogs. And for sharing them with us. :)

  5. Her mouth says, "No more dogs until 2013, but her eyes say, 'awwwwwwwwwww.'"