Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Kids Club

The rector of my Episcopal Church started a neighborhood Kids Club. Our church chose to remain in the downtown area instead of moving out though we had land to do so. A large part of the ministry is to the neighborhood and Bob loves the children. They do lots of things from movies, basketball, a Safari park, etc. This past Saturday they came to Silverwalk. Few if any can have dogs; they live in rented homes or apartments but wow, they listened to directions, made sure they had plastic bags on their feet and gripped their dog papers as they searched for each of the twelve dogs pictured.

Fr. Bob and friends
Walter getting love
 Where is she? pointing to Sheila Sheltie. She's in the house with other small, more shy dogs. When I let the small dogs out, the squeals and hugs they received! The girls made sure Danny Quinn (who was shivering) was wrapped in a coat asking, So, do they live out chilling in the cold? No, they all live in my house - esp. when it's cold. I could see the palpable sigh. Even the wee boy who initially was afraid of dogs held Seymour PH, long haired small dachshund. I want a dog, said he. What does your mother say? She says it's OK.  Very sweet and earnest.

Snowy's friend watching Molly T. zoom in with a ball

They followed me to the back door to see Howie, Cyrano and Peanut, who chose not to be in the thick of things. Molly T. had two boys throwing her tennis balls for the hour - she was in heaven. I'm always happy to talk about rescue, spay/neuter, how to approach a dog (gave them a poster I gleaned from Facebook about how NOT to approach a dog - they took me very seriously). Could have adopted out Justus and may have adopted out Snowy, though I haven't seen any follow-up. And Snowy was front and center with as many children as he could find.
Keeping shoes clean for Mom

Petting all dogs!

A grand time had by all - dogs did well with children and children did well with dogs.  YESH. 


  1. Well done everyone! Wonderful to see such happy dogs.

  2. That is so great! What a good way for the kids to interact with dogs! :)

  3. Awesome, it looks like everybody had a lot of fun!

    I'm especially glad that you were able to "sneak" the "dog approach" education in there. A lot of kids really need that!

  4. That's so cool!! I love it when I get to hang out with kids too :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)