Monday, February 6, 2012

MM - Pink Floyd

One would not think a senior dog with the most horrible teeth you cannot imagine (they look like a plate of calcified tartar covering his upper teeth on both sides) would be very demanding or vocal.

Pink Floyd with a tennis ball on "his" dog bed
You would be wrong.

Cyrano, "legally" blind wise old Beagle
Cyrano the legally blind Beagle has a powerful foghorn type bay; not to be outdone, Pink Floyd has a gruff, loud, direct bay. He usually wants food or, sweetly, to be petted.

Today I gave Pink Floyd plain kibble in a Kong. This was not easy because Walter Brennan, senior black and tan Coonhound, thinks all food filled Kongs belong to him.

Walter Brennan - wonderful food focused Coonie
 I finally got Walter out of his former crate and PF into it with the Kong. I heard him crunching and couldn't believe he's able to eat as well as he does with those teeth.

Pink Floyd playing with a tennis ball
Floyd then let me know bbrrAARROOO! it was time to get out. He is a spunky, talented wee Beagle. Perhaps I should introduce him to Weego?

IMHO, the BEST commercial of this Super Bowl.


  1. Ah,

    You guys are soooo cute!!

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  2. Glad bad teeth didn't stop PF from enjoying one of the best things about being a dog...a treat filled kong :)

  3. Good job juggling the pack! Kongs are one of the greatest things ever.

  4. I love Pink Floyd, he is so handsome! Sounds like he is getting to be quite the character

  5. So glad that PF enjoyed his Kong! I love treat filled kongs too! And we agree, that was the best commercial out of the Super Bowl!

  6. Someone should win a prize for those dog names. Beagles are such cute little loudmouths.