Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Train your Dog Results

Having an imposed goal for the month of January was a lot of fun for me - and for Justus.  Others benefited, too; we at Silverwalk Hounds thank Pamela heartily for dreaming this up - let's do it again next year.  OK - I thank Pamela; some of the dogs may not ("what do you mean 'wait?!'" ~ Justus).

Train Your Dog Challenge

My plan was to walk a dog a day. I didn't. I ended up doing other training stuff with different dogs while getting in more walking than I normally would have - the weather sure helped, too.

  • Walking - I mostly walked Justus. He is so fun and does very well. Hickory Dock wants to be my ride-along dog; he's fine just being in the car as I do errands and walks out very politely, wanting to meet everyone with a surprisingly gentle demeanor. Layla simply enjoyed walking and is now in a wonderful home with a dog brother. 

Exhausted Hickory Dock
I'm so tough - NOT (Justus)
  • Training
  1. Justus: in addition to walking, he is now expected to sit and wait any time I ask - and this can be with other dogs flowing around him to go outside! Some days he does better than others; me, too. In general, he is really improving while going through another growth spurt (it may just be me). 
  2. Mami de Gund - this very cute, to die for faced minx loves to jump up on me. I started being very consistent with a downward sweep of my arm/hand saying "off." I then asked her by hand to sit - rewarding her with the pets she wanted. After some time of this, I noticed she nipped at my hand - not to be mean but I think she wanted the attn now without the work. Sorry, honey pie, the work first and then the reward.
  3. Hickory Dock - asking him to "wait" in his crate when I remove his bowl before I let him out. Simple but he loves his walks so much (they are not paired with this exercise), he seems more willing to do for me - an unexpected side benefit.
  4. Howie - now comes to me for petting, likes a belly rub and is attentive to a luring hand. I think he'll go to Petco next Saturday after some leash walks. 
Mami de Gund - jumps for love
Howie in house 

Observation - after dedicating January to "walking a dog a day," I became more conscious about multiple training opportunities as noted above. I still want to walk a dog a day - it's good for their health, socialization and mine but I'll continue taking advantage of spontaneous training opportunities as they arise.  

I've been doing a lot of vetting this month, too: prepping dogs for heart-worm treatment, bringing Clementine back from prison when she was off-kilter (she "reacted" to a wormer and is fine now), working with and thoroughly enjoying Pink Floyd - check out his Vimeo link HERE.  What is with all these Beagles and tennis balls? Am I running a special or something? Oh, and Peanut likes to play tennis, too!

I need to make a time-line for all this vetting and training, just to keep things straight in my mind and as I treat/train the dogs. There is a very nice pack right now at Silverwalk - I'm happy with them even as I need a night off to myself sans dogs (but then I watch "Animal Planet" - HA). 


  1. Holy smokes, you're an overachiever! I just worked on one thing with one've got the pack! Good job ;)

  2. Your doing a great job with your pack! I love the special attention you give to each one. I'm so glad Howie is coming around too. He looks like such a sweetheart! I love the picture of "exhausted" Hickoy Dock with his tongue out! BOL!

  3. What a great pack you have there. Walking one dog a day is something I too have been working on with our packs along with training opportunities.

    Thank you so much for your comment about the challenge with my cat Boxer. It really touched me.

  4. So great to just incorporate training into your everyday routine--sounds like Justus is making huge progress!

  5. Yowza! Congratulations on all of your successes! You are making the rest of us look bad. ;-)

    What an amazing job you have done. Clearly one of the reasons this pack is so good is thanks to all of your efforts. Training is easiest, and most fun, when it's just part of your routine. I will have to keep that in mind.

    Thanks for the inspiration! And the adorable photos!

  6. So sorry I'm late coming by. I've been awfully sick lately. I knew I had turned a corner when I got really excited about reading everyone's challenge posts.

    It sounds like the dogs have created a great challenge for you. It's amazing how much joy dogs get from walks. And I think hounds with their amazing sniffers enjoy them most of all.

    Sounds like adding training activities into your regular (very busy) schedule is working too.

    Thanks for taking part in the challenge. I'll be choosing the donation winner tomorrow morning. Good luck!