Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Prison and Pink Floyd

I was up at 0630 this morning. If you have read this blog for any length of time, you know I am not a morning person but today, I wanted to go to Charleston to visit the prison program. I like to go often, watching the progress of the dogs as well as the men in the program.

I was impressed. The progress made with most dogs was wonderful; with one, it was phenomenal - a dog who, if a purebred, is ready for the show ring. I encouraged everyone, somehow, to video this dog and handlers because people on the outside will not believe the focus this team achieved.

Pink Floyd
On my way home, my friend Kelly called to say she was minutes from Silverwalk with the new dog. Did I not say I had the "last new" dogs a week or so ago? HA. This little old Beagle man reminds me of Sweetie Pie. He is from the same Jefferson County Shelter and was pulled only because someone stepped up as his foster because I was full. Didn't work out well (and I do so thank her for her efforts) so he now is here - and his name is Pink Floyd. If you remember this band, you and I are telling our ages!

PF comes with a multitude of trouble, for him, not for me. He is, as Sweetie Pie was, a smallish Beagle (21#), earnest and comfortable in the pack from the get go. He immediately went on a course of antibiotics and then a panel of blood work completed on Monday:
  1. TEETH - his teeth look like they have a second complete solid layer of tarter, almost calcified; remember Walter's? PF's are WORSE and so is his breath.
  2. EARS - both ears are draining; the left one is painful to touch and examine. 
  3. HEART-WORM POSITIVE - no murmur, lung sounds are clear. IF we treat this, it will be last. 
  4. BALD SPOTS - some bald spots; cause unknown - previous vet scraped it with negative results. 
  5. INTACT - IF he tolerates his dental anesthesia without a prolonged course, we will neuter him at the same time; however, it is a lesser priority - he is going nowhere and no one here will come into heat. His teeth and ears will take precedence.
We started him on a stronger, systemic antibiotic for both ears and teeth; he will re-visit vet in a week. Both his ears and teeth are painful; previously, my vet donated meds returned from a client whose dog passed - thankfully (for PF), there is the correct dosage of Deramaxx for his pain. I'll watch how he eats - I plan soft food but will confirm with his foster mom how and what was best for him.  We gave him his rabies shot but deferred the rest till he has his additional antibiotics on board. Hopefully, at his advanced age (perhaps 10-14), his titers are adequate.

Pink Floyd - tired old puppy
So, what is GOOD about Pink Floyd?
  • his extreme sweetness, 
  • his tender gentleness, 
  • the way he followed my luring hand into an under the chin pet soon after I met him. 
  • his calm demeanor among many new dogs.  
I am concerned about his recovery from his dental should he lose most of his teeth; several years ago, I had adopted a 15 y/o GSD mix. When he was 17, we did a dental on him - he lost too many teeth and was never able to adapt. I watched him waste away no matter how I tried to feed him. I pray a better outcome for PF.

I am not going to worry, though. PF has come a long way thanks to very many caring, rescue community people. He is sponsored for his treatment (thank you, God and Kelly), he did well with the dogs in his foster home and now seems comfortable here. He is exhausted after a very long, full day.

Is PF the last, new dog for sure? Inquiring minds want to know.....



  1. Hey, I thought that Pink Floyd was touring again this year? Some of us whippersnappers know about certain bands ;)

    He's lucky to have you! (and smooshed his poor tired face into the corner).

  2. Pink Floyd (yes I still like them) is so lucky to have found his way to you! Good luck with his dental! I think he will be so happy to be in his retirement home!

  3. yeah for you whippersnappers and goodies - what I heard at the vet, when I did an air guitar, was "who?" from one tech - LOL.
    his head is smooshed but he slept like that most of the night - then up and out this morning to do his business; good boy.

  4. Floyd, We all can learn from doggies such as yourself. Your a "quiet" spirit and I am glad you came across my path. I wish you nothing but the very best, for you deserve that and so much more. Thank you my friend Bobbie for seeing the good in every living thing. You are truly one of God's soldiers. May God always bless Silverwalk Hounds

  5. Good luck with PFs dental . He looks so cute sleeping away.

    Big hug from Dexter to PF