Saturday, February 11, 2012


I transported a deaf Catahoula/Hound today, one of many drivers in his transport. 
Catherine and Elyse remain in our hearts, prayers and dedication. 
Godspeed - we will continue the work with two fewer lights. 
Catherine, you saved many lives and did not leave this world alone. 

Catherine Bugg, with Elyse, an 8 week old puppy adopted by a woman in NY, was driving a leg in a transport when she was suddenly in an unexpected ice storm; freezing rain coated the road and vehicles in moments. Catherine lost control of her vehicle. Here is the Examiner article

The state patrol trooper on the scene is convinced both Catherine and Elyse died on impact, not in the fire. I didn't know about Rescue Road Warriors before hearing of Catherine. I am proud to say I am now a member. 

Transporting is a rewarding, life - saving tool in rescue. Being on the road is always risky. From what I have read and heard, Catherine was not speeding nor being at all reckless; she got caught in a freak storm which took her life. Those of us who drive transport (and I hope some of you are among them) now know who some of our Guardian Angels are: Catherine and Elyse. 


  1. I don't know what happened to Catherine and Elise, but my thoughts are there!

  2. Thanks for the thoughts, BM; I was so tired last night but knew I had to get something up. Expanded the post today with some links, too.

  3. Rest in Peace sweet Catherine and Elyse.

  4. What a tragedy to happen to someone doing such an unselfish act. You all do such great work!