Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snowy and the Kids Club

Betty Boop & Herman with young friend Saturday
I'll be back....

As Kristine says, blog fodder - I have enough for a week of posts! However, to the point - who is Snowy? as neither of these lovely adoptable dogs are he - well....

Meet Snowman aka Snowy
Snowy LOVES children

Snowman, a barely year old Great Pyrenees, was found Valentine's Day - he was my date as our Humane Society was full and I walked into my friend's pet products shop at just the right time to secure this non - hound.  I have him all over the 'Net, in the online newspaper (his being lost gave me a good blog post), listed at the Humane Society but no one has called for him.  Snowy is 96#, now UTD on shots and is HW+ but only adults, so I am giving him Heartgard and praying. I can't neuter him till his stray hold is up on 2/25 this coming Saturday which means at least the next Monday or Tuesday. He's learning to sit, OFF (oh, yeah, very important with a huge dog like this - and growing) and play - I have an hilarious video on Facebook of Justus and Snowy playing. 

The question remains - who are these children?.....later, gators :). Gotta check in the really last two dogs first.


  1. Nothing better than kids & Beagles.
    Mom Beaglebratz

  2. What a cute picture of the kids and dogs! Snowy is beautiful! Can his heartworm gets straightened around with the heartguard?

  3. Soooo sweet and pretty! I'll bet he will be snatched up once made available for adoption. Great Pyrs are gorgeous

  4. Loved the pictures of the kids w/the dogs, nothing better! Snowy is gorgeous! Hopefully the heartguard works it's magic and he'll be in a forever home soon!