Friday, March 2, 2012

Aus Deutschland

Today I learn Earnhardt's soldier owner got him in Germany! What a trip he has had in his life - and now he's in MO, the middle of the USA. Incredible.

Earnhardt - German Beagle © Silverwalk Hounds

Earnhardt doing what all Beagles do, German or American © Silverwalk Hounds

Snowman is now a National Great Pyrenees Rescue dog, Yep - I am his foster - HA. The boy is getting neutered ASAP and then will do his heart-worm treatment.

Snowman - Great Pyrenees © Silverwalk Hounds

The dogs are owly tonight. The storms have been bad. We are OK, so is our immediate region but as I left work Wednesday morning, I heard on our local TV station that two storm victims were being air-lifted to our hospital :(. So sad and so devastating again; reminds us of Joplin. If I get home fairly on time, I have some poop and pee to clean up since I leave the smalls in the house; when I got home Wednesday morning after the storms, OMDog! they were scared poopless, poor things :(! Doing better but today we had another go round (yep, hail on my car in the driveway) which did not please anyone so I think most are on tenterhooks; can dogs be on tenterhooks? Sounds like a cooler and perhaps rocky weekend, too. Be safe, everyone.


  1. Great picture of Earnheardt. You must be glad you can now start some treatments with Snowman.. We've heard lots about the devastating storms in the US. Stay safe!

  2. What cuties! We had a Great Pyrenees years ago and he was an awesome dog! Saying Hi from the Blog Hop by the way! :)

  3. Hi there,

    I hope you guys are doing ok with the storms!!

    Sending hugs,

    Your pal Snoopy :)