Tuesday, March 27, 2012

News, Changes and Adjustments...

Earnhardt Beagle, he who looks like a large stuffed Beagle puppy, is now ensconced at Farrah's former foster home (thank you, Susan!) where he promptly found the cat food and then, reportedly, ate everyone's food (including the cats') subsequently filling the house with gaseous emissions. Susan still called him a "sweetie." New nickname "Ernie." He likes it!

Sweet Pea, who I boarded over the weekend while I drove a puppy transport (mama GSD/lab mix and her nine 4 week old babies) allowing others to enjoy her high soprano voice as well as her wee sharp teeth, is back; now in the front room in a large crate with a smaller sleeping crate inside. Have video of the exploded front room (papers from trash - thanks, Mollly T. and stuffing from two pillows - thanks, many hounds) featuring Sweet Pea and Mami de Gund. Mami has a wild look in her eye as SP stalks, pounces and plays at her; yes, not necessarily with her. YESH - SP did poop and pee on the puppy pads as intended; I know better than to think this will continue :).

Darlin' Clementine's adoption fell through BUT she has someone else at the prison who wants to adopt her so hopefully will send her back tomorrow evening. For now, she is with the pack and pining for her days with her handlers and the few days in a real home :). Hang on, Clemmy, your time is coming!

Photos tomorrow but I didn't want you all to think I again ran away; just really busy going hither and yon.


  1. Things sound like they have been super busy! "Ernie" sounds like he is having a hoot! It also sounds like you came home to quite the mess!

  2. I was going to leave a witty and thoughtful comment but i got so tired just reading about everything going on at Silverwalk that I just can't. :)

  3. Oh boy, you are busy! All those dogs!

    Ernie must be a great guy, if even when his butt betrays him, he's a sweetie. Sometimes Elka looks a little scandalized at whatever it was her butt has done.

  4. How in the world you keep it all together & make it work amazes me! Fingers crossed that Clementine's wait is not long. Every dog in my house would gladly trade a few days worth of their food for one bowl of cat food. What is so great about that cat food?