Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Parvo Puppy & Archeology

In a back bedroom lives a 9 week old (best guess) Beagle puppy named Sweet Pea - with Parvo, a fan and night light.
Sweet Pea ©Roberta Beach
Her symptoms are minimal (lethargy, loss of appetite - a biggy for any Beagle and some vomiting but NO diarrhea).  Her finders had her for at least a couple days; feisty and playful and then, nothing - wouldn't move, wouldn't eat, wouldn't drink. Of course, they panicked and were frightened for her life.

Sweet Pea Playing - even in isolation, puppies need to play! ©Roberta Beach
I called them back at midnight last week from work; my phone is off when I'm working so I only looked at it on break. They had no funds to treat this puppy but stayed up all night with her, finally getting her to take some water and Gatorade, dropping her off at my vet's in the morning. 

"I like to chew my toes like any baby!" ©Roberta Beach
Sweet Pea was already perking up. My vet checked for everything including Parvo - which came back positive. From my reading, if this puppy had had her first shots (which she should have), she could have a false positive. But you know, I have no clue - my other dogs are all up to date on their vaccinations but who knows who may show up in the next weeks and months - yes, it takes that long for Parvo to leave - it is hardy, it is deadly and it is nothing to be trifled with.

Rather limited venue for photos ©Roberta Beach
Therefore, Sweet Pea lives in an X-pen in the bedroom. I visit her throughout the day. Her favorite toy is a bandanna into which I put knots; she had it in her mouth the last time I left. 

Saturday, she should be good to be out for a bit but I'll limit her space as well as company - no oldies but goodies; no one whose immune system may be compromised, like Walter Brennan or Pink Floyd with their heart-worms.

I am a Sweet Pea! (whatever that is) ©Roberta Beach
I missed writing last week but between work, puppy and everyone else, something had to give and it was this blog. I kept reading and commenting but needed the time and assurance of recovery before I wrote again. Sweet Pea should recover. She may not even have Parvo - but with a positive test, I'm not taking any chances.

On a lighter note, I did some surface excavating this afternoon in the front yard where Shiloh and Mami de Gund leave their treasures; found several spinal bones, a flexible joint with attached ligament, assorted small bones and a long bone. Sigh.


  1. Oh no, Parvo :(

    I do hope that Sweet Pea pulls through and/or that it isn't Parvo.

    Lately (within the past few months), I've known about two puppies in my area with Parvo. They may or may not have come from the same questionable "breeder"; I don't know the breed or origin of the most recent one, only that he's 16 weeks.

  2. I sure hope it's not Parvo for Sweet Pea! You are so right in taking every precaution though. I have heard that it can stay around up to six months! She sure is a sweetie!

  3. We are cheering for little Sweet Pea! Thank you for helping this precious girl.

  4. I certainly understand why you didn't have time to post with a sick puppy on your hands. Sweet Pea is lucky to have found such great helpers at her young age. I hope she makes a full recover soon.