Saturday, March 3, 2012

Starfish & Dog Rescue

Muggle, family dog © SW
Connor, beloved town dog © SW
I'm again daily turning away dogs. Many contacts let me know the Beagle or Coonhound have found rescue somewhere else (this warms my heart; I try to respond to anyone who contacts me); all are understanding of my extreme numbers and inability to bring in more.  While I encourage people to have more than one dog, I understand how each person, each family, needs to decide their ability of pet numbers individually. Caring for those you have or recently adopted is best; with "extra time," volunteer at your local shelter or rescue. You'll get a fix for more dogs/cats/horses (yep, I still want a horse again) and be able to go home to your balanced pack.  How can one volunteer? 

Allow me list some ways :)
  • walk dogs, pet cats, be present
  • scoop litter boxes, poop scoop a yard
  • wash crates and pads
  • wash dogs 
  • donate expertise in fundraising, computer/website skills, organization
  • take photos - photos and videos can be THE decision of whether a person looks at a dog online or passes her by; every rescue benefits from a pro or semi-pro photog who knows about photos!
  • donate newspaper space for publicity; I can't afford to buy a monthly online ad for Silverwalk Hounds...
  • foster a dog or kittens for a short time; the costs should be covered by the rescue; the love and time come from you
  • donate cash - vets, food and equipment don't come free
  • use your imagination - any rescue will appreciate hearing from you!
Harry "Skin Horse" © SW
Years ago, after my mom "made" me adopt my first MO dog, Oliver, a neighborhood stray, I decided two dogs - one for each arm as well as company for one another. Some days, I wish I had stuck to my guns and done volunteer work; most days, I am so grateful for the space I have to give multiple dogs chances for new homes or to live out their lives loved and in a home.

Victor Lab/Chessie © SW
Silverwalk is not large; Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary, of which we are a part, is larger with cats and almost the same number of dogs (though the dogs there are varied breeds & type).  I operate by the starfish story - a person is seen throwing one starfish at a time back into the ocean from hundreds stranded on a beach. When confronted by not being able to save them all so why try, the person replies as she throws one more to safe water, "It made a difference for that one."
Spanky - late sidekick ©SW

Spanky on intake © Silverwalk Hounds

I want to make a difference, one hound at a time (or two, if you like).


  1. Wow, Spanky was quite thin. Was he a stray?

  2. What a great job your doing too, one hound at a time!

  3. Spanky was one of the victims of a hoarder with no money who looked not much better herself. The photo my friend took of Spanky tied to her tree glancing over her shoulder has won awards here in MO. Spanky had puppies who she made sure were rescued before she collapsed on the walk-out. We thought she would die; she did not then but later after doing very very well; was my co-pilot in the passenger seat. She has been my only Pit Bull; I would have another but few come up to Spanky's level.

  4. Those pictures of Spanky sure were high impact. I'm amazed what you were able to do for her.

    I can't believe how hopeful you remain with so many "starfish" all around you.

  5. Hello! if you're interested, I'd love to interview you for my blog. If you're interested, email me! rumpydog at hotmail dot com.

  6. What an amazing job you were able to do with Spanky!!

    How cool - after reading the rest of Spanky's story I'm sure she's super happy you saved this one Starfish - you do amazing work!

    Big hugs,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  7. I am just now getting to read this. Spanky's before picture just breaks my heart. Thank you for making such a huge difference for all of those who come your way. And yes, many opportunities await for those wanting to help.