Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

Apparently, I'll be posting weekly for awhile. I need to let myself know that's OK.

Snowman has had his HW treatment; he is staying at the vet a couple extra days as I pull an extra shift and give him rest. Carolyn says Great Pyrs normally do well with the treatment; too large to crate, I will gate off the back yard, keeping him there for a month instead of allowing him access to the whole acreage. He won't be happy but he won't be crated :).

Smiling Snowman
Sweet Pea has had her first puppy shots (that I know of); she is now on track, is healthy but doesnt' eat enough, preferring to play! Oy, vey.  She discovered the allure of electrical cords :( so I am hyper-vigilant when she is out of her pen/crate combo in the house.

Sweet Pea's den - puppy pads, food/water, toys and her "bedroom"

Sweet Pea 

Danny had to be carried home
YEAH - after getting off work this morning (we decided it was a full moon last night whether or not it really was), young men and the husband of a friend doing their high school service days came over to play with and walk dogs; they hauled off limbs from the yard, removed the outside breezeway insulation which wasn't really needed this year and brought over a donated dog pen. Boys and trucks can be a wonderful combination. Thanks!

Walter loved walking out
Hickory Dock kept trying to follow Shiloh instead of his young man!


  1. From the mom - I have been meaning to stop by here - thanks for visiting our blog so I would remember. Who is your Shiloh - another doggy? I love all yourdogs and you know I am partial to hounds and Beagles - especially Sweet Pea. Oh I wish I could have another - a sweet little Beagle girl - just what I would love to add to Team Beaglebratz (but I can't for awhile :( )

  2. Glad you posted! That picture of Snowman smiling is a great one.

    It's funny, I know about Great Pyrenees from a cartoon I watched when I was little (that nobody else seems to remember!) called The Adventures of Belle and Sebastian. Belle was a Pyr; I think it was one of the first shows that I watched where each episode continued the story arc, instead of just being episodic like Loony Tunes.

  3. Love the picture of Snowman. You must be glad he's had his treatment. Fingers and paws crossed it works. :) What a great little house Sweet pea has complete with her own bedroom! I agree, men with trucks = a good thing! :)

  4. It sure is busy with you guys!!

    I hope Snowman is doing well :)

    Big wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)