Monday, October 22, 2012

Living with "No"

I'm a rescuer/sanctuary. My dogs are well cared for (I trimmed two sets of nails this morning both on tough nail dogs; with Walter, sometimes I had to use two hands to get through his thick old dog black nails), they have lots of space to run and play but I need to get out there more often with them plus I need to get to adoption events way more often and why don't I? Work and rare adoptions but getting our name out there, getting awareness that Safe Harbor has two sites: one is Safe Harbor proper and the other is Silverwalk, the hound division, is the drive to keep going when I want to bury my head and stay home (and to be truthful, sometimes I do, not always intentionally). 

Danny Quinn napping on my legs

And I need to get dogs adopted as I have too many. My dogs live in an open pack in that they are not kenneled in outdoor kennels but live as Foxhounds (though in a house!). With the larger numbers I now have, I notice the stress on all the dogs, both the newbies and those who have been here longer. Our state license dept. always tell us to keep our numbers down and yet, where else will some of these cats & dogs go if not to us?

Annie Beagle in her younger days - she's mine :)

So how do I de-stress the dogs and myself?
  • A new friend and I are working on putting up donated chain link fence so we have 3 separate areas in the acreage for dogs to be, thus allowing me to separate the pack with fewer dogs interacting together. 
  • Snowman is moving to a new foster foster to adopt home in NY - yeah for him! 
  • Gidget will be adopted as soon as she is done with her heart-worm treatment and spayed, opening up her foster home to another dog from Silverwalk (I hope). 
  • I'm learning to compartmentalize my life somewhat so I can study and keep ahead of what I need to do and be for work as well as do all I can for my dogs. 
  • Silverwalk has a number of new volunteers interested in starting this week as soon as I snag a volunteer application; two of whom like weekends (on which I am usually only "on call" at night). YESH. 
  • Another friend has set aside an upper room in her new, lovely old house for me - where I can go and sleep w/o hound-song, in the dark, laying flat, alone. Sometimes, this is heaven...last night I had 9 dogs on me but I was still exhausted from two nights of crazy work, they were great comfort as I slept hard anyway. 
Justus on top of my big chair - 60# of firm pillow

It is now "easier" to say "no" with my upcoming surgery. I cannot take in anyone else and yet, I see the need every day - and it competes with many other social needs for which I, too, want to volunteer (homelessness, CASA, etc.).

What I personally need to do is remember why and what type of dog I originally wanted to rescue: Beagles with whom to train for good social skills and manners, ready for new homes and better lives. I wanted to find dogs homes but I also wanted to train them for their best homes.

Shiloh decked out for Halloween

I also read blogs, check out your links, meet-up with shelters/rescues who can help me and vice verse as well as pray and read, thanking God daily for this mission and for the friends, learning it gives me everyday - esp. from the dogs. 


  1. You sure do have your plate full and I think your handling it superbly! Where would all these dogs have been if not for you. By the way, I love your 60lb pillow! :)

  2. We can't say it enough--YOU ARE AMAZING!!! So glad to hear that your are getting some much needed help. I know that when we separated our yard into two areas, it made a huge difference for us & we do not have near the amount of dogs that you do; hope it improves life for all!

  3. Such an honest look at a very hard job. It's good to take a step back and remember your heart's desire to rescue and train hounds. So many dogs come to your attention. But you have to live in the no much of the time. It takes a lot of courage.

    Glad to hear you have some prospective volunteers. I hope you can get them set up and trained before your surgery so you at least have that help in place.

  4. Sometimes it is very hard to say 'no' but in this case I think you must.
    I hope someone else will be able to help out some of the other doggies in need. Right now, you need to rest as much as possible for your upcoming surgery so you can get well.

    Good luck with the newbie volunteers; I hope you're feeling better soon!