Monday, October 29, 2012

Prayers Today

Shared by a friend in NJ - Cape May, NJ
We sent Snowy and Sammy to the northeast last week - and now here comes Hurricane Sandy. The photo above is the beginning - I know many of you live in or near the affected areas; our prayers are with you through this week. Be safe, be strong, be prepared.


  1. Thank you for thinking of us--I hope Snowy and Sammy are OK! All is well around here in MD--we didn't even lose power, a big surprise since we usually do when there's a storm.

  2. Cape May probably did much better than most Jersey shore towns. They don't allow development right along the beach which is a very smart move.

    Don't know if you know Lauren of Life with Desmond: She's in East Rockaway, NY and we just found out their 1st floor is destroyed and they still have 2 feet of water in their yard.

    I'm feeling very lucky, myself.