Sunday, October 7, 2012

Puppy Kisses

Ralph Waldo - growing up; now 15# at almost 4 months old

Today, Diva and Ralph Waldo "sold" puppy kisses at Pet Fest, a now annual festival put on by my friend, Stacy, through her store, Busch Pet Products and Care. There was a terrific turn-out with lots of good discussion. One woman remarked to me how well-behaved all the dogs were - those at tables: Silverwalk, Safe Harbor, and HSSEMO as well as those visiting and participating in contests. The local Greyhound Rescue was there as well as Search and Rescue Dogs with their trainers.

Yep, contests: best costume, most look-alike (dog and owner), tricks, and largest/smallest. Dang - having the puppies there precluded my bringing Snowman with whom I handily would have won the largest dog contest.

The puppies had fun, met lots of dogs and people who were new, and showed that in new, strange situations, Ralph is the leader and Diva follows his lead. When Diva was out by herself, she withdrew from new dogs but when I put Ralph out, too, he went right up to any dog and then, Diva would, too. Interesting. Lots of fun and they sacked out after I put them back in their crate in the sun on a chilly day. Tired puppies are good puppies :).


  1. Pet Fest sounds like a great event. How wonderful that Ralph and diva sold kisses. I agree, a tired puppy is a good puppy! Love your blog's halloween look. :)

    1. Thanks - the Halloween look was fun putting together. Both Ralph and Diva are ready for their new homes!