Saturday, October 6, 2012

We're Back!

I'm back! I've been reading a lot of blogs but just not writing for various reasons which are now in the past (I hope).

Lots going on here @ Silverwalk:
Hickory Dock
Lemon Drop

  1. Snowman is moving to Delaware on Oct. 25 sec. to my perhaps needing surgery. I will miss the big lug but he is going to a wonderfully successful foster home. 
  2. Hickory Dock is adopted - is loved and approved by his new parents and grandchildren as well as the neighbors he met while out cavorting after going through an open door. 
  3. I have two more tiny Beagle girls from Kennett Humane Dpt.: Katniss and Lemon Drop.
  4. Lemon Drop, except for her HW+ status, is ready for a home. 
  5. Katniss has a horrible mouth, is recovering from near starvation (similar to Gidget and her pups), of course is HW+ and will need some longer term medical intervention before she is ready for adoption. Both Dr. Monica and Steph are eager to see the change in her personality after her major dental on Monday when she is no longer in so much pain. I have to soften any kibble plus I feed her wet food for now.
  6. Ava is here from our local Humane Society; I may have written about her earlier. She is a small Beagle girl, mostly lemon and white, with a slightly cherry eye. Am using ointment for now in hopes it will reduce the inflammation; she may still need a "tuck." 
  7. Diva and Ralph Waldo are approaching their mother Gidget in weight. They both only now need to be altered before adoption and will be at Pet Fest tomorrow selling "puppy kisses" to raise money for Silverwalk. 
  8. Gidget has completed her final series of HW tx; she will now recover and then be adopted by a friend of her foster mom - YESH.


  1. Yay, you're back!

    That's a lot of sweet beagle kids! Congrats to Hickory Dock on his new home! I'm glad that Snowman is going to a good place as well. Did you say YOU need surgery? I hope that goes well.

    1. Thanks, Jen; I see my surgeon on Friday. I'm chock full of cute wee Beagles and having a blast!

  2. Glad you're back and hope things go well if you need surgery - big wag!

    Great update and glad to hear some of the Doggies are finding their forever homes :)

    I hope Katniss is feeling better soon :)

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)

    1. Thanks, Snoopy - Katniss gained weight this past week so I'm looking for good things with her and all.

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  4. Nice to see you back. I'm glad Snowman is going to a good home but I'm sure you will miss him...heck, I'll miss him! We had a dog just like him when I was a kid, his name was Spooky. Hickory Dock sounds like he is doing great with his new family and I see you have a new "family" of beagles too! You said you're having surgery, so I do hope all goes well for you.:)