Monday, November 5, 2012

Just a little Mischief....

do NOT let your dog ride in your car this way
Sweet Lemon Drop came with me to Busch Pet Products on Saturday. I had her on my lap but this is how she rode most of the way - bad dog and mom.

Lemon did turn on the charm and mischief at the store with a very young boy (she was gentle but did put her front paws on him; he had a dog and wasn't scared) as well as several others. No adopters though.

Excuse me - I had to facilitate Walter's getting his spot on the about mischief; he was bawling and that was all he wanted...:). 

Sunday afternoon, Peanut, tail wagging and moving like a young dog, among others went walking with three new volunteers; two were here last week and a young sister came along, too; she was instantly loved by all the small and medium dogs as she held and petted each one. Danny Quinn, my blue eyed Dachshund, went for a walk - well, a partial walk - he keeled over half way through and "had" to be carried back; little mischief maker.

I took this photo early last week before Seymour's injury. He didn't fall nor was he stepped on as far as I know; I saw his walking change and knew something wasn't right but didn't make the leap to IVDD till he really couldn't walk and pulled himself across the front room. Seymour is, I believe, the middle top dog - fuzzy, long hair.
Still hanging in there, eating a lot...will take a while for any change to show up.  I am very grateful to Jen of the Elka Almanac who shared an IVDD blog with me; it has tons of answers and questions for me to ask. As you can see, I rarely need a blanket anymore!

And here is Ava, adoptable Beagle, demonstrating our lovely new "Adopt Me" bandanas from Doggie-Duds, who donated several sizes to us. Ava is learning to like the crate because, ahem, she counter-surfs where I would not expect a small, 13" Beagle to be able to reach! Another mischief maker....uff da. We've had enough mischief this week to last a long time :)!

Ava as model - "Adopt Me"


  1. OMG, love your mosh pit. You will never get cold at night :-)

  2. I love the mosh pit!! I would say I'm jealous but after just a couple nights with one dog...I think I'll stick to mostly sleeping alone!

    1. Oh, and I hope Seymour recovers quickly!!

  3. The mosh pit is amazing. Warm too I bet.

  4. Lemon Drop is such a great name for such a sweetie. I hope it's not too long before she finds a home. I am sure she steals many hearts every where she goes.

    Love the mosh pit. :-) Is there anything more cozy than a pile of dogs?

  5. What a happy pile of mischief makers! I hope adoptive homes manifest soon!

  6. Looks like your dogs have it good. Why on earth would they want another home? ;)

  7. It is funny that there are so many dogs in that picture that you don't know which one is Seymour. Anytime Chester limps a little I always worry it might be IVDD. Luckily, we have been spared but one of the Doxies I walk had to have back surgery a few months ago. He is still a little wobbly but able to keep up on our walks. Surgery doesn't work for all dogs though.

  8. Oh no, that sounds pawful.

    At least there are lots of friends to cuddle and make Seymour feel better! *WAG WAG WAG*

  9. Oh your fur blanket is just beautiful!! I'm glad to hear that Seymour is still hanging in there and he's eating. I love that picture of Lemon Drop! :)

  10. Love the dog mosh pit! I don't know how you sleep with all of them on you.