Monday, January 30, 2012

Hounds at Home

Howie's in the house - big time. He sleeps on a dog bed on the floor and is slowly letting me pet him though he tucks his head to the side. I wanted to be sure I wasn't overwhelming him so I stopped - a paw lifted to touch my arm - I guess the petting is fine.

What a crew- Hickory Dock and Justus on couch; Howie aka Dodger on dog bed

Peanut is pea-nuttier! She had a bath Sunday - I need to bathe her two to three times a week as she has yeast infection all over her body. It's amazing how an arthritic old dog who could not get in the tub on her own was somehow able to get out quickly despite being wet and slippery. HA. She may not have been thrilled with the bath but her actions the rest of the day belied any discontent - she was out and about with the pack, scratched at the aluminum side door to come back in and left her treasured orthopedic bed for my comforter. When I left for evening church, the Peanut tried to come out the front door with me. Alrighty then - we are feeling better and better!

Peanut, now part of the crowd, in the sleeping area

Hickory Dock got his nails trimmed again on Sunday, too. I always use a muzzle and the trimmer (I don't do his nails) was very good with him; she chatted him up and when he got just a titch balky she stopped and petted him some more before finishing. He ate half a cookie I brought for him. We then went on almost a mile walk, partially on the formal bike trail and partially on a dirt trail through the woods. Dock's tail wagged, he nodded to passersby; one woman said he looked so sweet, wanting to know what kind of dog he was as she petted him and he glowed.  Back to the store where he was massaged almost into sleep by Julia "I love big old hounds." Right back at ya.

Hickory Dock, very adoptable TWC, pretending to be a horse

Snoopy, hang on - we're ready for Monday Mischief!

Friday, January 27, 2012

A Wonderful Story

A work colleague blessed me with the gift of a wonderful story this morning, part of which I knew but I didn't know the whole. I would stop mid-morning and just smile thinking of these now three dogs....

Agnes lived out her life at Silverwalk
A friend of mine tragically lost a young dog last summer. She had a horrible summer and her other dog has been grieving the loss of his buddy all this time (I didn't know he still was). So sad - she brought in an older puppy who seemed to spark up everyone, he is a super guy but didn't quite click until....

Lady Bird went to another shelter, finally adopted even though she has cancer
Another transport/rescue friend needed a home for a black and tan Coonhound. Of course, I thought of my friend (who LOVES B&Ts), forwarded her the email with photo and then waited; immediately, she wanted to help - foster, adopt, whatever; but....

Connor the Blue-Tick, living with a wonderful family
The hound was waiting on a potential adopter that we waited....and waited...and it didn't work out! Thus, my friends worked out transport and got this wonderful, gorgeous, young hound to my friend whose dog was still grieving.....

Scout now in ME; he is an audio/visual-phile! Really!
The new dog, according to the person telling me this, is the older dog's SAVIOR. The new hound needs lots of food and love and training but he has put the spark, love and shine back into the grieving dog's life.  He pulls the other two in his wake of joie de vivre; they are a wonderful little pack.  I haven't even met him yet; all I did was connect two people and God did the rest!

Wouldn't you be smiling all day, too?!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WW - Justus

Snoring through Saturday night's thunderstorm

Justus, my growing boy - 2nd birthday best guess - Feb. 14 :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Observe, Dr. Watson, with Gratitude

I like observing dogs and behavior. I like seeing how they react to different stimuli, be it a tree, another dog, a bicyclist(s) going by or me. Watching them and giving them space, especially as newbies, is important. I try to let new dogs first be dogs as long as they are safe; I lower the boom aka training later.

Molly T. "again the phone?"
Howie met the boom on Sunday. I put the leash on him in his Dogloo; it
was a lovely day for a walk in the yard. I tugged gently and he came unwillingly but he came. I didn't look at him, just started walking. He tried to lay and roll-over. I tugged/released. He got up. "Good boy!  Yeah for Dodger!" No wonder he is confused. We processed in this manner 3/4 of the way around the field; at the same time, I am throwing tennis balls for Molly T. (down to 2 Xanax a day and her Thundershirt) and petting sundry other dogs.

Mami de Gund
Mami de Gund likes to jump up. She is tiny and light; it is not a problem - however, it is rude behavior. To her, I'm doing "OFF" with a sideways sweep of my hand. I then hand cue her to sit - and she does! OK - NOW I will pet you and make a big fuss - good dog!

At the 3/4 mark (so I judged), when Howie did his submissive thing, I leaned down and petted that lovely black belly; he swallowed. Howie/Dodger, I am not going to hurt you. We resumed our walk ending in the house via a new (to Howie) door. He then got to be in a house crate for breakfast: two bowls full! He did a lot of mental work in that walk.

Now it really gets cool because after everyone is fed, I let Howie out. He goes outside down the stairs via the door he knows. As I am letting the other dogs out of their crates, I see his full head poking through the dog door. I turn, move away and look out the breezeway opposite him as he comes into the house on his own. With the rest of the dogs released and in the house, I close the back door and ask Howie to join us.

Howie does just fine. I ignore him, I let him be wherever he wants to be and go about my other business. After an hour or two, I open the back door - and he goes out. However, he is always welcome inside. Good boy, Howie!  "I'll be baaack."

I was "on call" this past weekend - which is why I posted the Saturday hop and not much else. I wasn't called in - for any of our three ICUs! Goodness - this had never happened before. If any of you ever take night call, you know one doesn't sleep well - checking the phone every few hours just to be sure. I snoozed today even though I didn't work.

Gratitude: I'm thanking Pamela at Something Wagging for the two awards she passed to me this weekend: the Inspiration Award (which asks me to forward it to ten blogs; I'm thinking, I'm thinking) and the Noteworthy Archive Blog award due to her listing me on her blog-list page. How clever - and I will second her on the blog-list theme - please, review my blog-list to the right and check out the archives. So much to read, learn and laugh with! Please note Pamela's award for her photography, too :). I try to improve my photos as I see others and take hints but have a long way to go. BTW, avoid the flash camera in the iPhone 4S like the plague - it just makes your animals and people look bug-eyed like from outer space. I miss my 3GS :(.

Uff da! A lot to say on a Monday night - thank you, Pamela and all us bloggers who support, coach and keep one another in stitches of laughter and some for helping us align our blogs just right (Janet, you know who you are).  Thank you! Watch your emails and listings here for upcoming awards being passed forward.

Pooh - I missed getting into Snoopy's Monday Mischief Blog Hop but here is everyone else so hop around and have fun leaving witty, clever comments. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Last New Dogs

Howie is out of the dog house and in the pack big time - he actually barked at me in the front yard this evening, running to the side of the house and back; apparently, in his mind, it was time to eat. Good boy - just a bit early.

The other morning I fed Walter Brennan in bed. He was sleeping out front in the dirt and sun - didn't want to move so I brought his food to him. While he was eating, Howie (who had finished his food) came round the corner checking us out. I tossed him kibble bits, got him interested and now he is not quite my friend :).

Through the screen door 
Howie checking out me and Walter

For some reason, I call Howie "Dodger." Don't know why this is - he must look like a Dodger to me but he is yet a foster dog for DCAWS so he will stay "Howie" though with the nickname of "Dodger."

Today, Silverwalk Hounds welcomed the last dog for a long time - only because I am so full I have no room for the wonderful Beagles in my inbox :(. This dog needed a place to go: she was boarded in a kennel, cared for by a wonderful small rescue and vet, her dad lost his job and home - he and this rescue found homes for his multiple cats and other dogs but this very senior yellow Lab/Weim mix named Peanut had no takers. I thought long and hard, letting days go by between emails but the mission of this sanctuary is SANCTUARY. By one definition I saw (wish I remember where) a sanctuary is not from where animals are adopted - it is a place of home, of peace, in which to live out their days. 

Peanut is here to live out her days. She has recovered from demodectic mange (not contagious), has skin tags (poor V. thought she had cancer; they mostly handle mommas with puppies so she was in new territory with this old dog!) and entropion. Her lashes have been turned in for so long, she is over 14 y/o, the vet didn't want to do surgery at this stage; she gets eye ointment/drops three times a day.  Peanut seems comfortable and is still able to see.  Welcome, Peanut!

Peanut doesn't like crates though she loves this dog bed (in a crate!)
P. S. Congress dropped PIPA and SOPA after the American people rose up and said NO.  Senator Blunt of MO withdrew his co-sponsorship of SOPA. A friend of mine read "that a friendlier-to-tech-companies bill (without giving media companies or other non-law-enforcement organizations the right to act unilaterally), called OPEN, is being considered." I encourage any and all bloggers and internet users to read the bill proper and know it and any implications it may have on our freedom of speech and discourse. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

News and a Strike

Layla indeed went to her new home in Nashville, TN on Sunday. Her mom was very careful because Layla is older; Karen bonds very closely and had just put down a senior beloved two weeks prior. However, they came back and took her home. The turning point in picking Layla over all the other Beagles looked at on Petfinder? Her video - the one where she smiles into the iPhone lens :).

Sheila is doing well, has never been symptomatic of her heart-worms, so will cont. on course for now.

Stella Beagle has itches on her butt and tail; fleas? mites? I've done all I can do so she goes to the vet this week.

I don't know what has been going on but I cleaned ears last night forever! Dogs were shaking heads before hand and then afterward to clear out the fluid and wax. Good dogs! Seemed to help everyone.

Work tonight and tomorrow night - hope things are a bit more calm than last week!  Howie still won't come in the house but loves his Dogloo and knows where the warmth is in the breezeway so he be good.

Please join the Internet strike tomorrow. See this link here, contact your congressmen/women and senators; my only light in this is I read yesterday Obama plans to veto these bills - even if he does, they will be back. Let's keep some bastion of freedom in this country, now that people can be held w/o due process (did you miss that bill? allegedly it is for "terrorists" but who will define that in the future? Big Brother is here.).

I am starting to look at bills themselves, not the advertising nor the spins, but getting to the source like in eating - the closer to the source of your food, the healthier. Check out The Information Diet book re: how we take in information, who feeds us - and how we can be more mindful, just as in eating. Here is the discussion I heard on NPR with Scott Simon (he is so cool). 

OK - done with my soap box for today - gotta go feed the dogs and do some errands. Won't see you tomorrow - be well.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Treatment Options

What is happening at Silverwalk which could inspire change in the way people view, treat, train, enjoy their dogs? AGE. I thought and thought about what change I could blog about and it is age - which includes quality of life.

Sweetie Pie RIP
Raggedy Ann RIP
A couple weeks ago, I sent Allie Mae to heaven. If you followed her story, she had had a tough time recovering from simple lipoma surgery but recover she did, in splendid fashion - meaning, she again was her bossy old self. A few weeks ago, I noticed a loss of muscle mass behind each shoulder; no matter how much I fed her, she still looked like she was losing weight. Then she stopped eating. Then she couldn't walk and looked afraid. She is no longer afraid - she was in my arms, she never resisted, she calmly slipped away.  Fighting with her for her surgery recovery was right. Helping her go to heaven when it obviously was time was right, too. 
Allie Mae RIP
Friday, I found out my personal aging Sheila Sheltie has a raging case of heart-worms, adults and swarms of microfilaria. My instinct was to treat her with doxycyline (which we are doing along with liver tabs), then give her Heart-Gard (ivermectin) to slowly control the adults. My vet wants to treat her with split shots. I trust my vets - but, is this what is truly the best for Sheila, a 14+ y/o Sheltie who lost 4# this past year (that was a shocker, too).  I was so surprised by Sheila's diagnosis and weight loss because I have had several of my personal dogs in for their yearlies in the past couple months and everyone was clear - even Danny Quinn's fecal was negative, he who eats poop. 

a younger Sheila Sheltie
This evening, I had supper with a close friend whose opinion I value. After hearing about Sheila, she asked if I was going to treat her. I told her the plan; she said her plan for her three large aging dogs is to stop testing for heart-worms, cont. with preventative but she would not treat her older dogs. She is weighing quality vs quantity of life. I have a similar concern for Walter Brennan, my adoptable HW+ black & tan senior Coonhound. 

I never want anyone to suffer. On the other hand, just because we can do things to and for our dogs, do we really need to every time? If Sheila survives another year, I won't get her vaccinated - she will get bordetalla only; I do rabies every three years.  I need to think hard about her treatment and my senior population. 

Just because a dog is old is not a reason to not treat. I am not saying that; what I am saying is, think carefully for what you are treating and the benefit or not your dog(s) will enjoy.  Make a careful decision with regards to your dog, her lifestyle and activity level and your comfort level. 

I am not making a blanket decision about any of the dogs in my care. I had already questioned how I would treat Walter.  Comfort measures, treating symptoms may be the way to go for both. Would people be comfortable adopting a HW+ dog without treating him besides his monthly preventative? Walter is supremely adoptable. 

Treatment options are exactly that - options. It is us as owners, caretakers, guardians, rescuers, who need to decide the best option for each animal in our care and whom we love.   

Farrah and me

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Layla's Turn!

Nasty day personally: beautiful weather wise - bug bugging me; Molly T. trying to eat a book about trauma (it is out of date; how did she know?). Howie was out of his Dogloo today when I took him warm water and back in later, so we have progress.

Lost my bloglist when I tried another template :(. Am trying to rebuild. If you were normally there, remind me - a lot of you I followed on my Google reader so that helped. One it is not taking so I am quitting for now.

Just a boo of a day - tomorrow will be better: Layla Beagle is being adopted (if she gets along with George Beagle, current aging resident Beagle); I don't think there will be a problem!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pet Blog Challenge Jan. 10, er, 11

Just a day behind....


1. When did you begin your blog?
    Tuesday, April 22, 2008

 2. What was your original purpose for starting a blog?
     To showcase the dogs needing homes here at Silverwalk Hounds as well as share the stories of those who volunteer, donate and adopt from Silverwalk

 3. Is your current purpose the same? If not, what’s different? If so, how do you feel you’ve met your goals?  

My current purpose is the same; however, I noticed I used to have a paragraph at the bottom of each post explaining what Silverwalk was - I want to edit and add that back in.  

I've noticed a difference, though - I found the dog blogging community with whom I share and from whom I benefit in a myriad of ways: improving my posts to cheering one another on to following gauntlets challenges laid down by other bloggers; and I had no clue about Blog Hops!

 4. Do you blog on a schedule or as the spirit moves you? If the former, how often — and what techniques do you use to stick to it? If the latter, do you worry about… well, whatever you might worry about (e.g. losing traffic, losing momentum)?  

My tentative schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday; this was before the blog hops of Saturday and Monday; my posting is also affected by my work/sleep schedule - if a post seems weird, you can bet it was written with little sleep! I do "worry" about traffic - in order to help their forever homes find my dogs (gotta think positive!), the more traffic, the better; I have an online newspaper blog which is local only - I need to schedule posts for it way more regularly as I do get community feedback. 

5. Are you generating income from your blog? If so, how (e.g. sponsor ads, affiliate relationships, spokesperson opportunities)? If not currently, do you hope to in the future — and how? 

Asking for help here - as I was preparing these remarks, this entry,  I received an inquiry about placing an ad on this very blog! It is from a company from whom I just bought a very good collar w/a embedded tag (for Shiloh, the free roam Beagle). I have NO CLUE what to charge! Anyone?

I  am pretty clueless (note above statement) when it comes to generating income from my blog.  The blog with the most attractive ads has to be Ashley's Lucky Dog Blog.  I do have a Dogwise link on my page which I need to highlight - no one uses it but me and Silverwalk would get a percentage of sales.  I don't want ads cluttering up the stories and the dogs - they are my focus but the income would help with their goodies, dog beds, etc. 

6. What do you like most about blogging in general and your blog in particular (bragging is good!)?  

I really enjoy writing and talking about my dogs so I am with Elka's mom - this is an wonderful outlet to share what is bursting in my heart but my co-workers are tired of hearing (plus they think I have no life! - HA).

I like being able to share the highs and lows here at the sanctuary with a community who understands rescue and/or dogs.  I do a good job of featuring different dogs though when a dog is new, they are featured more often than not. I love hearing how others are fostering, saving dogs, too.

My photography has improved a lot from watching and reading other's blogs and photos and from meeting and working with several local pro photogs who donate time to rescues.

7. What do you like least?  

Thinking of what to write, not seeing any adoption increases.  I like Kristine's phrase about "blog fodder." I need to get off the computer and generate blog fodder so I have plenty to write both here and in the newspaper. 

8. How do you see your blog changing/growing in 2012? 

Post regularly at least three times a week. 

I just changed the format to 3 column so some of the badges are more prominent - like the badge for this challenge!. I am debating about moving to Wordpress but don't want to lose followers.  Certainly, I would like more followers and to generate some very modest income for the dogs.

I need to put more energy into my Petfinder, Adopt A Pet and Silverwalk Beagle & Hound sites so my dogs find their homes.   
Finding more homes for my dogs, growing my foster homes to more than one and maintaining a healthy pack while sharing and learning from this internet group of people and their animals is, I would say, my ultimate goal for 2012. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Howie is Here!

Howie's arrival yesterday evening was somewhat eventful. He was scared and black, he arrived after dark; as we walked toward my yard, I tripped over him, scaring him all the more and he slipped his collar. Thank goodness, A. was right on him, holding him while I put the slip leash over his head.

*Note to self: always ensure a new dog has a martingale collar with the added security of a slip leash before exiting their vehicle.*

As A. secured the paperwork, I walked/pulled Howie around to the back of the house into the pen. He has a well strawed large Igloo there, fresh water and his own space..... as long as he needs it.

This afternoon, while the other dogs were eating and after Howie had eaten, I put another slip leash on him, asking him to come out of the Igloo and pen to the yard. He wasn't sure but he came with me, bucking a bit. I went where he seem comfortable, then removed the slip leash. Howie went back to his Igloo, his safe place.

Howie's "barn" - as in "running back to the barn" - safe place
Then, as I was letting dogs out and collecting food bowls, I saw Howie leave his Igloo and pen on his own to explore the back yard and even put his nose through the dog door! Good boy!  He is a fluffy Lab mix with those wonderful light brown Labby eyes.

Howie exploring the back yard
There's a lot of yard to explore

My plan for this week and next is not much. Let Howie adjust, let the other dogs adjust; let him be a dog first. I will put the slip leash on him again to walk around the yard so he knows I won't hurt him. He is doing well with everyone else so far, too - when he was not coming out of his pen (though the door was open), other dogs went in to visit :).  OK, they were looking for food BUT Howie and his visitors were fine.  Oh, and he pooped outside his pen - whew, bet that was a relief!

  Hop on!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Howie is Coming!

If we all got our communication right, Howie from DCAWS is coming to Silverwalk tomorrow. He is not a hound but a Lab/terrier mix who is very shy. Right up my ally with Farrah and Monk :). I am so looking forward to having him here and helping DCAWS.  For now, Howie is a foster dog...hope to find him a loving, gentle home after evaluating his adjustment here.


Thanks to those of you who tweeted and shared the cause. You are AWESOME :). 

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Sometimes, rescues and shelters need more help than can be done by volunteers and staff. Sometimes, they do so much good totally on a shoestring for a long time and then the shoestring breaks, so to speak.

No, not talking about Silverwalk...not yet :). The shelter in Dent County, MO needs help - they achieved no-kill status, want to stick to it but have few volunteers and even less money coming in. They are asking people and rescues to adopt or foster 20-30 of their dogs for an unknown amount of time.

For those of us who love dogs, who rescue and foster, it is a chance to step up and stretch - take in one more dog....just one, please.  I KNOW we get pleas to help daily (and more!). Think, pray and act quickly - they have a deadline (and I mean DEADline).

Here is their Facebook page link Dent County Animal Welfare Society. Check Adoptable Dogs (and Cats, too!); see if you or anyone you know can help - donations are welcome!

Howie, a shy, black medium size dog is coming to Silverwalk. I've had experience with shy, beaten or unsocialized dogs, letting them first be a dog, then asking for more - Farrah is my shining example and Monk is close behind. Hoping to do some good as a foster for Howie, too.  We have some other thoughts in mind but too early to say.

Please share with anyone near Salem, MO or Dent County, MO - or anyone at all who may be able to help in any way and thank you, dog bloggers!

P. S. I missed two days of walking but made a true friend of Hickory Dock ever since I walked him - oh, my, it is not only food he wants! and today I walked Layla Beagle - fluffy, happy, nose to the ground the way a Beagle should be. I'm feeling better, too :).

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Walking the Dog(s)

Happy New Year's Day One! I'm not doing resolutions but am working on habits - one habit per month.

Could this sweet thing be a poop-aholic? You betcha!
For January, the habit is exercise in the form of walking a dog each day. I can get very lazy with this as the dogs have over an acre fenced in which to run; I walk the fence frequently with them while poop-scooping, always watching Danny Quinn, my "poop-aholic." Should he show interest in a particular piece of ground, I head over there, trying to scoop before he does.

During this time, I throw the tennis ball for Molly T. She continues to improve but I noticed she regresses when I make a demand. If I cue her to off or back or sit. she may do as I ask or she may spin for her now almost non-existent tail. When we are in the yards/field, I plan to start cuing her in between the ball throwing; re-training her while minimizing the perceived trauma.  I'll let you know how this goes.

Molly T. may have lost her tail but not her focus
Today, I walked Justus. We went to a part of our miles long bike trail which I hadn't walked before. It was very good for him - different sounds, wind in the reeds along the creek caught his eye, his nose was so busy I thought it would fall off! He got a "well trained dog" compliment from a woman with a Great Dane and a German Shepherd; I had Justus sit and wait by my side - and he did! Later, he looked at without reacting to a tandem bicycle - which I didn't see till they were next to us.

Come join the Hop!