Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pianista Diva


My friend with four Bichons shared this with me - and now I with you! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dogs Just keep on Coming!

It's been a crazy week but I want to introduce the newbies at Silverwalk - Earnhardt Beagle and Tigger, Plott hound mix, puppy. Note I said "puppy" - Tigger is best guess 5 months old, 40#, who believes in play. He plays with big dogs and small dogs - then, he crept onto my lap for a long snooze. So far, he doesn't follow the other dogs to bark - he'll sit. Good boy! and muscular, too, for which Plotts are known (so I read).

Tigger in action, attention and rest (rarely)
 Earnhardt Beagle is an AKC beagle w/o papers. A friend asked if papers were really important; of course not but I rarely have a purebred dog (I now have two) plus my friend Stacy's folks raised Beagles, so she knows bloodlines; would have been fun to check up on him.  Earnhardt's dad is a deployed soldier who gave Earnhardt to a man who then did nothing with him; the jerk's guy's aunt brought him (meeting up with Tigger's friend who saved him from Craigslist) to me up near St. Louis last Sunday. Earnhardt is a done dog: he is up to date on shots, rabies, bordetella; is heart worm negative,neutered and house trained.  He loves to snooze on a lap.
Earnhardt, Esq.
E. in contemplation

Remember Snowman? He is being taken in by Great Pyrenees Rescue (thanks, Carolyn) but I'm fostering him for a bit; he still needs his heart worm treatment and neuter, too. YESH for Snowy!

Snowman meets Earnhardt and Tigger (hidden behind Snowy)

Hop On!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Kids Club

The rector of my Episcopal Church started a neighborhood Kids Club. Our church chose to remain in the downtown area instead of moving out though we had land to do so. A large part of the ministry is to the neighborhood and Bob loves the children. They do lots of things from movies, basketball, a Safari park, etc. This past Saturday they came to Silverwalk. Few if any can have dogs; they live in rented homes or apartments but wow, they listened to directions, made sure they had plastic bags on their feet and gripped their dog papers as they searched for each of the twelve dogs pictured.

Fr. Bob and friends
Walter getting love
 Where is she? pointing to Sheila Sheltie. She's in the house with other small, more shy dogs. When I let the small dogs out, the squeals and hugs they received! The girls made sure Danny Quinn (who was shivering) was wrapped in a coat asking, So, do they live out chilling in the cold? No, they all live in my house - esp. when it's cold. I could see the palpable sigh. Even the wee boy who initially was afraid of dogs held Seymour PH, long haired small dachshund. I want a dog, said he. What does your mother say? She says it's OK.  Very sweet and earnest.

Snowy's friend watching Molly T. zoom in with a ball

They followed me to the back door to see Howie, Cyrano and Peanut, who chose not to be in the thick of things. Molly T. had two boys throwing her tennis balls for the hour - she was in heaven. I'm always happy to talk about rescue, spay/neuter, how to approach a dog (gave them a poster I gleaned from Facebook about how NOT to approach a dog - they took me very seriously). Could have adopted out Justus and may have adopted out Snowy, though I haven't seen any follow-up. And Snowy was front and center with as many children as he could find.
Keeping shoes clean for Mom

Petting all dogs!

A grand time had by all - dogs did well with children and children did well with dogs.  YESH. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snowy and the Kids Club

Betty Boop & Herman with young friend Saturday
I'll be back....

As Kristine says, blog fodder - I have enough for a week of posts! However, to the point - who is Snowy? as neither of these lovely adoptable dogs are he - well....

Meet Snowman aka Snowy
Snowy LOVES children

Snowman, a barely year old Great Pyrenees, was found Valentine's Day - he was my date as our Humane Society was full and I walked into my friend's pet products shop at just the right time to secure this non - hound.  I have him all over the 'Net, in the online newspaper (his being lost gave me a good blog post), listed at the Humane Society but no one has called for him.  Snowy is 96#, now UTD on shots and is HW+ but only adults, so I am giving him Heartgard and praying. I can't neuter him till his stray hold is up on 2/25 this coming Saturday which means at least the next Monday or Tuesday. He's learning to sit, OFF (oh, yeah, very important with a huge dog like this - and growing) and play - I have an hilarious video on Facebook of Justus and Snowy playing. 

The question remains - who are these children?.....later, gators :). Gotta check in the really last two dogs first.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WW-Four Dogs

Though all the dogs here are "mine," these are four of the six who are legally mine - and who are not up for adoption. 

Clockwise from top left: Seymour PH, Margie, Justus, Sheila

Monday, February 13, 2012

's No Mischief like Snow Mischief!


We had a short time of mischief this Monday in the SNOW we got; will be gone by tomorrow but had fun today, even though it was cold but had some large flakes coming down. WOOHOO!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I transported a deaf Catahoula/Hound today, one of many drivers in his transport. 
Catherine and Elyse remain in our hearts, prayers and dedication. 
Godspeed - we will continue the work with two fewer lights. 
Catherine, you saved many lives and did not leave this world alone. 

Catherine Bugg, with Elyse, an 8 week old puppy adopted by a woman in NY, was driving a leg in a transport when she was suddenly in an unexpected ice storm; freezing rain coated the road and vehicles in moments. Catherine lost control of her vehicle. Here is the Examiner article

The state patrol trooper on the scene is convinced both Catherine and Elyse died on impact, not in the fire. I didn't know about Rescue Road Warriors before hearing of Catherine. I am proud to say I am now a member. 

Transporting is a rewarding, life - saving tool in rescue. Being on the road is always risky. From what I have read and heard, Catherine was not speeding nor being at all reckless; she got caught in a freak storm which took her life. Those of us who drive transport (and I hope some of you are among them) now know who some of our Guardian Angels are: Catherine and Elyse. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Bays of our Lives

Sometimes living here with all these dogs is a soap opera. Let me share -

  • Pink Floyd is always hungry and when he is hungry, he sounds like a gruff foghorn; if he is not hungry, he has put his tennis ball out of reach and needs assistance. Often.  He is quite chatty, too, when he's working on his nest...for a long time. 
  • Peanut has moved to Cyrano's crate and pad. Cyrano is not happy so he moved to Annie Beagle's crate and pad. Annie doesn't much care - whew!
  • Molly T. is now "en gard" for her or any tennis ball which, in her wee mind, PF may purloin. Witchy, witchy, witchy....
  • Walter Brennan, he who in the past was an example of crating decorum, will now bust out of his large feeding crate if I don't latch top and bottom. I don't know why. 
  • Clementine went back to the prison program; Justus is relieved - not forever, Mr. J. 
  • Danny Quinn, blue eyed Doxie charmer, sleeps in my lap emitting noxious farts. 
  • It is cold and raining outside with temps into the teens (F) tonight; I have fresh water with orangey Nature's Miracle in preparation for multiple "accidents." Sigh - I could work harder on house training. 

Simply a doggy family - most times I laugh and sometimes chuckle to myself as I observe and intervene (PF, why do you insist on putting that ball under the bookcase?).  Currently, we are all copacetic and for that I'm thankful :). 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WW- Sabina Louise Pierce

Check out Sabina Louise Pierce - a professional photographer, horsewoman and dog lover. Found her on the Today's Dog of the Day Tuesday where she shared about her 13 y/o fox terrier, Maddie. She was the official photographer of Barbaro during his recovery.  More links are at the bottom of this dog page. Enjoy!

Couldn't end without another photo:

Portrait of Howie aka Dodger

Monday, February 6, 2012

MM - Pink Floyd

One would not think a senior dog with the most horrible teeth you cannot imagine (they look like a plate of calcified tartar covering his upper teeth on both sides) would be very demanding or vocal.

Pink Floyd with a tennis ball on "his" dog bed
You would be wrong.

Cyrano, "legally" blind wise old Beagle
Cyrano the legally blind Beagle has a powerful foghorn type bay; not to be outdone, Pink Floyd has a gruff, loud, direct bay. He usually wants food or, sweetly, to be petted.

Today I gave Pink Floyd plain kibble in a Kong. This was not easy because Walter Brennan, senior black and tan Coonhound, thinks all food filled Kongs belong to him.

Walter Brennan - wonderful food focused Coonie
 I finally got Walter out of his former crate and PF into it with the Kong. I heard him crunching and couldn't believe he's able to eat as well as he does with those teeth.

Pink Floyd playing with a tennis ball
Floyd then let me know bbrrAARROOO! it was time to get out. He is a spunky, talented wee Beagle. Perhaps I should introduce him to Weego?

IMHO, the BEST commercial of this Super Bowl.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Train your Dog Results

Having an imposed goal for the month of January was a lot of fun for me - and for Justus.  Others benefited, too; we at Silverwalk Hounds thank Pamela heartily for dreaming this up - let's do it again next year.  OK - I thank Pamela; some of the dogs may not ("what do you mean 'wait?!'" ~ Justus).

Train Your Dog Challenge

My plan was to walk a dog a day. I didn't. I ended up doing other training stuff with different dogs while getting in more walking than I normally would have - the weather sure helped, too.

  • Walking - I mostly walked Justus. He is so fun and does very well. Hickory Dock wants to be my ride-along dog; he's fine just being in the car as I do errands and walks out very politely, wanting to meet everyone with a surprisingly gentle demeanor. Layla simply enjoyed walking and is now in a wonderful home with a dog brother. 

Exhausted Hickory Dock
I'm so tough - NOT (Justus)
  • Training
  1. Justus: in addition to walking, he is now expected to sit and wait any time I ask - and this can be with other dogs flowing around him to go outside! Some days he does better than others; me, too. In general, he is really improving while going through another growth spurt (it may just be me). 
  2. Mami de Gund - this very cute, to die for faced minx loves to jump up on me. I started being very consistent with a downward sweep of my arm/hand saying "off." I then asked her by hand to sit - rewarding her with the pets she wanted. After some time of this, I noticed she nipped at my hand - not to be mean but I think she wanted the attn now without the work. Sorry, honey pie, the work first and then the reward.
  3. Hickory Dock - asking him to "wait" in his crate when I remove his bowl before I let him out. Simple but he loves his walks so much (they are not paired with this exercise), he seems more willing to do for me - an unexpected side benefit.
  4. Howie - now comes to me for petting, likes a belly rub and is attentive to a luring hand. I think he'll go to Petco next Saturday after some leash walks. 
Mami de Gund - jumps for love
Howie in house 

Observation - after dedicating January to "walking a dog a day," I became more conscious about multiple training opportunities as noted above. I still want to walk a dog a day - it's good for their health, socialization and mine but I'll continue taking advantage of spontaneous training opportunities as they arise.  

I've been doing a lot of vetting this month, too: prepping dogs for heart-worm treatment, bringing Clementine back from prison when she was off-kilter (she "reacted" to a wormer and is fine now), working with and thoroughly enjoying Pink Floyd - check out his Vimeo link HERE.  What is with all these Beagles and tennis balls? Am I running a special or something? Oh, and Peanut likes to play tennis, too!

I need to make a time-line for all this vetting and training, just to keep things straight in my mind and as I treat/train the dogs. There is a very nice pack right now at Silverwalk - I'm happy with them even as I need a night off to myself sans dogs (but then I watch "Animal Planet" - HA). 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Prison and Pink Floyd

I was up at 0630 this morning. If you have read this blog for any length of time, you know I am not a morning person but today, I wanted to go to Charleston to visit the prison program. I like to go often, watching the progress of the dogs as well as the men in the program.

I was impressed. The progress made with most dogs was wonderful; with one, it was phenomenal - a dog who, if a purebred, is ready for the show ring. I encouraged everyone, somehow, to video this dog and handlers because people on the outside will not believe the focus this team achieved.

Pink Floyd
On my way home, my friend Kelly called to say she was minutes from Silverwalk with the new dog. Did I not say I had the "last new" dogs a week or so ago? HA. This little old Beagle man reminds me of Sweetie Pie. He is from the same Jefferson County Shelter and was pulled only because someone stepped up as his foster because I was full. Didn't work out well (and I do so thank her for her efforts) so he now is here - and his name is Pink Floyd. If you remember this band, you and I are telling our ages!

PF comes with a multitude of trouble, for him, not for me. He is, as Sweetie Pie was, a smallish Beagle (21#), earnest and comfortable in the pack from the get go. He immediately went on a course of antibiotics and then a panel of blood work completed on Monday:
  1. TEETH - his teeth look like they have a second complete solid layer of tarter, almost calcified; remember Walter's? PF's are WORSE and so is his breath.
  2. EARS - both ears are draining; the left one is painful to touch and examine. 
  3. HEART-WORM POSITIVE - no murmur, lung sounds are clear. IF we treat this, it will be last. 
  4. BALD SPOTS - some bald spots; cause unknown - previous vet scraped it with negative results. 
  5. INTACT - IF he tolerates his dental anesthesia without a prolonged course, we will neuter him at the same time; however, it is a lesser priority - he is going nowhere and no one here will come into heat. His teeth and ears will take precedence.
We started him on a stronger, systemic antibiotic for both ears and teeth; he will re-visit vet in a week. Both his ears and teeth are painful; previously, my vet donated meds returned from a client whose dog passed - thankfully (for PF), there is the correct dosage of Deramaxx for his pain. I'll watch how he eats - I plan soft food but will confirm with his foster mom how and what was best for him.  We gave him his rabies shot but deferred the rest till he has his additional antibiotics on board. Hopefully, at his advanced age (perhaps 10-14), his titers are adequate.

Pink Floyd - tired old puppy
So, what is GOOD about Pink Floyd?
  • his extreme sweetness, 
  • his tender gentleness, 
  • the way he followed my luring hand into an under the chin pet soon after I met him. 
  • his calm demeanor among many new dogs.  
I am concerned about his recovery from his dental should he lose most of his teeth; several years ago, I had adopted a 15 y/o GSD mix. When he was 17, we did a dental on him - he lost too many teeth and was never able to adapt. I watched him waste away no matter how I tried to feed him. I pray a better outcome for PF.

I am not going to worry, though. PF has come a long way thanks to very many caring, rescue community people. He is sponsored for his treatment (thank you, God and Kelly), he did well with the dogs in his foster home and now seems comfortable here. He is exhausted after a very long, full day.

Is PF the last, new dog for sure? Inquiring minds want to know.....