Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WW - Snowman & Sweet Pea

Snowman, year old Great Pyr with Sweet Pea, 10-11 wk old Beagle puppy

The largest and the smallest at Silverwalk. Have a GREAT day!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

News, Changes and Adjustments...

Earnhardt Beagle, he who looks like a large stuffed Beagle puppy, is now ensconced at Farrah's former foster home (thank you, Susan!) where he promptly found the cat food and then, reportedly, ate everyone's food (including the cats') subsequently filling the house with gaseous emissions. Susan still called him a "sweetie." New nickname "Ernie." He likes it!

Sweet Pea, who I boarded over the weekend while I drove a puppy transport (mama GSD/lab mix and her nine 4 week old babies) allowing others to enjoy her high soprano voice as well as her wee sharp teeth, is back; now in the front room in a large crate with a smaller sleeping crate inside. Have video of the exploded front room (papers from trash - thanks, Mollly T. and stuffing from two pillows - thanks, many hounds) featuring Sweet Pea and Mami de Gund. Mami has a wild look in her eye as SP stalks, pounces and plays at her; yes, not necessarily with her. YESH - SP did poop and pee on the puppy pads as intended; I know better than to think this will continue :).

Darlin' Clementine's adoption fell through BUT she has someone else at the prison who wants to adopt her so hopefully will send her back tomorrow evening. For now, she is with the pack and pining for her days with her handlers and the few days in a real home :). Hang on, Clemmy, your time is coming!

Photos tomorrow but I didn't want you all to think I again ran away; just really busy going hither and yon.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Parvo Puppy & Archeology

In a back bedroom lives a 9 week old (best guess) Beagle puppy named Sweet Pea - with Parvo, a fan and night light.
Sweet Pea ©Roberta Beach
Her symptoms are minimal (lethargy, loss of appetite - a biggy for any Beagle and some vomiting but NO diarrhea).  Her finders had her for at least a couple days; feisty and playful and then, nothing - wouldn't move, wouldn't eat, wouldn't drink. Of course, they panicked and were frightened for her life.

Sweet Pea Playing - even in isolation, puppies need to play! ©Roberta Beach
I called them back at midnight last week from work; my phone is off when I'm working so I only looked at it on break. They had no funds to treat this puppy but stayed up all night with her, finally getting her to take some water and Gatorade, dropping her off at my vet's in the morning. 

"I like to chew my toes like any baby!" ©Roberta Beach
Sweet Pea was already perking up. My vet checked for everything including Parvo - which came back positive. From my reading, if this puppy had had her first shots (which she should have), she could have a false positive. But you know, I have no clue - my other dogs are all up to date on their vaccinations but who knows who may show up in the next weeks and months - yes, it takes that long for Parvo to leave - it is hardy, it is deadly and it is nothing to be trifled with.

Rather limited venue for photos ©Roberta Beach
Therefore, Sweet Pea lives in an X-pen in the bedroom. I visit her throughout the day. Her favorite toy is a bandanna into which I put knots; she had it in her mouth the last time I left. 

Saturday, she should be good to be out for a bit but I'll limit her space as well as company - no oldies but goodies; no one whose immune system may be compromised, like Walter Brennan or Pink Floyd with their heart-worms.

I am a Sweet Pea! (whatever that is) ©Roberta Beach
I missed writing last week but between work, puppy and everyone else, something had to give and it was this blog. I kept reading and commenting but needed the time and assurance of recovery before I wrote again. Sweet Pea should recover. She may not even have Parvo - but with a positive test, I'm not taking any chances.

On a lighter note, I did some surface excavating this afternoon in the front yard where Shiloh and Mami de Gund leave their treasures; found several spinal bones, a flexible joint with attached ligament, assorted small bones and a long bone. Sigh.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Farrah Adopted

Last week was a bit bizarre. I worked my shifts but they were split and not by days but by one day, so I spent most of my off time catching up on sleep which I denied myself between those shifts. Each was extremely busy the first 4 hours, which was good as it got my adrenalin up and kept me awake the entire time.

After the second shift, I had my second wind so I met a friend for breakfast, checked on an adoption app at a vet's and walked into Busch Pet Products with other friends and one of their foster puppies (she failed - they're keeping her). She was so tired, she valiantly tried to stay upright and awake but slowwlly, slowwly, sank into slumber. We debated about putting a Puppy Alert sign up like those wet floor signs.

All that is preamble. The news, the NEWS, is my sweet Farrah, she of the Fostering Farrah blog when she lived with Susan and her dog crew, is ADOPTED. I adopt dogs out all the time; why is she so special?

At distance - for months, I could not touch her body.
Farrah has been at Silverwalk Hounds for 4 years. She wasn't adoptable for the first two due to the abuse she had suffered. Being the lady she is, she has transcended that period in her life to shine in dog class, take on the Mississippi River (Farrah is a water hog!), go hiking with Susan and her crew in the woods and now, at long last, allow herself to be found by her forever home. She needs to be with another dog and she is - a lovely, fluffy Beagle named Hugo. They are about the same age and look like they will do just fine.

Farrah, Hugo and K., her new mom!
So, when I wasn't fighting sleep and work, I was processing this most precious of adoption applications, sometimes in belief, sometimes in disbelief. All dogs deserve their own homes - Farrah above all.  And she's keeping her name!

Join the Mischief -

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WW - Mami de Gund

Portrait © Silverwalk

Mami takes over my chair - "Toasty, Mom!" © Silverwalk

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Starfish & Dog Rescue

Muggle, family dog © SW
Connor, beloved town dog © SW
I'm again daily turning away dogs. Many contacts let me know the Beagle or Coonhound have found rescue somewhere else (this warms my heart; I try to respond to anyone who contacts me); all are understanding of my extreme numbers and inability to bring in more.  While I encourage people to have more than one dog, I understand how each person, each family, needs to decide their ability of pet numbers individually. Caring for those you have or recently adopted is best; with "extra time," volunteer at your local shelter or rescue. You'll get a fix for more dogs/cats/horses (yep, I still want a horse again) and be able to go home to your balanced pack.  How can one volunteer? 

Allow me list some ways :)
  • walk dogs, pet cats, be present
  • scoop litter boxes, poop scoop a yard
  • wash crates and pads
  • wash dogs 
  • donate expertise in fundraising, computer/website skills, organization
  • take photos - photos and videos can be THE decision of whether a person looks at a dog online or passes her by; every rescue benefits from a pro or semi-pro photog who knows about photos!
  • donate newspaper space for publicity; I can't afford to buy a monthly online ad for Silverwalk Hounds...
  • foster a dog or kittens for a short time; the costs should be covered by the rescue; the love and time come from you
  • donate cash - vets, food and equipment don't come free
  • use your imagination - any rescue will appreciate hearing from you!
Harry "Skin Horse" © SW
Years ago, after my mom "made" me adopt my first MO dog, Oliver, a neighborhood stray, I decided two dogs - one for each arm as well as company for one another. Some days, I wish I had stuck to my guns and done volunteer work; most days, I am so grateful for the space I have to give multiple dogs chances for new homes or to live out their lives loved and in a home.

Victor Lab/Chessie © SW
Silverwalk is not large; Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary, of which we are a part, is larger with cats and almost the same number of dogs (though the dogs there are varied breeds & type).  I operate by the starfish story - a person is seen throwing one starfish at a time back into the ocean from hundreds stranded on a beach. When confronted by not being able to save them all so why try, the person replies as she throws one more to safe water, "It made a difference for that one."
Spanky - late sidekick ©SW

Spanky on intake © Silverwalk Hounds

I want to make a difference, one hound at a time (or two, if you like).

Friday, March 2, 2012

Aus Deutschland

Today I learn Earnhardt's soldier owner got him in Germany! What a trip he has had in his life - and now he's in MO, the middle of the USA. Incredible.

Earnhardt - German Beagle © Silverwalk Hounds

Earnhardt doing what all Beagles do, German or American © Silverwalk Hounds

Snowman is now a National Great Pyrenees Rescue dog, Yep - I am his foster - HA. The boy is getting neutered ASAP and then will do his heart-worm treatment.

Snowman - Great Pyrenees © Silverwalk Hounds

The dogs are owly tonight. The storms have been bad. We are OK, so is our immediate region but as I left work Wednesday morning, I heard on our local TV station that two storm victims were being air-lifted to our hospital :(. So sad and so devastating again; reminds us of Joplin. If I get home fairly on time, I have some poop and pee to clean up since I leave the smalls in the house; when I got home Wednesday morning after the storms, OMDog! they were scared poopless, poor things :(! Doing better but today we had another go round (yep, hail on my car in the driveway) which did not please anyone so I think most are on tenterhooks; can dogs be on tenterhooks? Sounds like a cooler and perhaps rocky weekend, too. Be safe, everyone.