Saturday, July 28, 2012

Home Visits & Puppies (with Mama!)

It's been a long but happy day.

First, I picked up Ernie Beagle, gassed up the SUV and drove him to St. Louis for his home visit and adoption. He was nervous (peed in the house - but they were prepared) and his new brother wanted to play more than Ernie. New mom took Monday off work to be home with the boys (wow) and they are Macintosh people - woohoo, another plus! HA.
Earnhardt when he first came; he now has his own home!

Then, and this is part of the hinted at news, I did a home visit for MWCR on behalf of Sparky, the rough Collie I'm fostering for them. N. had contacted me before I had him in the collie rescue after she saw him on my Petfinder page. I referred her to MWCR and her application is being approved as we speak. Wonderful home, wonderful people who are bringing their GP down next weekend to meet Sparky on neutral territory. Paws crossed for the Sparkster!

Sparky, sable & white rough Collie, trying out for his home

Sweet Pea - a piece of my heart :)

Tomorrow, we welcome a Beagle mama and her two remaining puppies. I confess - I don't have room but ya know, I miss that Sweet Pea something fierce so when I saw this wee family and heard their sad story, I said "yes" and Colorado Beagle Rescue is helping with some of their vet expenses, some of which are already done; the ACO and staff really wanted to save this family. Win - win. No photos yet but be sure, I'll share when I have them!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Dance Time Again!

Earnhardt, the German Beagle, is going to his new home tomorrow! He met his new family last Sunday with his foster mom; both he and his new brother Beagle mix ignored each other - too much to sniff :). I needed a road trip so am combining his home visit with delivering him. Now, if only I can snag a German/English dictionary to go with him....

Ernie Beagle - doing what he does best besides give love
And there may be more news but can't share yet!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Silent Sunday B&W;: Justus

Over at YDWWYW, Jess is beginning a B&W Silent Sunday. I had used Silent Sunday in another blog but love the chance to play with the apps which have quirky filters and share on this day. So, here goes:

Justus sleeping - on my lap in 100 degree temp. Do I or do I not love him?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Molly Mae - Adopted!

I'm back! I'm going through some medical treatments which, if it doesn't work, could leave me SOL. Thanks to my radiation back in 1985 (!), I have a non-healing wound on my L jaw. What really bummed me out for awhile was I thought all the cancer crap was over and done with; not so as my hyperbaric wound specialist said - those who survive oral cancer are now considered to have a chronic disease. Pooh.

This is what God has done - She has gently sent me multiple peoples who are dealing with much more than I and are coping well. These "angels unaware" have helped me see how blessed I am - and enabled me to see the bright side of this bump in the road.

I just didn't feel like/or have the energy for blogging but have enjoyed keeping up with others. And now for GREAT NEWS from Silverwalk:

Molly T., the tennis ball fiend of a Beagle who also has OC behavior, was ADOPTED on Friday! She went home on a trial visit Wednesday, gets along with the top cat (they are best buds) and tried to snag two perfectly round tomatoes thinking they were tennis balls.  K. had brought them over, holding both in a hand while Molly kept jumping up or staring at them. Her new owners were aware of what was going on, finally letting K. in on the "joke." But when they put the tomatoes on the table, Molly still wanted them - she was thwarted :). HA.

Let me present Molly Mae - a rescue Beagle with her own home, mom, 2 cats and human sister.

And how did this wonderful family find out about Molly? Because Molly's new mom is the mother-in-law to the woman who adopted Farrah! When she was here volunteering last week, she just knew Molly was the right dog for her - and she is :).

Molly's OC behavior was so mild  before the super high heat wave, I was amazed; she did have some spinning when it was so hot but I think she was stressed due to the heat. Her new family has not seen any OC behavior. YESH - with a stable home, I do believe she will cont. her road to recovery.