Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WW - Darby & Jasper

Darby and Jasper - both male Beagles long adopted; this photo literally was shot blind from the hip. I love it!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Mischief - Not in Kansas....

I posted in my newspaper blog about the dog conspiracy of digging; not just one dog for one hole - oh, no, multiple dogs for one big hole...and now they've been up to more mischief!

Here is their next but not final escapade - this dog house with its twin have sat quietly in the same location for a couple years. Do worms and bugs breed if I don't move the houses? Is this what the dogs namely Seymour, Justus, Peanut, and Margie, search for in their un-earthing pursuit?

"Help me! I'm sinking!"
Dog made Sink Hole
 The culprits (as far as I can tell from visual observation in their cooperative endeavor):


Same house in a happier time - a place of rest for Hickory Dock

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Paw Painting

The puppies are growing - Diva is less heavy than Ralph Waldo but she runs and runs and runs more than he. I put them out in an X-pen in the morning but am having some trouble. The foster Dachshunds, both of them, she Angel and he Luna, seem to be assuming mother duties in addition to real mom Gidget Beagle.
Gidget, Beagle mama
Today, I separated the Doxies from the family - Gidget was able to correct Diva (I still have trouble with this but just am not used to it, I guess) without someone correcting HER (that would be Angel) as well as Luna correcting Diva, too. Do I need to worry about bullying?

Diva on left, Ralph Waldo right
In the evening, I was letting them run around in the back room (the DR and former BR w/o a wall). Thursday evening, I let them out with a couple other dogs (not the Doxies - bless them for wanting to play or whatever) and worked on the computer. Well, babies and puppies...

Both paint with what they have available: Poop. My sparkling floor, which I had swept, washed and Sharked, had puppy poop smeared in multiple spots; smeary enough I needed to re-wash cause I couldn't spot clean. I leave a puppy pad for them which they usually use; apparently I left them too long to their own devices!
Ralph Waldo


Tonight, when Justus and I went out for dinner and a walk, I let the puppies stay outside with the Doxies and Mom (in HW tx recovery mode) inside. By the time I got back and prepared their crate for bed, they were pooped puppies who followed me into the house, getting up the two steps with the other few dogs still outside with them. Good puppies!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Introducing Diva and Ralph Waldo, true survivors and now playful playmates, with their mother, Gidget.

Ralph Waldo and Diva

Gidget and her remaining 2 puppies were saved by the Kennett Humane Dept. She was 8# when found; the puppies I have, the survivors, are 3.5# (Ralph Waldo - who almost didn't make it) and 3.75# (Diva). They are about 6-7 weeks old and weaned; Gidget has nothing left to give.  Five puppies died of starvation - a neighbor knew Gidget was tied out in the yard without food or water but didn't want to further distress her owner who was going through a divorce. Someone finally called, the ACO cared for them for 3 weeks; now they are here. 


All of us need to be advocates for those who are unable to speak on their own - children, elderly, animals, flora, and fauna. Everyone and everything on this planet is our neighbor; I want to be the Good Samaritan, not the priest who lifted his skirts and walked on by....

Thank you, Tena and Kayla, for alerting me to the needs of this wee family. And thank you to Sweet Pea, who stole a piece of my heart, opening it up for these wee puppies, the smallest I have ever cared for.