Monday, September 10, 2012

Bang! Boof! Crash!

I awoke with a start, covered with dogs and hearing an ungodly noise from another part of the house. I immediately suspected Gidget because she is a counter walker, knocking stuff off and strewing it around. Ruled her out immediately - she was asleep on my lap.

Gidget mama Beagle - not guilty
I had to throw off about 6 dogs (it really gets crowded now with the foster Dachshunds plus my two Dachshunds and sundry Beagles and oh, on occasion, 60# or so Justus, the hound/Dobie/whatever blend) to investigate.


I so wish I had one because as I walked toward the kitchen, I looked into the breezeway from where the noise was coming and saw.....

Snowy - guilty

Snowman playing with Walter's plastic blue bowl. That young Great Pyrenees was throwing it up, letting it drop, then throwing it again, doing a play bow, and repeating. HILARIOUS and I have no clue what made him do it but.....the next week, this week, in the daytime, he did it again and I didn't find Walter's bowl till the next day out in the yard. Silly boy :).