Monday, October 29, 2012

Prayers Today

Shared by a friend in NJ - Cape May, NJ
We sent Snowy and Sammy to the northeast last week - and now here comes Hurricane Sandy. The photo above is the beginning - I know many of you live in or near the affected areas; our prayers are with you through this week. Be safe, be strong, be prepared.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Black & White Sunday: Lenny

Lenny lost his eye to horrible glaucoma; he is now much loved living with another Beagle

Friday, October 26, 2012

Snoopy's Evening Out

Snoopy Beagle - a former single dog learning to live in a pack

Fluffy Snoopy Beagle girl has been here almost two months. The puppies drive her crazy but she loves, loves to go on walks and errands. 

Tonight was her night. I was headed to my favorite bakery/coffee shop, Panera, for supper; the temperature was very cool so a dog would do well in the car. Justus was AWOL and the Snoopster was at the door so she came with me. 

In the sunshine driving out, she watched the scenery. While I ate and let my back muscles relax in front of the fire (after driving Snowman all that way, I was still tense), she napped. We then went for a very nice walk - Snoopy is a walking, sniffing machine! She napped again while I moseyed around Barnes & Noble, then watched me drive us home. 

Good dog-I hope you enjoyed your special time alone, Snoopy!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Independence - Not All it's Cracked up to Be

Ahhh....what I feared came to pass: Mami was hit by a vehicle. I didn't see nor hear it but found her home outside as I went out to car to pick up Katniss Beagle at vet's (bad cough sec. to heart-worms). Mami let me scoop her up w/o moving much and lay in my lap as I drove (I know, I know, but for her it was most comfortable).

Mami de Gund in my chair
Damages: multiple shallow wounds, some road rash, 3 broken ribs (1, 2, 3 on the right side) but no hemo/pneumothorax (thank you, God). She stayed overnight at vet's to be sure; came home today hungry, moving OK, but is now a house dog out on leash for her business and exercise.

We were blessed this time - don't want to defy this blessing by cont. to let her jump out of yard. I can put up a hot wire and may yet do that to be extra safe as I'm sure I won't always catch her before she jumps up but for now, we don't think she'll be jumping much as her ribs heal.

On a happier note, Snowman will be traveling to his new foster to adopt home this Thursday. We will all miss Snowy as he charmed everyone who met him. He finally mastered "sit." YESH. He's going to New York state in the PETS rig with two other Missouri Great Pyrs. It will be a happy, very early day for all!

Snowy in the colors of fall

Monday, October 22, 2012

Living with "No"

I'm a rescuer/sanctuary. My dogs are well cared for (I trimmed two sets of nails this morning both on tough nail dogs; with Walter, sometimes I had to use two hands to get through his thick old dog black nails), they have lots of space to run and play but I need to get out there more often with them plus I need to get to adoption events way more often and why don't I? Work and rare adoptions but getting our name out there, getting awareness that Safe Harbor has two sites: one is Safe Harbor proper and the other is Silverwalk, the hound division, is the drive to keep going when I want to bury my head and stay home (and to be truthful, sometimes I do, not always intentionally). 

Danny Quinn napping on my legs

And I need to get dogs adopted as I have too many. My dogs live in an open pack in that they are not kenneled in outdoor kennels but live as Foxhounds (though in a house!). With the larger numbers I now have, I notice the stress on all the dogs, both the newbies and those who have been here longer. Our state license dept. always tell us to keep our numbers down and yet, where else will some of these cats & dogs go if not to us?

Annie Beagle in her younger days - she's mine :)

So how do I de-stress the dogs and myself?
  • A new friend and I are working on putting up donated chain link fence so we have 3 separate areas in the acreage for dogs to be, thus allowing me to separate the pack with fewer dogs interacting together. 
  • Snowman is moving to a new foster foster to adopt home in NY - yeah for him! 
  • Gidget will be adopted as soon as she is done with her heart-worm treatment and spayed, opening up her foster home to another dog from Silverwalk (I hope). 
  • I'm learning to compartmentalize my life somewhat so I can study and keep ahead of what I need to do and be for work as well as do all I can for my dogs. 
  • Silverwalk has a number of new volunteers interested in starting this week as soon as I snag a volunteer application; two of whom like weekends (on which I am usually only "on call" at night). YESH. 
  • Another friend has set aside an upper room in her new, lovely old house for me - where I can go and sleep w/o hound-song, in the dark, laying flat, alone. Sometimes, this is heaven...last night I had 9 dogs on me but I was still exhausted from two nights of crazy work, they were great comfort as I slept hard anyway. 
Justus on top of my big chair - 60# of firm pillow

It is now "easier" to say "no" with my upcoming surgery. I cannot take in anyone else and yet, I see the need every day - and it competes with many other social needs for which I, too, want to volunteer (homelessness, CASA, etc.).

What I personally need to do is remember why and what type of dog I originally wanted to rescue: Beagles with whom to train for good social skills and manners, ready for new homes and better lives. I wanted to find dogs homes but I also wanted to train them for their best homes.

Shiloh decked out for Halloween

I also read blogs, check out your links, meet-up with shelters/rescues who can help me and vice verse as well as pray and read, thanking God daily for this mission and for the friends, learning it gives me everyday - esp. from the dogs. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Black & White Sunday - Margie

Margie Curled Up in Nest
Well, lots going on here - I do need to have surgery ("It will be very painful") so when they asked how soon I wanted to do it ("within 30 days?"), I said "yes, but after October 25 so I can take Snowman to meet his ride in AR." Hey, one does have one's priorities!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Puppy Kisses

Ralph Waldo - growing up; now 15# at almost 4 months old

Today, Diva and Ralph Waldo "sold" puppy kisses at Pet Fest, a now annual festival put on by my friend, Stacy, through her store, Busch Pet Products and Care. There was a terrific turn-out with lots of good discussion. One woman remarked to me how well-behaved all the dogs were - those at tables: Silverwalk, Safe Harbor, and HSSEMO as well as those visiting and participating in contests. The local Greyhound Rescue was there as well as Search and Rescue Dogs with their trainers.

Yep, contests: best costume, most look-alike (dog and owner), tricks, and largest/smallest. Dang - having the puppies there precluded my bringing Snowman with whom I handily would have won the largest dog contest.

The puppies had fun, met lots of dogs and people who were new, and showed that in new, strange situations, Ralph is the leader and Diva follows his lead. When Diva was out by herself, she withdrew from new dogs but when I put Ralph out, too, he went right up to any dog and then, Diva would, too. Interesting. Lots of fun and they sacked out after I put them back in their crate in the sun on a chilly day. Tired puppies are good puppies :).

Saturday, October 6, 2012

We're Back!

I'm back! I've been reading a lot of blogs but just not writing for various reasons which are now in the past (I hope).

Lots going on here @ Silverwalk:
Hickory Dock
Lemon Drop

  1. Snowman is moving to Delaware on Oct. 25 sec. to my perhaps needing surgery. I will miss the big lug but he is going to a wonderfully successful foster home. 
  2. Hickory Dock is adopted - is loved and approved by his new parents and grandchildren as well as the neighbors he met while out cavorting after going through an open door. 
  3. I have two more tiny Beagle girls from Kennett Humane Dpt.: Katniss and Lemon Drop.
  4. Lemon Drop, except for her HW+ status, is ready for a home. 
  5. Katniss has a horrible mouth, is recovering from near starvation (similar to Gidget and her pups), of course is HW+ and will need some longer term medical intervention before she is ready for adoption. Both Dr. Monica and Steph are eager to see the change in her personality after her major dental on Monday when she is no longer in so much pain. I have to soften any kibble plus I feed her wet food for now.
  6. Ava is here from our local Humane Society; I may have written about her earlier. She is a small Beagle girl, mostly lemon and white, with a slightly cherry eye. Am using ointment for now in hopes it will reduce the inflammation; she may still need a "tuck." 
  7. Diva and Ralph Waldo are approaching their mother Gidget in weight. They both only now need to be altered before adoption and will be at Pet Fest tomorrow selling "puppy kisses" to raise money for Silverwalk. 
  8. Gidget has completed her final series of HW tx; she will now recover and then be adopted by a friend of her foster mom - YESH.