Friday, November 30, 2012

Puppies Going Home!

Sleeping Ralph Waldo and sister Diva - keeping me warm
Today, Ralph Waldo and his sister Diva went home/adopted with/by two of my volunteers - their real home where there will be no more starvation, no more lack of care. They will/are loved and photographed almost to death. Diva will live separately from Ralph which will take her some getting used to as she depends on her big brother (size,  not age). This will be good for them (I keep telling myself).

Their adopters are wonderful families with other dogs so neither will be lonely. Have happy lives, puppies! We will miss you (well, maybe not Snoopy - HA).

Monday, November 26, 2012

Down to the Wire with Mischief Afoot

I could go without repeating last week; to recap:

 younger Seymour

On Monday, I drove 4 hrs both ways to Columbia to walk out Seymour holding his hind end up with a towel, then send him to Heaven. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts.
tired puppies - Ralph Waldo and Diva

On my way back, Seymour must have spoken to two of my volunteers who came out to leave a Thanksgiving card and wound up rescuing 6 escapees (thanks, Margie) and staying till I got home.  YESH - Kali and Zach! They are fostering the puppies for December.
Margie, adventurer, terrier

On Tuesday, Margie again escapes and I don't find her till Sunday when I snatch her out of our local Humane Society. They had a found report but no one recognized her which is why I tell people to go look every other day with your own eyes. Those people get swamped with incoming and outgoing animals...As of today, Margie has a snug collar on with a tag as well as is microchipped (she's my own dog and she wasn't chipped; bad mom).  I thank the person who found her, did NOT keep her but took her to the Humane Society.
Betty Boop, RIP
Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, Betty Boop began similar IVDD symptoms to Seymour's! AGH - is this catching? I watched her at home, giving her pain meds and holding her very carefully with an aligned spine. She was in a lot of pain so I sent her to Heaven Friday vet speculated she may have a tumor instead of IVDD.

This week has started out better but I'm down to the wire for fosters and boarding as well as cleaning before surgery next week. Bright side: two dogs I didn't expect to be will be fostered by friends; the Doxies all have fosters and perhaps Snoopy if I get my rear in gear and talk to her former parents - a neighbor of their's was interested in her...maybe even two weeks would help me a lot!

My volunteers are back and coming different evenings this week; Wednesday my pet sitters' are coming for orientation and as of Saturday evening, I should be set and ready to roll. I'm such a procrastinator... but things are looking up - especially after finding Margie, who is now chipped - did I say that??

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Black & White Sunday: Veterans' Day 2012

Beneath this photo of my Dad as a WWII Vet with a Dachshund is one of him
and his 3 brothers, all in service together though in different branches.
PFC Robert D. Beach served in the Air Corp from 1943 - 1945 mostly in the China-Burma-India theatre.
He like many of his greatest generation kept what they saw, had to do and what happened to them and their comrades close to themselves. I inadvertently made him weep when I picked him up long ago to see the movie "Memphis Belle."
At the time, I hadn't connected exactly what he did with what that movie portrayed. My dad loaded bombs into the
B-52s, watched them take off and sometimes, never come back. He said "We were only 19 years old..."
We buried him in his uniform.

I love you, Daddy

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Seymour P.H. Update

Seymour P.H. outside while in hospital

Seymour still at MIZZOU Vet Hospital. His 4th yr vet student Megan keeps me informed daily. He's getting physical therapy several times a day, goes outside (as you can see) and sleeps on M's lap while she does paperwork. No neuro return; he'll be there for at least one more week. Thank you for all your prayers. Seymour will spend Dec at @LaCroix Pet Hospital while I'm in Barnes for my surgery and recovery.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Just a little Mischief....

do NOT let your dog ride in your car this way
Sweet Lemon Drop came with me to Busch Pet Products on Saturday. I had her on my lap but this is how she rode most of the way - bad dog and mom.

Lemon did turn on the charm and mischief at the store with a very young boy (she was gentle but did put her front paws on him; he had a dog and wasn't scared) as well as several others. No adopters though.

Excuse me - I had to facilitate Walter's getting his spot on the about mischief; he was bawling and that was all he wanted...:). 

Sunday afternoon, Peanut, tail wagging and moving like a young dog, among others went walking with three new volunteers; two were here last week and a young sister came along, too; she was instantly loved by all the small and medium dogs as she held and petted each one. Danny Quinn, my blue eyed Dachshund, went for a walk - well, a partial walk - he keeled over half way through and "had" to be carried back; little mischief maker.

I took this photo early last week before Seymour's injury. He didn't fall nor was he stepped on as far as I know; I saw his walking change and knew something wasn't right but didn't make the leap to IVDD till he really couldn't walk and pulled himself across the front room. Seymour is, I believe, the middle top dog - fuzzy, long hair.
Still hanging in there, eating a lot...will take a while for any change to show up.  I am very grateful to Jen of the Elka Almanac who shared an IVDD blog with me; it has tons of answers and questions for me to ask. As you can see, I rarely need a blanket anymore!

And here is Ava, adoptable Beagle, demonstrating our lovely new "Adopt Me" bandanas from Doggie-Duds, who donated several sizes to us. Ava is learning to like the crate because, ahem, she counter-surfs where I would not expect a small, 13" Beagle to be able to reach! Another mischief maker....uff da. We've had enough mischief this week to last a long time :)!

Ava as model - "Adopt Me"

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Seymour Update

Seymour, upper left, is doing OK - he's pigging out, wants to push his way out of his crate, is out of ICU and catheter removed so they are expressing his bladder.  No return of sensation nor motor but still early. Was told to wait at least 3-5 months before getting a wheelchair for him so he can maximally work on recovery before "giving up" as to that recovery. Thanks for all the support.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Yesterday morning now (can't believe it's already so late!), Seymour P. H. (phillip hoffman) was paralyzed from his "waist" on back. By the time we saw our vet here in Cape and then got to the Vet School 4 hrs away, he had lost all sensation and motion on both sides and was unable to pee or poop. Diagnosis: IVDD (interverbral disc disease) where the nucleus pulposus (the soft spongy blob between the spinal bones) leaks out and compresses the spinal cord. Both Beagles and Dachshunds are highly prone to this. Seymour has had surgery; his surgeon called me after the MRI (didn't sound good) and again after surgery (much better) - he has no return of anything yet, was/is in a lot of pain so will stay there for several days to two weeks. Will update you more when I can but wanted to get this online for you all asking for prayers. Expensive surgery and treatment but he's one of my boys along with Justus and Danny; he knows my habits better than I - I could not NOT give him a chance.

Seymour P.H., tweenie long hair Dachshund