Saturday, December 29, 2012

The 30/30 Challenge & Beagle Boy

Jess over at YDWWYW? offered a challenge to kick off the New Year right - get out and walk those dogs every day for 30 minutes. With my medical issues now resolved (thinking very positively!), the dogs and I all need daily physical and mental stimulation. I was thinking along these lines, then read Jess's latest post. YESH! We are IN.

Here's my plan: weekly on Friday, I'll post about how well we have kept to our new, daily habit, with which dog(s), and the changes I've seen in the dogs as well as volunteer observations. Hope to see wonderful results throughout the month (and year). Knowing me, it won't be perfect but the effort and challenge are irresistible. I'll join Jess and others who are IN by support and follow-up.

I'm making myself accountable in another way, too, by asking my introverted self to Engage times 52 in 2013. My definition is a weekly community activity outside my normal milieu and personal space. Yikes! I wonder how many new people, experiences, and explorations will occur this year - at least 52!  One planned "engagement" is attending BlogPaws 2013 in VA (staying with my sister). If you are so inclined, feel free to follow me and help me branch out; these posts are planned weekly on Mondays :).  Am I holding myself accountable or what? HA.

With the changes in lives here and gone at Silverwalk, we're privileged to welcome Beagle Boy. He doesn't have a name yet so please share any ideas; here's his pic. He is doing great boarded at the vet's - dogs, cats, people. Was found lost; no one claimed him in 10 days :(. I meet Roy about halfway Monday morning. Thanks for your time and compassion, Roy and Rita, who contacted me about BB. How did they find me? Apparently, more than one person in the St. Louis area let them know about Silverwalk, including our rescue friend, Debi Baker.

Beagle Boy joining Silverwalk

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Christmas Season

I get to be thankful today, speaking for Mum, who types and reads this machine WAY too much; at least I get to sleep in her lap while she's on it - hehe.

Danny Quinn here, blue eyed, chocolate and tan, double dapple, tweenie Dachshund extraorindaire (if you don't count my poop eating; I keep things clean!). Mum is two and a half weeks post op now (meaning she had her surgery that long ago). It was supposed to be very painful but wasn't - huzzah! Mum's still home from work and spoiling us with her presence and presents. See my present? It's a colorful sweater from Mum's friend's shop, Busch Pet Products. I LOVE it. It keeps me toasty warm which is good cause I'm a chilly willy.

While Mum was in hospital and then recovering at home, I stayed with a friend of hers, Rochelle and her other dogs. My new friend there is Brinkley, a beautiful pit bull puppy almost full grown. Rochelle said Brinks and I ran through the house like banshees, whatever they are. We had fun.

Mum and I are thankful for Rochelle, Abigail (who fostered and then ADOPTED Herman), Cheryl (who is still fostering Cyrano, lucky duck), Susan (fostering Gidget and Clementine) as well as Busch's Kennel, LaCroix Pet Hospital (Ava, Katniss, and Lemon Drop are still having a private party there), and Courtney, who, with Susan, fed the five dogs left at home. Wasn't that something? So many people stepped up to help us in our month of need, only 5 dogs were at home while Mum was indisposed.

We are also very thankful for our wonderful volunteers who come out in two's and 5's to walk, love, poop scoop (I do my part to lessen this chore) and generally help keep our place looking nice and us dogs VERY happy. Thank you, all - can't wait to see you again in January.  Two volunteers, Kali and Zach, adopted the puppies, Diva and Ralph Waldo nka Waldo. Whoopee!

What's that? the Christmas Season?* OK - well, Mum wants to remind you all: the true Christmas season began Dec. 25 and ends on the Feast of the Magi Jan. 6. SO - if you haven't sent out your cards or presents, you are NOT late, you are just within the season. And what is most important? To love and care for one another, just as the shepherds, Mary, and Joseph loved and cared for Jesus, Who LOVES us all, even those who don't believe in Him.

I think that's plenty for a wee Doxie brain to share and type but it's in my heart!

Again? Mum says to tell you we're enjoying the snow (that's a matter of opinion - ahem). She's from the great white North so this is a real treat for her. Whatever....she's still good to me :).

*Christian tradition
In the Christian tradition the Christmas season is a period beginning on Christmas Day (25 December). In some churches (e.g. the Church of England) the season continues until the day before the Epiphany, which falls either on 6 January or on the Sunday between 2 and 8 January. In other churches (e.g. the Roman Catholic Church) it continues until the feast of the Baptism of the Lord, which falls on the Sunday following the Epiphany, or on the Monday following the Epiphany if the Epiphany is moved to 7 or 8 January. If the Epiphany is kept on 6 January, the Church of England's use of the term Christmas season corresponds to the Twelve Days of Christmas, and ends on Twelfth Night.
This short Christmas season is preceded by Advent, which begins four Sundays before Christmas Day: the majority of the secular "holiday season" falls during Advent. The Church of England and some Protestant churches follow the Christmas season with an Epiphany season.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday before Christmas, 2012

Dogs are coming back to Silverwalk and making the house a home again. My home will never be on a show tour but it is full of love. I'm hearing from adopters, too; what joy this brings!

Here is Earnest, the Beagle who started in Germany and given up to a friend in MO when his owner was again deployed. The "friend" didn't do well by him, so his aunt got him to me. He is now in a wonderful, loving home. 

Ernie (L) and his new family in St. Louis

We got a Christmas photo of Sparky, the Rough Collie, as well. I personally fostered him for Minnesota-Wisconsin Collie Rescue but his adopter saw him on my Silverwalk Petfinder site before his intake into MWCR was complete. She was so impressed, she followed through with MWCR. Sparky, who had trouble eating (just not much appetite) is now eating everything and looking for more; he plays with his Great Pyrenees sister (who thinks he is a bit crazy) and when she takes his antler, he quietly gets up and gets himself another. Good dog, Sparky!

Sparky with his mom at work

The latest puppies stopped by with their parents, of course (puppies can't drive) to give me a present and chase Justus all around the yard. They are growing and being so sweet and smart. The dogs they live with love them - really! Here is Waldo in his Christmas tux: 

Waldo is a very handsome, growing puppy. 

Below is the Manley family, who adopted Betsy Beagle several years ago - they are wonderful, giving people involved with church, school, sports, and our community.  

Bailey, Eli, Jack with Dottie (above), Roxie (lower left) and Betsy

A very Merry Christmas to all and the very Happiest of New Year's!

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday #2 - Herman Miller

Herman's secret is out of the bag - his temporary foster mom failed Fostering 101 and is adopting Herman to live with Maggie! OK, Maggie is not thrilled but at least they were both on the couch together. Merry, merry Christmas, Herman, Maggie, Abigail and Darnell. And, Herman is already in this year's photo Christmas card as part of the family. Sing, heart, sing!

Herman Miller in his new home asking for a treat

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Mischief - HOME

HOME! Even doggy smells and mess doesn't deter Silverwalk from being home, although, after having been in a very clean environment for 5 days, I see and smell afresh just how much cleaning I need to do!

Pink Floyd - learning to be a lap dog

Monk - still skittish but lets me pet him

Annie Beagle - total relaxation

Walter Brennan - black dog loves the sun

a fuzzy Snoopy Beagle - she's camera/iPhone shy

It is so nice to be home - and only with 5 dogs presently. Others will start trickling back this Thursday but for now, Pink Floyd has decided he is, indeed, a lap dog; Annie Beagle always has been one (she being one of my personal dogs) and Snoopy Beagle wanting to be one along with going for walks and errands in the car.

Monk, of course, is here - he is now back in his crate for meals as I need to re-arrange crates after losing five dogs (puppies adopted, three to heaven) prior to going into hospital. The friends who are temporarily fostering dogs keep me up to date - all are doing well; in fact, Herman and Maggie (mutual stink eyes) have shared the couch! Wow.

Walter Brennan Black and Tan Coonhound is here, too; he loves being the big dog on the couch w/o having to share with Justus and Peanut. Everyone needs a bath - I'm not good at giving regular baths; it is a New Year's resolution: one bath each dog once a month (or as needed in the cases of Shiloh and Mami - boarded because of their wandering ways).

I look forward to reading blog entries I missed; some I was able to get in hospital, others needed to wait. So different from 10 years ago: then, I used the TV for video entertainment and had real books to read - this time, I had a tablet (Google Nexus 7); both read, watched programs, and listened to podcasts on it. Goodness - what will it be like in another 10 years?

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Last Days

Lilah - adopted and living in Nashville, TN

The final dogs will be leaving today for fostering. Two people (who have previously helped Silverwalk) stepped up through Facebook: one to foster and both working on fundraising along with my sister in VA who's setting up a Facebook page and Chip-In. Any help in funding the boarding and food costs is fabulous cause then I "only" need to deal with my medical costs and normal bills (insurance doesn't cover everything).

It has been so strange as I've boarded dogs and handed Herman over to Abigail. What I've noticed is dogs who don't normally get a lot of personal time are now getting it with other, more assertive dogs gone and the numbers down. This reminds me to keep my numbers manageable - and then I see a starving Coonhound and yesterday, noticed a young dog who looks exactly like my Margie in AR who needs a home. Sigh.

What I'm seeing is mentally healthier dogs in a smaller pack. This is why I can send dogs to new homes  easily (well, not always but...) because I know they will be in best situations and have the attention, more precise training they need. It is also why foster homes are so important to rescue; adopters can see more of the real dog than a dog in a pack environment, however healthy I may try to keep that environment (which is one reason I try to stay with hounds but, as you all know, not exclusively). I need to follow up on one (and all, just to do so) but otherwise, hear very good things.

With fewer numbers than 23, more like 16 (my goal), I can keep up on nasty ears, nail trimming, baths (which I am bad about unless they smell like skunk or manure!) and training. I love training. Plus, trying to work full time hours and be the only person daily here reinforces the lower numbers. The volunteers who come to walk, love, poop scoop and clean are gold and much, much appreciated!

Sorry, I've been doing a lot of thinking these past few days; am also a tad nervous about Monday. I've tried to be pragmatic but surgery is always tough, always has its pros and cons. I have wonderful support, my sister is coming down with her husband (who has a honey-do list), a foster home has volunteered more to help with yard and fence....and all is in God's hands. Have a blessed weekend; tomorrow, I go up to StL a day ahead to stay in a motel next to the hospital, eat at the next door Panera and prepare for the upcoming week.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

RIP, little Sheila

Sheila Sheltie has not been herself for several weeks. Yesterday, she gave her heart to God and left this earth w/o discernible pain. I dried her from the rain, clipped the Princess's nails and let her go into her crate on a fresh, dry blanket. She was breathing with a heart beat when I left for a Christmas party; she was gone when I came back.

Sheila, God needed a wee herder to help him wrangle. Greet Seymour, Betty Boop, Cane, Victor, Penney, Louie, and all your former and new friends for me.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Margie Mischief

Last Monday I marched into my vet in the afternoon with Miss Margie, the escapee/chicken wire ripper. I informed, kindly, the receptionist that Margie needed a microchip after I found her (thank you, God) at our Humane Society the day before. Aside: the Humane Society was closing but they opened the dog pens to me as a courtesy - the work they do is tough but they love the animals and I found Margie.  So, Michelle, bless her, says "OK, I need to make an appointment for a microchip." I replied, gently but firmly, with Margie in tow, "No, Michelle, we are not leaving until Margie has a microchip." "OH, so, you are not LEAVING till Margie has a microchip?!" "Yes, thank you." It really was funny even though 1) I was embarrassed for not having her chipped long ago and 2) I was terrified of her getting loose again when I was in StL in hospital. SO, Margie has her microchip and yes, she did get loose again -

Puppy Margie - almost 4 years ago
I had wrapped and staked chicken wire to and around the hole she had used the previous week. HA - Margie, though a Mutt (we all celebrated National Mutt Day yesterday, right?), mostly looks like a Border Terrier mix, emphasis on the Terrier. Chicken wire is no match for a determined Terrier. When I didn't see her around, I checked the hole - the stakes remained but the wire from the hole and fence was ripped back....Margie is smart but there are other small dogs not so smart I don't want going through her holes (and don't let me get started on Peanut's holes; she is, I was told, a Weim/Lab mix, not a small dog; currently, she can stand in a couple of her holes and I only see her back! AAUGH!).

I patched up the Margie hole with decorative cement tiles (big ones). Margie came home in the evening before I left for work (TBTG, again). GRR....I took Katniss and Lemon Drop in to the vet for boarding and their overnight HW tx Saturday morning, almost taking Margie in, too.

Margie ripping out chicken wire

Today, of course, is Monday. Margie has not escaped all weekend long. I just looked and she's napping on the couch back. She is scheduled to board Thursday morning since, sigh, my surgery has been delayed a week or so due to an urgent (understandable!) cancer case who can't wait or it would be bad :(.

Snoopy, please send safe vibes to Margie, my current mischief maker: I don't care if she helps Peanut dig holes (OK, I do care but....), I just want her to be safe and live with me till we are both old (well, older for me).