Thursday, February 21, 2013

In All Things, Give Thanks

A dear friend was reminded a while ago to take time for her own animals as well as those she rescued. It's not that she didn't care for them - not at all - but, like me, she easily got caught up in the bustle of finding homes, vetting adopters and dogs, working to put food on the table and in the dog bowls, taking dogs to adoption events, etc.

What I take away from the January challenges is to pay attention and appreciate those dogs who belong to me. They are MY dogs. I care and live with the sanctuary dogs and MY dogs together in a pack, but need to carve out time for MY dogs, so they well know Mom :). After losing three of MY dogs in the last quarter - overwhelming, heart-breaking; the losses rocked me back to fundamentals.

Anyone who has read or perused back posts knows Justus, my hound/Doberman mix. I also have Danny Quinn, the blue eyed, chocolate and tan, double dapple tweenie Dachshund who is asleep on my lap right now.  I adopted Danny as a yearling from a now good rescue friend who pulled him from a puppy mill. His coloring is not a good color to breed, which most likely spared him many years of misery. Danny is my resident poopaholic - has been from day one. YECH.

Danny Quinn

Annie Beagle has been with me since she was maybe two. She was a stray, rescued and vetted by a wonderful woman whose female GSD would not let any more dogs in her home. So convicted was she to save Annie, she sponsors her for life: all vet and food bills for Annie go through her champion, Angie. Annie is my Energizer Beagle - she can still zoom with the best, has HER spot on the back of the couch, and loves to clean my nose....

Annie Beagle  - in repose

Healing my heart is my unexpected new Beagle girl, Keen. She was found a stray in the road and taken to Safe Harbor; Alice offered her to Silverwalk, since I am the Beagle sanctuary. She was to be up for adoption, but sometimes, somehow, a dog comes along who crawls right into your heart and soul - such is Keen. Unfortunately, she is a fence climber; she spends most of her days exploring with Shiloh and Mami - sigh. But, she comes home; first time she climbed out, she came to a brand new name and a brand new person; I pulled her into my lap one morning when, miraculously, she had stayed in the yard while I worked overnight - she took some time to relax, but boy, then did she - has a nice snore. She's MY new girl.

Keen  - looks a lot like Annie

And yes, there are several sanctuary dogs who may as well be mine since I know they won't be going anywhere else. However, I need to remind myself to cherish each dog, each life with whom I'm entrusted - MINE or sanctuary.

For those of you who are horse enthusiasts, Keen is, indeed, named after Keen, the dressage phenomenon with Hilda Gurney in the '70s.


  1. Such a wise reminder. I don't know how you do it with so many dogs (both yours and waiting for homes) depending on you.

    Honey is finding Layla's presence a little stressful. I was happy to walk Honey alone this morning (Layla would have frozen in her little beagle coat) in the wind and the cold. It was great to see Honey's spirits come up as soon as we started playing chase the pine cone on our walk.

    I'll think often of your wise words and make sure I give Honey plenty of break from our little visitor.

    1. This is exactly what I need to do more often with my own dogs...and why I found the Jan. challenges so helpful as they crystalized both my need (more exercise) and the needs of my personal dogs (don't forget us!). So glad Honey responded well to her personal time with the pine cone :).

  2. PepiSmartDog: What a lovely story; it was great to learn about your wonderful fur family. And guess what? Mum knows who Keen is (she was a Dressage rider!) Thank you for joining Thankful Thursday and I look forward to learning more about you and your fur family. :=o)

    1. Oh, Pepi OTRB! I'm delighted your Mum knew of Keen; I remember watching them in amazement. Another activity your Mum will appreciate - back in 2005 (I have the T-shirt), some friends and I were able to see the real, true, Spanish Riding School of Vienna perform in St. Louis. We all came away unworthy :) and very grateful to see the legacy of Alois Podhasky.

  3. im was touched about it and it was a wonderful/lovely story ever.

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    1. Thank you - and I did visit your blog, Jr. Ocero; very good, kind information for us dog lovers. Please post more!

  4. Congratulations on Keen, of the very sweet (somewhat Annie-like) face!

    I think I would have a hard time with that, were I in your shoes. Individual time with the dogs. Being able to give them up (I had a long dog drought of a life, okay?) once other homes call to them, that sort of thing. I know they appreciate the work you do, and life you give them!

  5. Hello my friend,
    What a good message for everyone involved in rescue to make sure to cherish the dogs that wait each day, only for you. My Mommy Jenny volunteers each week at our local shelter, taking pet portraits and then spends hours at home making posters for them. But we always have plenty of time together, and she takes me everywhere she possibly can.
    We just lost my beloved uncle Happydog this week, and my uncle Jessie in November, so we are all too familiar with the loss and heartache. I hope your heart heals completely. Us dogs have that affect on helping the healing process.
    Take care and I'd love to be friends,
    Love & Hugs ~ Pixel

  6. Hi Roberta, Thanks for stopping by, nice to meet you. Sorry about the loss of your dogs. Losing three so close together is surely rough. Your current pack sounds like a lovely, loving bunch of pups. And I'm sure you'll have many adventures together. Which is another great point you made, enjoy the moment!!! Happy Saturday.