Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter and Kissing Walter

Apparently, a rabbit came into the yard this morning, yes, Easter morning....he/she is now with God. As I was leaving the house ON TIME for church, I heard this growling, grrring which bespoke a coveted treasure and someone not sharing....I deprived the dogs of the rest of the rabbit and made it to church for the sermon plus.

This is part of the world of dogs - part of hounds especially. I would love a cat - a fully clawed adult cat who wouldn't go out the dog door but swat any dog who dared cross her. Unfortunately, with the change over of dogs here and never knowing who is cat/small animal-aggressive or not, having one is not an option till I stop rescuing and only have my dogs.

What a lovely turn of weather today - when I arrived at church, it was raining; by the time I came out, the sun was shining, birds were chirping - gosh, is Spring really here? Did it wait to celebrate the Resurrection with us? Was Friday cool, drizzly, and damp on purpose in response to the Crucifixion? God only knows - and I give thanks for all this day means - and to know the rabbit is with God, having commited no sin.

Yesterday, we had a great time at the Easter egg hunt for Cape First Church. Thank you for inviting Safe Harbor/Silverwalk and the Humane Society to share our dogs with your hunt. From Silverwalk, two volunteers took two new Beagles, Pearl and Bailey, while I took Walter, an aged but very adoptable black and tan Coonhound. The Beagles are cute, sweet, a tad shy, and loving; Walter is a schmoozer, gently greeting eveyone he met, getting kissed on his head more times than I could count by young children charmed by "that big dog!" Walter also stole and ate a partial chocolate candy bar which, of course, freaked out his Boy Scout handler. Not to worry - it was milk chocolate and Walter, being a big dog, didn't eat enough to harm himself. I have an app for that: ChocoTox - developed by a young man working with his veterinarian.

This lass followed Walter all over for a bit; Beagle mix Pearl with volunteer Maddie
Kissing Walter                                                                                                                       This lass followed Walter all over for a bit;
Beagle mix Pearl w/volunteer Maddie

Before the Easter egg hunt, Silverwalk dogs joined the Cape Canine Cruisers walk Saturday morning. Two different volunteers (Traci and Davis) took Bailey Beagle (I have a reason for wearing her out) and Mami, a JRT/Beagle mix, on the walk. I arrived as the bulk of the wallkers left Busch Pet Products - fitting my plan perfectly. Because the two dogs walking with the volunteers knew me well, I didn't want them to see me in the walk. I walked behind with Justus, my hound/Dobie mix, while Bailey and Mami, after a couple minutes of nervousness, settled down to enjoy themselves. For sanctuary dogs, this walk is a God-send: different handlers, new smells/sights/sounds, and different dogs/people with whom to engage plus a trainer, Betsy McCoy, should questions arise. Thanks to Melanie Coy for the shout-out last week - I've been looking forward to this for a long time.

Super Walter Brennan in his "Adopt Me" bandanna with his youngest fan


  1. I had no idea that app existed! I'm so very glad.

    Poor bunny. It's the way things go sometimes.

    1. What tickles me about the Chocotox app is not only how helpful it is, but the boy who designed and came up with the idea was only 11 or so at the time.

  2. I like Walter. I just love how so many hounds just seem to do great with kids!

    As you know, we had bunny issues in my house too. Poor things.

    Maybe you need like a Savannah cat?? They could hold their own for sure! LOL

    1. Hmm..need to look up Savannah cat; sounds purr-fect! Walter is loved by everyone who meets him :). He's just a great old guy.
      Yes, bunny issues happen in a hound household...sigh.