Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up Challenges

On call this weekend - spent most of yesterday and today sleeping, trying to catch up from the week; you realize when I say "12 hr shifts" I mean at least 13 and more like 14-15? Most likely will work tomorrow night, too - not complaining; just adjusting after so much downtime pre and post surgery :).

Follow up for January challenges - not so hot but with new schedule (working FT hours which I need and can have as many as I want) and new dogs, am using January to not be perfect in meeting the challenges (one of which is to trim Walter's black old dog long thick nails; doing them is a good upper body workout) but in setting us up for the rest of the year.

I want to walk Justus particularly or whoever may need it 30 minutes everyday but in the last two weeks, this has happened hit and miss due to work and observing, working with new dogs Sydney Beagle and Denali Spaniel.

Denali - 11 y/o spayed Spaniel mix, likes the outdoors!

Sydney, all Beagle, former hunter, wants own family now
Gotta go - just wanted to let y'll know why I'm scarce...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WW - Cyrano & Sydney: Truce

This is Cyrano's crate and bed; the bed is from his foster mom, Cheryl.

Sydney decided Cyrano has very good taste in comfort; he consistently tries to purloin Cyrano's bed/crate.

Cyrano comes to my side which I thought charming till I realized he wanted me to evict Sydney so he could have his bed back.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them share....for at least a short time!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Monday Mischief - Margie Mayhem

Margie is causing quiet mayhem. Somehow, every day for the last week, she's out of the yard, exploring the neighborhood (I hope!), then quietly shows up in the house. I'll be walking around, worrying about her all day when suddenly I see her, in all her "innocence," sleeping in a crate.

When she first started doing this, I found and repaired obvious holes. I'm not finding them anymore; no one else is getting out except these two renegades who go over the porch - sigh.

Mami Mischief Maker
Shiloh, our Mascot and Neighborhood Dog

Yesterday I looked out my kitchen window to see Margie trotting along the creek, looking at a spot in the fence where a hole used to be...she came when I called her while she was later resting in the front yard.

My Little Margie

Margie Mayhem, that's your new name! Have you been talking to Snoopy??

Snoopy's Dog Blog

Monday, January 14, 2013

Are YOU Happy?

I'm joining Jay at the Depp Effect writing about what has made me happy - anything.

Though Cyrano is on crate rest, hates me putting in his ear drops, tries to trot down the stairs when "he knows" I should be carrying him....the old blind Beagle makes me laugh every day, watching his joie de vivre and DO IT attitude.

Cyrano makes me happy.

Cyrano Beagle

Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekly Friday Accounting, er, Taking to Task

It's FRIDAY and I need want to account for my activity since Jan. 1. Self-imposed date but I promised you this is the day I would bare all tell the truth:

We did NOT walk every day for 30 minutes (head hanging in shame).  I did walk someone about every other day, not always Justus as was my plan (and, from his actions, his as well: "Wait, why is Snoopy going? And how come we have to take Sydney along? he doesn't even like me!"...). The challenge, for me, continues not only this month but for the entire year! 

30/365-bring it on!

OK, I'll fail at 30/365 cause I'm back to work next week and I know some days it just won't happen. Baby steps, baby steps - not for long! Wait till next Friday (or more probably Saturday - I work Friday night - dang). 

Train? Not really - more consistent health management is our plan for this challenge:
  • nails every two weeks - check! easy ones to start; 
  • ear cleaning - check! Sydney didn't mind but Cyrano, he who is not to go down steps, trotted away down four steps - but got 'er done. 
  • Bathing everyone once a month - NADA. See hanging head again. Filthy dogs....bad mom.


As you may have noticed, my response to the annual blog review is delayed as well - sigh. I have the questions, I don't yet have all the answers prepared. 
C'est la vie till sometime next week.

However, on another blog I write, I'm up to date on being living
more boldly - like making small talk with people I don't know (gasp),
visiting friends in hospitals when I'm not working, talking with strangers
in an elevator - more small talk! While some of the dog challenges are still
challenges, getting outside my comfort zone is, so far, seems to be falling
into place - the year is young....HA.

Let me leave you with a video of the walk I took with Justus and Sydney. Until his nose hit the grass about half through the walk, Sydney had been quiet. Be warned - your dogs will respond in kind.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Silent Houndsong

I wanted to share some HoundSong tonight with you; an audio I taped when the entire pack was singing before I went to St. Louis this morning with a friend.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to put an audio track on day I will share...I promise.

In the meantime, here is a photo of a wonderful Bluetick Coonhound, Copper, long adopted and well-loved, singing his song:

"Ahm nothing but a Hoouuund Dog!...."

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Mischief - Sydney & Cyrano

Sydney home after neuter and not happy
For a Mischievous Monday, Sydney would say the joke was on him; he was neutered today and then, the microchip was missed so he went back for that (we were still at vet's); when he again came out, he was on strike, refusing to walk, so I carried him to the car wearing a handsome red coat ("Who cares, Mom? What a lousy day..."). I left him rest while had supper....

After eating and before leaving for home, I checked my email. Glad I did - Cyrano was pulling some mischief, too. Cheryl was still fostering him; he decided not to pee since breakfast and, unlike him, just sit when outside. Her son was alarmed and called her; when he repeated this for Cheryl, she emailed me. We were able to connect and I have him home tonight with plans for vet tomorrow. He looks great and slept in son's room on his own bed which came home with him.

I noticed and then, so did Cheryl, a lump just in front of his right hip which I didn't remember and neither did she. Another cause for he is very tender in his bladder (I was trying to feel the size of his bladder without pressing too hard) and hind region :(.  This is NOT good mischief, Cyrano! He made up for it, though - he peed before we left Cheryl's and again when we got home. Good boy!

Cyrano in his special CE bed
Everyone is ready for the "warm-up" this week including me. I know it will get cold again, hopefully with more snow, but we all have some cabin fever despite the lovely afternoon sun. I also want to recount our first week trying 30/30 and the Training Challenge - not perfect but making progress.

Thanks, Snoopy, for hosting our Mischief

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - The Hunt

Today, Wordless Wednesday is being "co-opted" by New Year's Resolution Wednesday; since we already shared ours
  1. Walk Justus every day for 30 days for 30 minutes (thanks to YDWWYW
  2. Groom everyone throughout each month: nails every two weeks, baths monthly with ear cleaning weekly and with baths (Something Wagging This Way Comes), 
we are sharing this wonderful video most of us already know in our hearts.