Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter and Kissing Walter

Apparently, a rabbit came into the yard this morning, yes, Easter morning....he/she is now with God. As I was leaving the house ON TIME for church, I heard this growling, grrring which bespoke a coveted treasure and someone not sharing....I deprived the dogs of the rest of the rabbit and made it to church for the sermon plus.

This is part of the world of dogs - part of hounds especially. I would love a cat - a fully clawed adult cat who wouldn't go out the dog door but swat any dog who dared cross her. Unfortunately, with the change over of dogs here and never knowing who is cat/small animal-aggressive or not, having one is not an option till I stop rescuing and only have my dogs.

What a lovely turn of weather today - when I arrived at church, it was raining; by the time I came out, the sun was shining, birds were chirping - gosh, is Spring really here? Did it wait to celebrate the Resurrection with us? Was Friday cool, drizzly, and damp on purpose in response to the Crucifixion? God only knows - and I give thanks for all this day means - and to know the rabbit is with God, having commited no sin.

Yesterday, we had a great time at the Easter egg hunt for Cape First Church. Thank you for inviting Safe Harbor/Silverwalk and the Humane Society to share our dogs with your hunt. From Silverwalk, two volunteers took two new Beagles, Pearl and Bailey, while I took Walter, an aged but very adoptable black and tan Coonhound. The Beagles are cute, sweet, a tad shy, and loving; Walter is a schmoozer, gently greeting eveyone he met, getting kissed on his head more times than I could count by young children charmed by "that big dog!" Walter also stole and ate a partial chocolate candy bar which, of course, freaked out his Boy Scout handler. Not to worry - it was milk chocolate and Walter, being a big dog, didn't eat enough to harm himself. I have an app for that: ChocoTox - developed by a young man working with his veterinarian.

This lass followed Walter all over for a bit; Beagle mix Pearl with volunteer Maddie
Kissing Walter                                                                                                                       This lass followed Walter all over for a bit;
Beagle mix Pearl w/volunteer Maddie

Before the Easter egg hunt, Silverwalk dogs joined the Cape Canine Cruisers walk Saturday morning. Two different volunteers (Traci and Davis) took Bailey Beagle (I have a reason for wearing her out) and Mami, a JRT/Beagle mix, on the walk. I arrived as the bulk of the wallkers left Busch Pet Products - fitting my plan perfectly. Because the two dogs walking with the volunteers knew me well, I didn't want them to see me in the walk. I walked behind with Justus, my hound/Dobie mix, while Bailey and Mami, after a couple minutes of nervousness, settled down to enjoy themselves. For sanctuary dogs, this walk is a God-send: different handlers, new smells/sights/sounds, and different dogs/people with whom to engage plus a trainer, Betsy McCoy, should questions arise. Thanks to Melanie Coy for the shout-out last week - I've been looking forward to this for a long time.

Super Walter Brennan in his "Adopt Me" bandanna with his youngest fan

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bob and Sophie

Bob and Sophie are not my puppies. They belong to and will soon join Angus, the Font, and the quirky, always interesting, French village in which they live on April 7. For those of you who remember Wilf and Digby, those gallant fellows now entertaining God, you will certainly enjoy the new adventures of Bob and Sophie, two Lowland Sheepdog puppies stepping into big paws. Please check out their blog on April 7.  With thanks to Pamela and Edward for cluing me into when the new blog starts. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Paradigm Shift @ Silverwalk Hounds

The paradigm shift hit me on Saturday. I (worked Friday night) groggily woke up to a Facebook request for a foster or rescue of Bailey's former cell kennel mate in Poplar Bluff, MO. I really have no room but could you turn down this face and dog?

Pearl with Bailey behind her

Leigh brought over Pearl. She really didn't have a name; Leigh was working with one or the other but since I was trying to call Bailey "Pearl Bailey," it seemed fitting to move Pearl to the new dog and leave Bailey, well, Bailey. Please excuse the blur - on reviewing the photos, I came to a sad conclusion the blurring was operator error, not busy dog (though she was).

Pearl fits right in. She does well with all the dogs, tried to get outside to pee, but I forgot to show her the way (sorry, Pearl). I'm convinced she's a former pet, most likely lost, since she was found with a pink collar (but no tags) and a blue leash; she was very comfortable on the couch at Leigh's watching television. I hope her family is searching far and wide; Beagles can travel miles if on a trail or trying to get home. Pearl's pink collar now has a Silverwalk Boomerang CollarTag on it. The CollarTags say "If Alone, I'm Lost," give my phone numbers and town, just because Beags can travel and, if the collar stays on, I want people to know this is a LOST dog. They are also microchipped to Silverwalk Hounds as soon as possible.

Pearl after arriving "You talking about me?" Yes, we are....

Pearl joined Bailey, Michael, Wyatt, Magic, Bella, Squishy, and Katniss & Gidget (in foster homes), to shift the dynamics of my adoptable pack from mostly seniors to mostly juniors! This turn of events certainly is orchestrated by God to get me off my duff and get back to training in earnest since all these dogs are highly adoptable!

Gidget aka Gertie in her foster home

Snoopy, senior Beagle, dreaming of another loving one dog home

Michael-Angelo Beagle, mover, lap dog

Denali Border Collie, guarding my back while I sleep

The remaining older dogs - Snoopy, Walter Brennan, Denali, Monk, Peanut, Ava, and even Justus, Danny, & Annie - need their time, too, and to be separated from the youngsters or lose my their minds. It doesn't help having Wyatt and Michael on crate rest as they recover from their heart-worm treatment. I'll find out Bailey's status this week; Pearl, Magic, and Bella are negative (thank you, God!). Michael-Angelo can particularly be vocal - Oy, Vey.

Magic and Bella are in the Boothealers Puppies for Parole Prison dog training program where both are doing well. They will emerge either adopted and/or highly trained for home and ready to test for CGC, which almost ensures their adoptability. House-trained? Yep - my number one question which I don't guarantee except for the Boothealer dogs; adopters need some means with which to bond to their dogs as partners and house-training is good for all.

While seniors are still my favorite age range, these youngsters add vitality, daily challenges, and much love to Silverwalk Hounds. OK, I give. Let's get training....hehe.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

It's not always Kansas

A week ago this past Wednesday was Snoopy's Day, which was good because Snoopy isn't doing so well this week. When I walked her this morning, after noting how retired she'd become, she didn't walk with her normal vigor - at all. A volunteer friend thought her the left side of her face was drooping; I called her vet. We have her on Rimadyl till Monday to see if it will help. Personally, I think she has a tumor; her belly stays fat no matter what I do. This afternoon, after her first dose and lunch, she 's doing better: she's barking at dogs who get in her space. Good dog, Snoopy!

Snoopy Beagle (girl!)

I know monthly heart-worm meds aren't fool proof even when given (which I doubt they were) but please explain that to the two young dogs here on crate rest after their heart-worm treatments. Michael Beagle settles fairly quickly once he's done vocalizing (I think he's channeling his inner Pink Floyd); Wyatt Dachshund mix had respiratory distress in the form of obvious dyspnea, sternal retraction, and wheezing. I finally noticed this after I groggily woke up Thursday evening. Still had time to get to my vet so zoomed him over. Bilateral PE (pulmonary embolus) - I knew at the very least he needed Lasix and oxygen. Wyatt is now on Lasix and Rimadyl twice a day; I'll drop him off for a follow up CXR (chest X-Ray) on Monday. Am watching his gums to make sure they stay a healthy pink; if they get white or grey, we head for the ER vet and their O2 crate.

Michael Beagle

Wyatt Dachshund blend

Monday, March 11, 2013

Pink Floyd RIP

Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd was an older dog. When he first came, he played with a ball and had a blast. He aged quickly though, assisted by the arthritis in his spine. His teeth were the worst Sara, the vet tech, had ever seen; they did him in. After his last, in depth dental, I came home today to find his lower jaw fractured. We're sure it was from those long years of neglect. Believe me, I'm brushing teeth on a regular basis (hear that, Walter?). Godspeed, my Velvet Foghorn. You are missed.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Magic & Justus, Playing Blind & Big

Magic is a blind Beagle bred to hunt - till he went blind for unknown reason. His retinas are floating in the back of his eyes. Of course, he was then "useless" and offered for rescue...a friend pulled him and brought him to Silverwalk.

Magic is AKC registered; I have his certificate. He will be two years old in June.

Dogs adjust well to vision loss. Watching Magic, I note how he uses not only his incredibly acute nose but his hearing as well. He has a good sense of proprioception, feeling his place in space (sorry - not outer space, just the space around him). He is fearless, stands up for himself, and Justus will miss him when he goes to the Boothealers Prison Training program this coming Wednesday. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snoopy's Day

I am ignoring Wordless Wednesday today because today, TODAY, is Snoopy's Day. 

Snoopy Beagle

Snoopy Beagle came to Silverwalk from a ONE DOG household where she had been loved for 9 years. Life happens, you know, and her loving parents needed to move to assisted living where Snoopy was not allowed.

Snoopy is completely ready for a new home - MORE than ready. She generally does well with the pack....however, recently with the three boisterous, young, boy dogs (Michael Beagle, Wyatt Dachshund mix, and Magic Beagle), she is at her wit's end. They zoom around the house, Magic (who is blind) bumps into her and there is generally TOO MUCH for a genteel older girl to handle. Magic is being neutered so he's gone all day till late. Michael and Wyatt are getting their heart-worm treatments so they won't be back till tomorrow afternoon....

It is relatively peaceful, the sun is now shining, so pro walker Snoopy, Justus, and I are heading out....

It is Snoopy's Day!!