Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Crimson Tide Needs a Home - with Dogs

I wasn't looking for another dog to add to the Pack - plenty here needing homes. Well, you know, sometimes God has other plans, and thus,

Crimson Tide, self referred stray Beagle mix in isolation pen

Crimson Tide, aka Red, came to Silverwalk Hounds. I arrived home from St. Louis a week ago to find my normal three escapees with a new friend. CT is on Facebook (and will be again when I post this entry), spent a few days at our local Humane Society, is posted as FOUND with vets, yet no one has claimed this dog, who surely was a hunter and a family dog.

CT is an incredible dog for a stray. He's in good weight, very happy, no issues I've found but one: he appointed himself my ride along dog. Unless he's in a house crate, he is at my car door anytime I leave. In the current Midwest heat wave, this means when I do my errands, CT stays in the car with the AC running. He is very polite - even when I had dog food in the car, he paid no attention to it - he prefers to watch the world go by.

Keeping tabs on his driver

This dog, Crimson Tide, sits to command, comes, follows my finger and voice ("go up" the stairs), not yet bothers the intact females (he is still intact pending owner claim, but scheduled for neuter next week). He is an awesome dog who had a home and needs a new one - preferably in the country and with other dogs 'cause he jumps my porch - sigh. He is now up to date on shots, too. Definitely a house dog accustomed to going everywhere with his dad/mom or family.

He likes air, too; I like child proof window locks!

Thanks to Dogs N Pawz for this week long Adoption Blog Hop!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

"A Cautionary Tale" by Lucy Beagle

Volunteers and I are painting and organizing the Front Room here at Silverwalk. Our vision is a comfortable Adoption Room in which potential adopters and visitors can meet dogs and do paperwork without having to dodge the rain...as we did today. 

Miss Lucy - here for hospice care

With the changes, stuff is moved hither and yon, other stuff goes different places, and what used to be dog safe may no longer be. 

Case in point: Lucy kept crying. She wanted to be outside by the water, yet she wouldn't drink the water. Like you, my first, automatic thought was rabies, but she's had her shot, her lips weren't curling, but something was not right with her mouth. I felt in her mouth - yep, something definitely there. It didn't come out with a finger swipe. 

Anyone trained in CPR now knows I next watched her breathing to ensure I hadn't pushed the object into her bronchial tubes, compromising her ventilation. Breathing was fine. 

As I prepared to zoom her to the ER vet, I looked in her mouth once more with a flashlight. Some blood on the left below a jagged piece of plastic which I removed with a firm tug. Whew! Lucy immediately drank some water!

Be aware. When you change anything in your home, carefully monitor your pets. They may now be able to get to stuff out of reach before. I have no idea from where the plastic came - I'm just glad it's out of Lucy's mouth! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thankful Thursday - Snoopy

I don't have new photos of Snoopy; when reading her adopter's words, you'll get an image in your mind of a happy, relaxed, sometimes bossy senior Beagle!

Snoopy looks "fluffy" but it's her conformation - she weights 24#

"Hey, just wanted to let you know  that Snoopy had a really good night. They both slept on my bed, and when Snoopy wants to wee wee she scratches on the back door to let me know. Awesome! I think she is going to fit in great. Her and Flossy bonded last night which was wonderful."

"They (Snoopy and Flossy) are quite the tag team. They treed and almost got a cat this morn. I finally heard Snoopy bark (bay) loud. Wow, talk about a set of lungs and then Flossy joined in.  Ha!
All is well, no tremors. I gave her an oatmeal bath the other day to soothe her skin, and I am keeping the hot spot spray on her areas. When I wake up at night she is wiggle her way underneath me where I can roll over. She's funny and silly and really enjoys getting her tummy rubbed.
She's doing great. I'm glad she came in our lives."

"Snoopy did her very first pet therapy at hospice this afternoon, and she loved it. Flossy showed her the ropes and Snoopy gave everyone licks, and everyone gave Snoopy petting and hugs.
She is doing great. Thank you for bringing Snoopy into our lives. She is truly a blessing. If you could have seen the sparkle in the eyes of the dying today when they saw her it would have made you cry."

"She is doing great. She's become quite sassy with her little self. If I sit down and don't immediately pick her up she starts barking at me. Ha! Flossy is teaching her to sit proper and wait patiently, but I think it's back firing because Flossy is starting to bark at me too. Ha!"

"Snoopy is funny and wonderful. Her and Flossy get along so well, and of course I get along with both of them. Things are great. We just need to finish getting Snoopy better an all things will be great."  (Snoopy has a large, loose tooth needing to come out as well as her skin issues which are subsiding with antibiotics and cortisone cream.)

The very first night, Snoopy settled in and did well with Flossy - apparently, they've adjusted their food routine. Very grateful to Diana Moore who engineered this adoption, to Flossy, a wonderful hostess and now Beagle friend to Snoopy, and esp. to Tanya, taking in a needy senior Beagle who had to leave her dear Dad behind - and giving her such a wonderful home and job as a hospice Beagle!

Thank  you, PepiSmartDog.com, for hosting the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday - Halle RIP

Halle declined since Saturday; Tuesday, vet pulled 600 cc of blood from her chest. Cancer? Trauma?
We don't know; only that she was suffering, she couldn't improve back to herself.
Before work yesterday, I sent Halle to Heaven to entertain God. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Multiple Mischief - Halle et al

Halle was a bit off this weekend. She slept most all of Saturday, coughing up a lung or two, a dry cough. Shiloh's had the same cough - my assumption (which we all know can be dangerous) is they went through something in their meanderings which irritated their lungs and throats.

Halle and Pearl Saturday evening in the field

I finally got her outside Saturday evening. After walking everyone around with Halle on a retractable leash (only because I couldn't find her long line, Jen!), I sat down, let the dogs play while I shot photos and offered cuddles. In the photo above, Halle is resting on her leash box. Pearl is newly returned from prison and CGC certified, a bit shy but fits herself right in. She sure did Saturday night - she zoomed and played with almost every dog in the pack.

Part of the Pack swarming me and each other

I'm debating about taking Halle to the vet this week. She's better tonight, Sunday night/Monday morning. I let her out finally Sunday, she went over the fence (sigh), but was back by the time Bailey and I returned from the ER vet Sunday evening. I was swarmed as I opened the car door 'cause I forgot my personal Beagle, Annie, had gotten out with Shiloh as I left with Bailey. Annie is persistent. A trainer here to help with pack management ideas once tried to keep her in a doorway - yeah, right. I'm pretty good but not yesterday evening.

Annie Beagle - my only girl and what a character. Don't let the grey face fool you;
she can run and zoom with the best of them. 

Bailey is another fence climber. The wound which took us to the ER vet (and the higher than normal bill) was not as fresh as I thought. While Bailey was stitched up, I recalled seeing blood on the floor Saturday afternoon with a volunteer.

Bailey in soft focus 

At the time, I assumed (argh, that word and it's subliminal meanings!) it came from one of my intact, mammary tumor females, Peanut or Lucy, though neither acted in a heat. Must have come from Bailey and I missed seeing it - though how that happened, I can only blame on the size of the pack because the wound is an inch long, gaping, and on white fur.

Lucy - not pregnant, still with tumor, living in hospice; sweet, sweet

All are resting now - it's 1 AM our time....though not all happy. When I don't work a night, most stay in crates overnight, preparing them for new homes, situations, and safety. Not all are happy, but all learn - some faster than others :). Crates mean food, retreat, rest. I need to find my crate.....

BTW, all these dogs are adoptable except Lucy and Annie: Lucy due to health and Annie belongs to me.