Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cardinal Mania - Sorry, No Dogs

With apologies to none, I share eastern MO's obsession with the St. Louis Cardinals. Well, I don't share it (I'm a Minnesota Twins fan) but I live here, so when in Rome.....

The principal trumpeter (a woman!) of the St. Louis Symphony and the fourth chair trumpeter of the Boston Symphony are good friends, so made a video. S. Ozawa is frail but certainly pulled off this Orchestral World Series. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Dog in Front of You

Look at the dog in front of you. Breed characteristics and nurture or lack thereof can only go so far informing you of who your dog really is. Like people, dogs are individuals. Do you and your dog a great favor by treating them so and thus, creating a wonderful, personal bond.

As any reader of this blog knows, I mostly have hounds (Beagles, Dachshunds, and Coonhounds) in the Sanctuary here at Silverwalk Hounds. I have had other breeds: Labs and Lab mixes (Sammie, Victor, Angel, and now Peanut), a St. Bernard mix (Rosebud), a "Pit Bull" (Spanky), Great Pyrenees's (Snowy, Snowman), and a Rough Collie (Sparky), and various terriers, among others. Each demonstrated some aspect of their breeds but were definitely their own dogs.

Victor was an owner sponsored dog, whose family moved to a place where dogs weren't accepted. A beloved dog, a simple cross of Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Labrador Retriever: his mom knew both parents. Both breeds, to my mind, enjoy water and fetching.

Not Victor. He was his own dog who hated water and would not fetch. I found this character "flaw" endlessly amusing, particularly after Molly came to us: a Beagle who wanted to fetch forever. Molly now wrangles the cats in her adopted home while still fetching whatever she can.

Molly with her ubiquitous ball

Victor RIP - Chessy/Lab cross


Dogs bring us joy, even when we find them in sad and horrible circumstances, they trust us to put them right and find them good homes. If not, why would Crimson Tide have adopted Silverwalk Hounds? The dog won't leave; OK, he will leave over the stone porch but only for a short time, then he is back. 

This is what I've found out about Beagles and hounds: while we warn about them following their noses (and they will), if they can get back home, they will do that, too, thank you, God. 

It is up to us to see dogs as the individuals they are, just as it is up to people to see me and my siblings as the individuals we are.

Infographic: All Dogs are Individuals

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Two Yellow Dogs

Two yellow dogs sleep on the painted floor.
One fluffy, tufts of fur ripe for brushing or plucking,
fur not long but dense,
thick, a cozy coat craving cool weather.
She quivers in her sleep,
gently puffing her cheeks, flipping her paws,
traversing a landscape unknown,
perhaps dreaming of a puppyhood long, long ago.
The other with short fur sleeps full out flat,
sporadically stretching her limbs straight.
This dog's fur glistens in the light,
a brilliant gold startling in its reminder of her Weimeraner heritage
gently blended with other breeds,
a sweet yellow gold gleaming girl
in her twilight years, whose days ebb and flow with energy and ennui.
Two yellow dogs sleep on the painted floor.

~ Roberta Beach