Friday, December 20, 2013

We are Home for the Holidays this Year

Denali: adopted senior Border Collie,
photo courtesy of her Dad
Silverwalk Hounds says "thank you" to those who rescue, train, home visit, medically treat, support, volunteer, drive transport legs, and in any other way made it possible for these Silverwalk/Safe Harbor dogs to find their homes this year. 

Snoopy Beagle: lost her home due to parents'
health (and then lost her mom to God), 
found another; is now hospice dog

Magic Beagle: bred to hunt, lost
     his eyesight through no fault of his own,
thrived in Prison training, 

then found his boy. 

Sydney Beagle lives with sister Beagle
who loves the sound of his bay

Lemon Drop Beagle charmed the socks
off her family on a trial run

Chloe wants to be Queen, says her Mom;
Prison trained

Katniss: sweet foster failure

Clementine, beloved by her family;
passed too soon;
Prison trained 

Wyatt, Love Bug, now living 
with his Dachshund brother, Ryder

Bella: rescued, Prison trained, adopted - WHOOSH!

Rockie NKA Roxie, lives 
with triplet 10 year old girls;
Prison trained

Jumper: Safe Harbor to Silverwalk to Prison 
training to Safe Harbor to HOME with his boy

Herman Beagle found his home
for the holidays last December, 2012 - he
kicked off the 2013 adoptions

Millie: pulled from shelter - adopted 
within two weeks back to same town;
Dalmation/Bassett? your guess!

Snowman: stray in town, fostered for National
Great Pyrenees Rescue, moved to second foster
home and adopted in 2013

Gidget Beagle mama: after 3 weeks of care,
love, and treatment in Kennett, MO, then

after year with Susan, foster mom,
FOSTER FAILURE! You go, Gertie. 

Denali: Border Collie senior, adopted as
companion to other senior dog who too
quickly succumbed to cancer. Denali "is
a comfort to us."

Pearl NKA Trixie, loving life with her mom 
and not afraid of her cat. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Backing Out the Door

This is the first day of Advent, the begining of the Christian year which happens to fall in the middle of Hanukkah. Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!
Anyone whose ever been to my house, or has more than one dog, knows about "backing out of the door." I'm fanatic about doors and gates being latched and closed securely to prevent the hounds, who every day have more than an acre upon which to cavort, play, and run, from darting out the door to "freedom, freedom!" I shake my head and then, with anyone else here, go to retrieve said dog(s).
Lesson always learned: don't chase. Oh, that's a fun, fun game and you'll just become frustrated. Walk somewhere away from, yet around, the dog (if you can still see her). For many of my dogs, opening the car door, sitting in the driver's seat, will bring most running for a ride. Gotcha! Very smelly treats help, too, as well as much patience.
ALWAYS REWARD a dog when they come back or you catch them. NEVER punish, no matter how badly your heart thumped; you WANT them to come back next time and not avoid you.
Sometimes, rarely, they simply are not that fast. I remember a few years back watching Shiloh Beagle (perpetual escapee and wanderer) run up the neighbor's hill followed by Hoss, a Redbone Coonhound who jumped my 4 Ft. fence, pushing off with his hind legs and swiftly matching Shiloh. Although I didn't like him jumping the fence, Hoss was an elegant jumper. He now lives with his boys in a family with no fence...he knows he has a good home.
This particular day, Todd Beagle darted out the door to follow the "big dogs." Knowing Todd, I didn't dart after him. Todd is sweet, cute, somber....
and slow.
I had time to get a leash (I now keep one by the door and often wear one as a belt) and walk after Todd, who quit halfway up the hill, turned around, and was ready to come home. Sweet, sweet boy now living with his mom in Pennsylvania.

Todd Beagle - pure sweetness        

In conclusion, know your dogs, be prepared, and back out your door, telling them to "back, back" as they try to put their noses and bodies through the door behind you.
Unless it's raining. Then my dogs do a 180. Which helps with the door but not with house training. Sigh.