Wednesday, January 22, 2014

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: WillE

WillE B. Good
I've wanted a Bloodhound for a long, long time. WillE's mom raised this gentle, curious boy, not quite 2 years old, from a puppy, nursing him through a life threatening illness. Now her mom's life is threatened by cancer; she went to care for her, giving WillE to me. He and the rest of the Pack are still adjusting. He is a BIG boy. This photo is after his being here a couple days, when he was able to relax at my feet for a short time.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Sanctuary, Prison, Home

We all survived the deep freeze of the past week. No frostbite, no hypothermia; Sophie Tucker on leash for several days because she is crazy enough and such an intense rabbit dog to not come home in very, very cold weather soon enough - so she didn't even have a chance.

Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary, of which Silverwalk Hounds is a small division, is involved in two Puppies for Parole programs - one in Charleston, MO and one in Farmington, MO. The benefit of the Charleston program can be seen in my end of the year "home for the holidays" list HERE. It is amazing - multiple dogs adopted because they are already trained.

Farmington is a new program to us; our first dogs went down in September, 2013. The two I sent in December are adopted and will go home when they finish training.

Quiet Bailey - asleep on my chair

Bailey Beagle mix, a very quiet, Beagle mix girl, will go home with a friend of the program director. Bailey won many hearts after coming to Silverwalk Hounds last year in a large saving lives effort by local rescuers and Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary. A brand new foster, after meeting her at the Easter Egg Hunt, who hadn't had a dog before, fostered her for about 4 months and did very well, even though Bailey climbs chain link fence like butter. She later spent some time at the home of Silverwalk Hounds alumnus Lenny aka Pirate (he lost an eye to disease/injury - we don't know; just that it was painful, and he is very loved) - she almost didn't come back! And now, Bailey, you will have your own home for the New Year.

Another sleeping dog! Michael-Angelo in a rare state of repose

Michael-Angelo Beagle came to Silverwalk Hounds from our friends at Kennett, MO, Animal Control. He arrived with Wyatt (on the 2013 adopted list!). M-A is an active boy, so active, I had trouble getting and keeping weight on him. He ran and ran with Justus in the yard, jumped every other step (so it seemed) walking on his leash - and I mean just straight up in the air with exuberance. He also had a time where he seemed almost aggressive in his actions toward other dogs, particularly his mate, Wyatt. He never bit, but would get in their faces with big, ferocious sounding bays. IMHO, his actions came from a deep sense of insecurity. Tough to deal with; I twice boarded him over a weekend to 1) give the other dogs a break, and 2) to give me time to think and strategize. After his first return, I knew I needed to positively interact with him instead of reacting to his bays and intimidation of other dogs. So, every time he came out of his crate, he was petted and praised. I looked for quiet times, giving him rewards of touch, praise, and holding him. When he did go overboard, I put my hand on his neck - no pressure, no push - he started to submit and quiet, which astonished me. I rubbed his belly, "good boy!" Michael-Angelo now has a home with a family and boy with whom to play after his training is completed.

Neither of these dogs is actually in their home yet...but I'm confident their homes found them.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

I have ONE maybe JRT mix, Mami, but the thought remains the same:
Have a blessed New Year!