Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Opt to Adopt: Ava!

Aava re-decorating with a very large pillow

Ava Beagle is a small, house trained, toy driven, shy Beagle girl here at Silverwalk
Hounds. She gets over-looked because she had a cherry eye, she ducks her head when people try to pet her. She can't strut her stuff, which I see every day.

"Sharing" a toy with Justus, American dog/Coonhound/Doberman: they both watch the other as one plays with the toy, just waiting for distraction so they can zoom, steal, and enjoy.

Ava is our resident feng shui artist. She moves small and large beds, toys, and blankets around to her liking, often defeating my strategically placement.

She is now middle aged, her cherry eye is fixed, she's up to date on shots, is spayed, and ready for a home who will give her time to adjust and able to revel in the antics of a small, always hungry, Beagle.

Ava finds fun places to rest and relax away from the madding crowd:

Ava in a box

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Monday Mischief: WillE and the Love Beagles

We survived the winter cold, enjoyed the snow, and now anticipate a final? cold weather snap this week. As spring has slowly made its way to us, I've noticed some mischief around Silverwalk:

  1. The Love Beagles are Squishy, young male Beagle, and Lucy, senior female Beagle. Both have been featured here before but in the cold weather, they began hanging out and playing together. Twice without a camera, I've watched them play tug and wrestle in the Front Red Wall Room. Another time, I looked twice, thrice into the crate Squishy normally uses. They both were cuddled around each other on top of his pillow. Sweet! Here they are on the futon:
  2. The Love Beagles snuggling on the futon

  3. WillE is still finding his place in the pack. He is doing well, the smalls are adjusting, and I am walking both WillE and Justus together, remaining upright myself. This past Saturday, our temps went to 60s. I changed out water buckets and the pool, cleaning them w/o freezing my fingers. WillE thoroughly enjoyed the result which I anticipated because his first mom sent me the photo of him in a similar pool at 4 months old:

Ah, bath time!

Willie at 4 months old

WillE as a water fountain. 

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Belated Thankful Thursday: Sunshine

I wrote and published this in my local newspaper blog this past Thursday, meaning to publish it here, too; I didn't do something right but was able to copy the code and still share:

I read in my weather email from KFVS12 early this morning that today would be the coldest day of the week, if not the month, which made me check the temps in other places dear to me. The most significant for me today was Great Falls, MT, from where I moved almost 20 years ago.

The temp. about 6 AM this morning in Great Falls, MT was -31,
WITHOUT the wind chill.
I'm thankful I lived there and thankful I have a perspective on cold.

When I woke up this afternoon, I saw sun! The dogs went outside while I set to cleaning the front room floor. Some of the hounds are not minding the cold:

WillE B. Good Bloodhound ,

Minnie Chow-Chow - the adoptable "Un-hound,"

senior Miss Lucy Beagle ,

and Squishy Beagle , who still needs to "hunt" between the trees;
the others, I sent out on purpose to give me space to clean.

I'm thankful for the lovely fleeting scent of vinegar and a cleaner floor.
I'm thankful for the clean, fresh blankets I can put out for the dogs tonight.

Some dogs are limited in how they can be in the yard.
Shiloh Beagle ,

Crimson Tide American Dog ,

and Mami ?JRT/American Dog

are house bound due to their proclivity to jump/climb fence and explore.

I'm thankful all three are leash trained so walk well with me in the yard.
I'm thankful Mami, when I walk other dogs, stays with us even off-leash.

This is a long, cold winter. It is the BEST winter I've experienced since moving here. It is a true winter, getting cold enough for creation to rest and prepare for spring.

I'm thankful this area, at least,
has not experienced the power outages of previous ice storm winters.

I'm thankful two companies responded and filled my propane tank
before the winter storms began.

I'm thankful for heat, gas, and a vehicle which is starting every day.

I'm thankful I can share donations, food, blankets with others in need.

For what are YOU thankful?