Wednesday, March 26, 2014

All Dogs in Current Heading Photo Adopted!

My brain hurts. Yesterday, my right eye underwent cataract surgery with the concomitant insertion of a Toric/specialized lens for distance to compensate for my excessive astigmatism. Thus, today, the right eye is actually working quite well while the left still needs my glasses - which continue to have the lens in for the "old" right eye. Thus, my poor brain is trying to sort out the bizarre messages it's receiving. In another few weeks, the left eye becomes my near eye, and, hopefully, I'll be able to go without glasses for the first time since 4th grade.

Meanwhile, I apologize for my neglect of this blog. I've been very lazy and meandering about in Facebook. While some of the conversations are fruitful, most are banal and time wasting....junk food. Sigh.

This past weekend was quite exciting. Friday night, a friend brought an obviously lost dog to me, sure it was one of my multiple escapees. Amazingly, he was not (mine were all at home at the same time), but he was a lovely, very nice, very energetic boy who spent the night in the pen, escaping at some point, then going over my 4 FT. fence to visit the neighbors, only to come back with joy when he saw me. A couple came to see him, having seen him on, ahem, Facebook, sure he was their neighbor's ill treated (to say the least) dog. His ears weren't right, but his bark was....I took him to our Humane Society where they found his microchip, and called his family who was on their way to pick him up as I left.

Lost dog "Rudy" and resident Mami

"Rudy's" family was NOT the family this couple thought owned him - Sarah called me later to say they had spoken with them, their dog had been taken to the Humane Society earlier in the week; Sarah had to go look, but he was not there. She is hoping for the best and was delighted "Rudy'" was indeed owned by caring people. 

The next very exciting occasion was the adoption of long time resident Mami, in the photo above with "Rudy." Mami came to me in 2011 after her litter was all adopted and she was rescued by a gentleman new to Silverwalk Hounds at the time but now a very good friend. He was astonished and delighted to learn a couple with a cat fell in love with Mami on Petfinder, and she did nothing to discourage them when they came to visit her. She went home the next day, Sunday, on a leash with her donated pillow, handmade by volunteers from Gamma Sigma Sigma at SEMO,  She is part Beagle, part JRT, and part Jack Rabbit - she can jump almost is good she will be hand walked on a leash without a fence in a very dog friendly neighborhood.

Mami in my chair and on my blanket

Mami en gard in the front yard

As you can read and see, events leading up to my latest surgery were exciting and very good. I've proofed this entry but, with my warring eyes, I've probably missed somethings. Have been reading blogs, but not writing many responses. So sorry. Glad to be back.