Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Quick Update - No Photos.

Yes, I'm alive, though sometimes I think barely. My eyes are adjusting, need reading glasses, prescribed ones at that. Then spent a night as an inpatient in my hospital. Avoided surgery. Whew.

Dogs are well. WillE B. Good moved on to a wonderful foster home with South Central Bloodhound Club/Rescue. I see him often on FB; he is doing so much better and gets to run like he didn't here.

New Bloodhound being fostered by his mom; he won't be here long - multiple people interested in him.

New old senior Beagle, Miss Daisy. Her name is/was Daisy but I had to call her Miss Daisy so I could say "I was driving Miss Daisy." Charmer but wants out the front door!

Photos soon. Am reading posts.