Monday, September 8, 2014

And then there was One.

Much to do here over the last few months boiling down to this:

Silverwalk Hounds is no longer actively rescuing. This decision is a long time coming, wrestled with a lot, very hard to switch gears, but for over four years, my internal debate has raged, more or less, ever since I lost Penney to two dogs I brought in, both against my gut feeling.

Penney - one of two Heart dogs

I let my adoptable population dwindle to 5 "adoptable" dogs, of which only two are truly adoptable: Mandy, Oh, Mandy! and Obie-Wan.

Mandy, Oh, Mandy!

Mandy went home to KY with a family on Labor Day on trial (I just heard she & family are doing well!), so only one is left - sweet, doe-eyed Obie-Wan Beagle.


The others are:
Minnie Chow
Shiloh Mascot

The mission remains: to help Beagles, other hounds and senior dogs but the focus is changing from rescuing and re homing to short-term fostering for both organizations and private persons.

I need some time to play and concentrate on my personal dogs, too. They have given a lot over the years for the rescue dogs and the activities involved. It's their time for some time in the sun. My current plan is, after the 4 current foster dogs are home with their respective families, to remain foster free for about 6 months and indulge my dogs, the Sanctuary dogs and myself as much as possible.

Next year (I'm thinking April 1 - hehe), I plan to open Silverwalk Hounds to short term foster dogs. I read your foster stories avidly, even if I don't always comment, and would appreciate any links, thoughts, ideas for Silverwalk Hounds. I will only foster one or two at a time because I'll still have those listed above with me for some time....but I want to use Silverwalk Hounds as a foster and lost dog education outlet as much as possible so am starting to collect information and suggestions.

Next week: The Foster Dogs